Noob Question - Are These Intake or Exhaust Fans

Hi Team,

I finally got my PC and had requested they setup the bottom fans as intakes and the side fans as intakes too. (Top fans being exhaust)

I just wanted to make sure they didn't bugger up.
When I look at the side fans, I can see the Coolermaster logo facing me and the bottom fans I can't see the logo

I have a feeling they installed the side ones as exhaust but that's a guess

Thanks :)


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    Hold a tissue over fans whole running

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      If you don't have tissues, then just use some paper.

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        If you don't have tissues, it might be time to re-evaluate your life choices.


        I'd go with paper myself - worried about a tissue getting sucked in!

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    Look at the curvature of the fan. It only blows in one direction.

    The side that has curves curling away from you is the intake side. The side with curves curling towards you is the exhaust

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    The side of the fan with all the writing and not the logo is the air direction.

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      This is the correct answer.

      Another way to tell is
      If you see the full fan = intake side.
      If you see 4 plastic strips on the bezel (where the power cables usually route) = out take side.

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    The bottom are intake, top and side are exhaust.


    Thanks so much guys, I wanted the side to be intakes since it seemed like the best configuration for my case as per

    Should I bother lugging this back and getting them to swap it or do you think it won't matter as much?

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      A) It should be an easy DIY fix, literally 4 screws each.

      B) They have done it correctly to exhaust hot air from GPU. You don't need 6 intake fans. Don't mess with it.


        Legend! Thank you mate… :)

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    As above label side the direction its blowing from, ie towards you looking at label.

    Case has too many fans, leave side, remove bottom ones and reverse top on radiator so flow goes out the top. do you have fan speed controllers on these?


      How can a case have “too many fans”?
      The more fans, the more airflow. Doesn’t matter if its positive, negative or neutral pressure, more airflow is better than less airflow.


        Noise and law of diminishing returns. Track the GPU temp 4 case fans usually more than enough with a AIO radiator dumping heat outside the case. I get away with 2 plus fan in PSU with a 3070gtx

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    I bought a new Antec DF700 Flux case a couple of weeks ago & it came with an optional bottom fan.
    I screwed it in with the writing in the same direction as the other fans, as I wanted the bottom one to be an input above the PSU
    Guess what? It was going in the reverse direction! So don't go by the labels to tell which way the fans go, you tell by the blades. But you could always swap the pins around before you put it in the mobo, all you need is a safety pin to pop the pins out to reverse the polarity, easy. But that's another story.
    Just plug the fan into the mobo & switch the comp on to see which direction the air flows, simples.
    Nice case & set-up BTW


    That's a lot of fans!!

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    side and top are exhaust, bottom is intake in the photos


    Thanks all, Confirmed Side is 100% exhaust and bottom intake.
    Placed a thin sheet of toilet paper and presto.

    It's not overheating of anything so might just leave it as exhaust