This was posted 1 year 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free Large Slurpee @ My 7-Eleven App


Free Large Slurpee on the My 7-Eleven app. Offer expires at 9pm today.

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  • Does everyone have it ?

    • Usually if it's nationwide, and it's "not available" they just don't want to accept the promotion/cost. Probably because they are owning the franchise vs working for 7/11. My local didn't have the covers (so you can't fill them properly) and 7/11 gave me five free slurpees.

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        I read 3 times & still don't get it

        • they didn't have regular sized covers + heaps of small or large, so I wrote to 7/11 corporate and they gave me vouchers for free ones? It seemed like the store did that to stop people from filling them properly.

  • Got it, good thing I'm heading that way in my chopper :^)

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    Don't get the sugar free one unless you have constipation

    • I speak from experience.
    • I think the kids these days are calling it a 'detox'

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    lol Stevia will do that to you… what a dumb product developer.
    alternative sweeteners cause laxative effect.

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    They chose a cold day for the southern states

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      Have to rotate the month old mix somehow.

    • Apparently the coldest day of the year so far in Melbourne is tomorrow, at 13c

    • So ?

      I regularly get a breakfast slurpee at 630am to go with the breakfast pie

  • seems obvious, but check the surplee machines and/or the flavour you want is functioning before you scan your barcode (unless you have multiple accounts)

    • I'm confused. Are you supposed to pay for your Slurpee before you check if the machine's even working?

      Quite sure people don't prepay coffees/slurpees but could be wrong.

      • i do that if there's no queue at the counter, i'll get them to scan my barcode first and tell them what i'm getting and what size. especially with the coffee, i hated standing in a long queue while the coffee cup was burning my hand and juggling my phone with the other. i've got queue anxieties ¯\ _ (ツ)_/¯

        • Maybe the coffee machine just gets overworked at my local because it's never got enough to burn my hand 🤔
          Although some places (like Epping or Chatswood) seem to encourage me to jump the queue if I'm paying cash - just stroll up and whack a dollar on the counter in between people they're serving.

  • I even got the email but it won't appear in my app.

    • Me too

    • you need updated app or it wont show up.

      • My app is up to date, nothing to update. Sign out and sign in, still nothing.

    • Your time is wrong.
      I changed my time which was 5.mins late and it worked

      • No idea what do you mean by that.

        • Time on phone

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      took a few forced quits but it's there in my app now, along with the big banner at the top

      • I have it now, and I can see the offer text says 1200-2100 so it could just be that it won't show up in your app until midday of your timezone (I'm in GMT+8)

  • I got a free regular coffee

    • Wish I had that. I will pass on the slurpee - sounds horrible.

  • But it is soooo cold in Melbourne

  • Got it on my app, thanks OP!

  • Finally! I reboot my phone and it appeared !

  • Does anyone see the lychee flavour around at their local 7 Eleven? I'm so bummed I don't see it around nowadays!

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      My offer says "Grab a Free Large Slurpee on us" and the t&c says "Offer entitles you a Free Large Slurpee", meaning any flavour

    • haven't seen it for a while either. a few months ago, i drove to something like 4 stores trying to find the lychee flavour. bring it tf back, 7 eleven!

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      I took Lychee, Raspberry, Red and Cola mix today. Twas nice…. Mixrpee.

      • Which suburb?

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      Lychee was the sugarfree flavour available at William St Perth CBD.

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  • Damn.
    Just saw this… expires in 2 minutes :(

  • what flavours do your stores get? Does it vary across states???

    This is what my local has.

    guava (very nice)
    cola (okay)
    some diet watermelon thing (haven't tried, but hate diet drinks so probably won't)
    raspberry (very nice)
    lemon lime energy (quite nice too)

  • i got mine. drank 1/2 of it and got a brain freeze. i got mad at my brain freeze and chucked it in the bin.

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      Chuck your head in the bin while you're at it

  • My store only had 2 machines working. What a surprise.

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