Smart Lock Help/Suggestions - Replacing Very Old Lock

Hi all,

Have had a good search of the forums and am still lost. I live in an old Victorian weatherboard house, with an equally old door and lock - see photos in google photo links below. There is only the lock - there isn't a separate lock and handle on the outside, so if the door's closed its locked, and to open from the outside you have to insert and turn a key.

I'm having trouble identifying whether the standard smart locks such as August are suitable for this type of door, or whether I need one specially suited to having only the one mechanism, or if I'm better off cutting a new hole.

If anyone has experience with something similar or any specific recommendations on the lock itself I'd really appreciate your input!


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    The lock offset will be different and the two won't work together.

    You will need to drill / bore new holes for the smart lock, remove existing lock and patch the old hole up.

    The joys of having a really old house.


      Thanks for that, the joys indeed. I'll put it in the later pile.

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      Agree with MS Paint.

      But maybe you could buy a door with the hole already cut out.

      If you can do that, I highly recommend the Lockly smart locks at Bunnings. We have them all through our house and fantastic. In your case, get a deadlock model.

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        Agreed a new door might be easier but you would still need to modify the door jamb to accept the new lock. A smart lock might look a bit better on a more modern door too.


          Thanks - appreciate the insight. Need to hope for a miracle for my partner to let me swap out the lead light door!

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    I personally haven't used this one but the SAMSUNG Ezon SHS-2920 could be a solution for you as it has the external deadbolt mechanism similar to yours. As the others have said your options are extremely limited if you don't want to make any modifications to the existing door so first check specifications and door measurements before investing in this one. Also I'm not sure if this has app control either.

    Another option from Bunnings here


      Awesome, that's really helpful thanks mate. I'll look into it - appreciate the help.

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        Unfortunately these are not full-on smart locks as they don't seem to have any app control or wifi/Bluetooth connectivity but most certainly will provide you keyless access via pin/rf card. Better than nothing I suppose with the limitations of your door.

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    Lash out a hundred bucks and get a locksmith to make a home visit - probably work out cheaper in the long run

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    I was using a similar deadlock and recently switched to

    The round hole on your door will be compatible with this lock and no issues. However, depending upon your setup at the door's side where the lock is actually going to anchor (don't know the actual term for it), you may need to do some customization but it's not tough. Lock actually comes with a lot of spacers to help you setup.

    You may also try price beat at officeworks