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[eBook, Kindle] Happy: Why More or Less Everything Is Absolutely Fine - Derren Brown - £0.99 @ Amazon UK (UK Account Required)


Not sure how this works as I don't have a Kindle, but saw that Derren posted about the discount on Instagram.

For those who don't know, Derren is a magician based in the UK who specialises mostly in hypnotism. Most famous recently for his Netflix specials 'The Push' and 'Sacrifice'.

That being said, this is a book about happiness with a lot of supporting evidence based in philosophy and psychology to the point where this is mainly a book about Stoicism.

Fantastic read. Highly recommended.

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    Downloaded free loan copy from local library.

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      It's a good read. Got me enthusiastic about reading for the first time in years. Also kickstarted a heavy interest in Stoicism for me.


        Enjoyed a Derren Brown UK TV program about "luck", so was interested.

        He put opportunities (money on the footpath, etc) in front of a person who did not think they were "lucky". The person repeatedly missed the opportunities! Similarly with happiness.

        Often it's simply about how we perceive ourselves & the beliefs we hold.

        From Chapter 1 of the book… "we are… a product of the stories we tell ourselves". Changing the stories we tell ourselves changes how we perceive our situation. Basic Stoicism.

        It's simple & very effective. I used it with my clients & myself - years ago. Covered in many other books.

        Looking forward to the rest of the read.


        Yes, an interesting introduction to Stoicism, which I knew little of. Makes sense & aligns with my ways.

        Skimmed through the first few basic chapters.

        Have placed a library hold on A guide to the good life : the ancient art of Stoic joy.

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          Haven't read any of Irvine's books, but I can recommend the original "Big 3":
          Letters From a Stoic - Seneca
          Discourses - Epictetus
          Meditations - Marcus Aurelius (Gregory Hays translation is the "best" for modern English. Also has a terrific introduction including a small biography of Marcus and then a lot of good info in Stoicism in general).

          Other than that, there's Ryan Holiday's books and I've started listening to Donald Robertson's "How To Think Like a Roman Emperor" on Audible


            @Ninternet: Am interested in A guide to the good life as an introduction to Stoicism applied in everyday life. Recommended by Derren Brown.


              @the INFIDEL: That's a good point. Also worth looking into a guy called Massimo Pigliucci. He has a couple of books and Ted Talks on Stoicism. He's quite good for introductory stuff as well

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    I was about to comment about how I'm sure everyone knows who Derren Brown is, before remembering I no longer live in the UK.

    Can confirm, us Brits love Derren Brown

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    The reviews look so good that I just bought it via Audible. Thanks for making me aware OP.

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    My favourite book. Bought 6 copies back in 2016. Even got the the new one. I think it’s important to have children though


      Out of curiosity, what do you do with 6 copies? Just to give away?

      I bought a copy of this for a friend after my reading and have given away many copies of Marcus Aurelius' Meditations, so I totally get if that's the case.


        To make everyone read it


          In case you are interested in Meditations by Marcus Aurelius (since it was mentioned here), it is currently free along with some other nice books:



            @Lysander: Unlikely to be a good, modern translation. Most of these free ones are the George Long version which was translated over 100 years ago.

            The best modern version is almost universally perceived to be the Modern Library version by Gregory Hays. The Penguin Classics version is okay as well. All else feel too antiquated to be accessible to many modern readers.

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    Can't purchase without a UK account, it seems. $14.99AU


      yeah… anyone?