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12x Grenade Carb Killa High Protein Bars Peanut Nutter $10 + $11.95 Shipping (Free with Club Catch) @ Catch


These are my new favourite bars, and the Peanut Nutter is the best tasting imo (although it's not very "peanutty" if you know what I mean).

Normally when protein bars are so discounted at Catch they are short-dated but I can't see these are, there's no mention of expiry. Caramel Chaos also available for $16.95 for a box of 12 (link below)


Also seems to be 3% back at Shopback but I rushed my order before I realised that.

Word of warning, a couple of the biscuit flavours are heavily discounted too, but I have had these in the past and they taste awful… really horrible mouth-feel, I don't know what it is. Buy them at your peril.

Shipping shows as $11.95 for me for one box, but free for Club Catch members (can get a free month trial, after which monthly subscription is only $6.50)

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  • These must of price dropped within the last few days, pretty good value! I'm gonna buy 10 boxes!

    • Mad if you don't, there's a limit of 50 :)

      • I still have a fair few Aussie Body bars to chew through, and I know I shouldn't be eating as many of these as I do.

        If Catch has bonus CB next week, and still available I'll order more.

  • 21g of protein per serve
    22g of carbs per serve

    Not really carb killa!

    • Its actually got 2g of sugar per bar

      the other 20 grams are artificial sweeteners and dietary fibre, both things you dont get energy from. These are grey imports, so not marked correctly for australian market

      Here is a summary of what i mean from a previous post:

      "Hi i'm a research scientist who works with carbohydrates daily at a Carbohydrate research facility

      Simply put, there is absorbable and non-absorbable sugars:

      1) Absorbable is things like glucose/sucrose, you break it down and get energy
      2) Non-absorbable is sugars such as maltitol, xylitol and polydextrose which are not converted into energy(for most sugars), but trick your tastebuds into thinking things are sweet

      This is the reason why they aren't included because they don't turn into energy when digested, the laxitive effect comes from gut microbes digesting the non-absorbable sugars to generate metabolities which can have laxative effects. A great example of a drug which does this intentonally is Lactulose which is used for the treatment of constipation and hepatic encephalitis.

      Just because they can have a laxitive effect, doesn't mean they are bad for you.Infact the sugars are so unabsorbable that they're safer than most other food additives so i can never understand why people are so against sugar substitues.

      For example Coca Cola have used Benzoic acid as a preservative for years(particularly overseas) which can literally convert into Benzene in the can which is carcinogenic which you then drink…


      • Thanks for that - really helpful. Yeah other bars I've bought have those ingredients but they aren't listed under carbs

  • Dunno about you guys but I've never found a protein bar which actually tastes good lol

  • Is it out of stock? For me it shows out of stock.


  • More unhealthy processed crap marketed as though it was a machine gun or an explosive device.

    Clearly made by nutritionists.

  • These are legit the best

  • soy oil and sugar alcohol. may as well just have a thick shake
    if your doing keto or low carb get a better brand like musashi, if i recall correctly they round out to about 2g carb not (profanity) 30%!!! lmao

  • got my boxes today. all expiring by next week. worst purchase