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Nike Tech Fleece Shorts Blue $20 + $6 Shipping or Free over $150 @ JD Sports


RRP $95, seems the cheapest around.
Sizes available upon posting: XS, M, L, XL

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JD Sports Australia

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  • Bought 2 Very very good deal.

  • Good find. Cheers

  • Doesn't work for me. Goes to $120 in basket.

    EDIT: XS size goes to $120 in basket. M is correct at $20.

  • not working for me for some reason coming up as $120 + 6 shipping

  • Cheers OP

    Edit: just got refunded.

  • +1

    Bought one. However, got a PayPal refund now.. No communication from JD yet

  • Just ordered a pair…now for the refund.

    • Refund just arrived 😞

  • Bought 2 with Apple Pay and got no confirmation email not sure if that’s because I used Apple Pay or because I’ll be getting a OOS refund email.

    • I didn't get a confirmation email either but PayPal refunded me.

      • Just got my confirmation email, woohoo!

  • Cheers. Picked up two. Now to play the refund-or-not game. :)

    Edit: RIP, got a Paypal refund

    • +1

      please update us :)

      EDIT: Nevermind

      Medium is also showing OOS now

      • Such a shame! I needed some new shorts for around the house.

  • -1

    same here. it's out of stock…ffs

  • Large gone now

  • Bought one, popped up with an error message at checkout while paying so i tried to pay again, and it went through, just checked my account and ive been charged twice haha

  • +5

    How is this worth more than 30 Bucks

    • You’re paying Nike for slave labour costs

  • i just got a order confirmation?

    • Yeah so did I. They cancelled a previous order of mine about a year back so i have my fingers crossed they fulfil this order

      • I got an order confirmation after the refund.
        If you log in to your account, you may see "issue with order" against your order.
        That's what mine says.

  • +3

    Why would anyone wear shorts designed for ‘warmth’?

  • +2

    Can anyone explain why these shorts are so pricey?

    I dont get it

    • +1

      So they can then drop the price and call it a bargain

    • Sports wear is now fashion wear. People pay full price. When those have bought, they discount it to clear stock for the next collection. People pay full price for new collection colour. When those have bought… Rinse, repeat.

  • Fugli shorts, not even worth $20

  • Fully sick deal cuz

  • -1

    RRP $95.

    Are they sponsored by Apple?

  • +2

    The adidas Originals Superstar Cuffed Track Pants are also a steal at $10 (medium size only)


    • Ordered. Cheers.
      Let's see if I get refunded again.

    • The ultimate in Slavwear

    • Ordered these but didn't receive any order confirmation. They definitely took my money though ha.

      • I've got a confirmation. No refund either.

  • +2

    These JD deals are such a waste of time. They have like 5 in stock of these super discounted items, just a ploy to get people onto the site and buying other stuff.
    Pretty dirty to advertise them when they're obviously gonna cancel the orders but still have the stock available at full price only.

  • Thanks OP.. got one when you posted the deal.. no paypal returns.. great deal !! I ordered after people were getting returns ..either the posts are fake news or the payment mode is not encouraged by the seller or the number of items ordered is too many. When I ordered all sizes were available and I paid for 1 item with paypal. I thought I'd wait given the negs ..Anyways good deal.. ~30 bucks for a decent pair of shorts with Nike branding to boot is a good deal ..wouldve bought more if there were other colours available

    • +1

      Not fake news. Ordered one but got refunded almost straight away.

      • I clicked on the link ,,ordered one large paid via paypal ..what did you do ? I got the cents from cash rewards thats how I know it went through, All of you complaining how did you pay and how many did you order? Answer otherwise its just rubbish

        • +1

          Having said that ..havent got a confirmation yet, no refund no confirmation ..so I might have spoken prematurely ..but I do have cashback 25 cents confirmed ..If I get a cancellation will post back and never buy again from JD sports

        • PayPal.

          • @Fitzwah: Strange..I still have no refund or confirmation..but I did get a confirmation on another order ..maybe it slipped through the cracks without a database entry :-) ..Hmm.. will have to keep a lookout

            • @shaidas: Good luck

            • @shaidas: I got the confirmation email, I ordered S size

              • @t0087669: How weird is that .. I have no email from jd sports and no pay back on pay pal ..Like I said I did get confirmation on the other order..well if they are above board I shall post back ..if not I shall post back ..30 bucks is not the end of the world..either ways was a great post so thanks again to OP

  • I just got a refund now bruh

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