Recommendation for Wall Bracket and Installation Service? (or Do It Myself?)

Never installed a TV on a wall before.

The holes will be there from previous owners TV & bracket.

I guess I have two options.

Option 1: Buy a wall bracket and pay someone to install it for me….(

Option 2: Buy a wall bracket and do it myself. (Have watched a few YouTube videos but not sure if I trust myself 😂)

Can anyone recommend me a wall bracket for the new LG C1 series? (65 inch) & or some businesses other than the mentioned above that they would recommend?

I have had a look online for wall brackets but there is a wide range!



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    Starting point is to make a paper template of the existing holes in the wall and try to find a bracket that will attach into those holes.
    When you decide on the bracket just make sure the holes in the bracket match size/location of the mounting holes on the back of the TV
    Pretty straight forward exercise really


      Ok thanks. When I move in, I will do that. Might just leave it on the tv stand for a week or so then shop around for the right bracket:)


    I paid $150 to hang my 75" TV on the wall (plasterboard). Got a few quotes, from 120 to 500. Chose Jim's Antennas. Although he used a sensor to identify the correct place to fix the screws, he did make a hole on the wall which I believe was miscalculated, he then couldn't use it to fiz the screw and made a new hole just next to it. The bracket hid it anyway.

    I bought the bracket myself: VP-F80B for $55 on TGG, but he brought one in case mine didn't work.

    I'd do it myself if I had actual walls with bricks and not these ridiculous plasterboards that are everywhere in Australia.

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      not these ridiculous plasterboards that are everywhere in Australia

      Is there any country that still builds solid masonry internal walls?!


        India is one example


        Developing countries and a few European countries.

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    Do it yourself, unless you went to run your power and antenna in behind the TV to hide it you will be fine.
    Most brackets will span across two studs so you'll be able to get some good screws in there so it won't move anywhere.
    Any holes can be covered by the bracket or TV anyway

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    Bought a $50 bracket for my 65 inch hisense and had a mate install it for me. I probably would not attempt it myself as 1, it was a two man job anyway and 2, didn’t want to come home one day and see my tv smashed on ground as the anchors were I sufficiently placed


    I get my brackets from Selby

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    I’ve installed a few. It’s not difficult, but you need to be confident in what you are doing. Ie start smaller and work your way up in confidence. It’s a good skill to learn.


      Yeah I might do the one in the bedroom. Thats a smaller one, by then I will know if I can do the big one. haha