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Beach Road Slim Tea 14-Days Value Pack $9.50 (Was $22 Per Value Pack) + $9.15 Delivery ($0 with $60 Spend) @ Aroma Heritage


Beach Road Slim Tea 14-Days Value Pack $9.50 Per Pack (Was $22.00 Per Value Pack - Was $17.00 each purchase individually)
Coupon Code: SLIMT14
Limited to 1 Value Pack per user

A. 1 Pack of Beach Road Colon Cleanse Tea - 14 Days (Was $17.00 per individual pack)
Beach Road  Colon Cleanse Tea is a combination of a number of beneficial herbs that have traditionally been used to aid with digestive issues. 
Traditionally, these herbs have been associated with the following:
Flax Seed - has oestrogen, antioxidants, and Omega 3
Organic Rooibos - bone, heart, skin, and digestive health, and blood sugar levels
Cinnamon Bark - blood sugar levels, skin health, contains antioxidants
Dandelion Root - detoxification, skin health, blood health, gentle laxative properties
Liquorice Root - skin and liver health, a powerful antioxidant
Cacao Nibs - contains antioxidants, fibre, and potassium
Fenugreek Seeds - easing constipation and unsettled tummies
Rose Petals - skin health, antioxidants

B.1 Pack of Beach Road Slim - 14 Days (Was $17.00 per individual pack)
Beach Road Slim Tea
A healthy tea that tastes great
The ingredients in this antioxidant-rich, red tea have historically been used to provide energy, enhance the body's natural detoxifying abilities and promote a healthy weight. Blended to help increase metabolism, the ingredients in Bondi Slim, have been traditionally used to help with detoxification, and reduce inflammation. 
Green tea has been used traditionally for detoxification, weight loss, and skin rejuvenation. 
Burdock Root - has been used to aid in weight loss
Dandelion Leaf - is known to assist with detoxification, and to remove excess water from you body
Hibiscus Flowers - may help with anti-ageing and it is rich in antioxidants
Yerba Mate Leaf - has many researched benefits. It has 90% more antioxidants than green tea. it may aid with digestion, mental focus, and promotes weight loss
Acai Berry - is known as one of the best all-round antioxidants
Schisandra Berry - may help with focus and endurance
Garcinia Cambodia - has been used to aid in weight loss
Calendula Petals - are beneficial for your skin

Made on equipment that also processes nuts and gluten. 

Seek advice from a Healthcare Professional before enjoying Beach Road Tea Range - Diet Plan, especially if you are under any medication treatment or pregnancy.

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    Yeah, nah!

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    How much tea (by weight) is in this 14 day supply? A cup of tea for 14 days doesn't sound like a lot

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    Selling weight loss tea in Australia? Rings a bell…


      HI belongsinforum,

      Thanks for your comments.

      However, we are not too sure how to get the info on regarding to the question of selling weight loss tea in Australia.

      Beach Road Tea is one of our product range on our Online Tea Shop. This brands is owned by Bondi Beach Tea Co. and its products are also selling on Catch, Scoopon & Groupon else.

      We believe this a good product, and therefore, we are offering a good bargain deal to OZ bargain & our customers.

      If you think there is an issue about it, please feel free to contact us for discussion so that we can review it for further arrangement.


        Show us scientific evidence that your product works as advertised


          Hi belongsinforums,

          To be clear on it, as this products are not owned by Aroma Heritage as we are an Online Reseller. The products brand is owned by Bondi Beach Tea Co.

          As mentioned on one of the reply, there are couples of the similar products or same products selling on different platforms, even T2 also contains its own brand of Detox Tea. When comes down to the evidence as advertised, would this really apply to everyone, and it's not just us? Do you have any reference on how those platform/ retailer on answering your questions so that we can review on?

          For this deal posted, if it is a valid good bargain, it would be valid for OZ Bargain.


            @aromaheritage: If T2 jumped off a cliff, would you?


              @belongsinforums: Hi belongsinforums,

              When there is a certified report confirmed there is an issue concern on the products selling on our platforms, we will be contacted it's brands owner/ manufacturer for it and the products will be off from the shelf until it's clear. And, of course, recall process will be arranged to recall the products we sold.

              We believe that is the fair way to manage.


      Hi DashCan

      Thanks for your reference to an article from smh. By looking into it, this article was refer to multi issues, such as he setup his own brand of weight loss tea and referring misleading materials. However, refer to our post and offer, it is not related to this which is totally different case and unrelated. In fact, we understand your concerns and happy for discussion.

      We believe Bondi Beach Tea Co. has certain support and suggestion explaining on how their products can achieve each promoted result as Aroma Heritage is an online tea shop which its one of the independent brands and products we are selling.

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    Next week's specials, crystals that protect from Covid and the 5G. Sheesh.

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    A review of the randomised clinicial trials of herbal treatments:


    Individualised herbal medicine, as practised in European medical herbalism, Chinese herbal medicine and Ayurvedic herbal medicine, has a very sparse evidence base and there is no convincing evidence that it is effective in any indication. Because of the high potential for adverse events and negative herb–herb and herb–drug interactions, this lack of evidence for effectiveness means that its use cannot be recommended.


      Hi Dishcloth,

      Thanks for sharing this article. I believe, refer to previous comments, which major concern is if the Slim/ Detox Tea if it is provide it function as description.

      There are different reports on the web we can research for with different angles on discussion on it. Some supporters feels this type of products are misleading consumers, some of the others claimed it works. Such as T2, they are also selling their own brands of herbal tea products, such as Detox Loose Leaf Gift Cube ($16/50g), Tummy Tea Loose Leaf ($16/50g)

      In fact, We believe we should really focus on if the deal posted is bargain or not, as OZ bargain. Refer to any concern of the products, We are trying our best to explain it. However, it really comes down to the brands to provide their own evidence on it.

      It will needs to be fair on it as different online retailers & platform are also selling the same/ similar products but it becomes just our Online Shop Issues?


        Your argument about "it needs to be fair" is akin to "everybody else does it, why can't we?"

        I'm sure you'll give us peer-reviewed independent randomised clinical trials you can point to about the specific efficacy of the herbs in your product for improving "bone, heart, skin, and digestive health, and blood sugar levels", "detoxification, skin health, blood health", "skin and liver health", "easing constipation and unsettled tummies" and "skin health" as you claim.

        Otherwise, it's just snake oil.


          Hi Dishcloth,

          Thanks for your comments. You got your point.

          However, I think there is misunderstand on "Your argument about "it needs to be fair" is akin to "everybody else does it, why can't we?""

          If the products and brands are owned by Aroma Heritage, you are right that we has to be providing some certain certificated evidence for it. Unfortunately, we are same as other online platforms, such as Catch, in this case. Herbal Tea is also common on argument with its declared function. It is same as Western Doctor Treatment & Chinese Medicine. We are not professional to provide certificated review. We only able to refer to its Brands provided materials, which is refer from Bondi Beach Tea Co. in this case. Refer to peer-review, we always suggested to discuss with your own GP's for their advise before having this range of products as mentioned on our website.

          As on OZ Bargain, again, should we focus on the deal itself if it is bargain or not. Otherwise, it becomes OZ product Review.

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            @aromaheritage: Most GPs will call these products out as the snake oil they are


            @aromaheritage: SNAKE OIL
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            And my cousin got autism by drinking slimming tea.