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Waterwipes Unscented (12 x 60 Wipes), Tommee Tippee Nappy Bin + 3 Pack Refill $90 (Save $41.45) Delivered @ Amazon AU


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  1. WaterWipes Unscented: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08MW77BS6
  2. Tommee Tippee Nappy Bin: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07KBGCPSG
  3. Tommee Tippee Nappy Bin Refills: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07SVM85XL

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    The nappy bin is around 100 times more expensive than using the little plastic nappy bags from big w. Having used both I always warn parents of this.

    Also much more wasteful as its a lot more plastic per nappy


      Came here to say the exact same thing. Nappy bags are like 2-4 bux. For a hundred or so…
      These are way more.


      The nappy bags at Aldi are the way forward. They are cheap and smell absolutely delightful


      Ubbi bins are also an option instead of the nappy bins. Have been using it for the last 3 years