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[Android, iOS] Free - Mars Power Industries (was $3.39) - Google Play/Apple Store


This freebie looks like a fun game It is highly rated on the store and it has no ads or IAPs. The game has also been released on Xbox, PC and Switch and is rated "very positive" on Steam!

Edit at 12:01am on 15 May: also free on iOS: https://apps.apple.com/au/app/id1380742537

From the website:

Repair an abandoned colony. Bring light where darkness reigns. Year after year, strange underground cogs turn faster and faster, darkness devours the planet. Manage resources, solve challenging puzzles and uncover what lies beneath the surface!

*** Edamame 2019 Puzzle Games Award ***
"Unlike the actual Mars, it's very gentle and inviting." - Pocket Gamer
"Mars seduced us with its simplicity. A classic among challenging logic puzzle games!" - antyApps

- Plan your space colony well & thrive! 🚀
- Your job is to deliver power and supplies, so the colony may survive. ⚡
- Just 5 moves to win every puzzle, all logic puzzles purely about thinking, creme de la crop of brain games. 🎮
- 97 logic puzzles! That's 4 hours of alien space puzzles. 💰
- Science fiction story told without words. 👽

Mars Power Industries is one of the innovative thinking games of 2018 developed by 7A Games. Released on Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC.
No ads, no Internet connection required.
Looking for thinking games for an astronaut with a brain? One of the good puzzle games? Don't look further for brain games, get your thinking going now! Mars colony awaits!


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