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Belkin Pro Series 8-Way Surge Protection Power Board $64.50 (Was $129) Delivered ($0 C&C) @ David Jones


$129 at JB Hifi, $99 at The Good Guys or $118 at Harvey Norman.

Protect your valuables from lightning strikes and damaging power surges with this 8-way surge protector, with power filtration.

  • Under and over voltage protection
  • In-rush current protection
  • 2-Blocked spaced socket for oversize power adapters
  • Recessed power switch prevents accidental shutdown
  • 8-Surge protected AC outlet, 2142 Joules
  • Surge protected telephone, aerial and networking ports
  • Maximum spike current protection, 70,000 Amp
  • EMI/RFI noise filtration, 150kHz-100MHz up to 75 dB
  • Connected Equipment Warranty & 2 Year Limited Warranty Combined

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David Jones
David Jones


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    Wanted tobuy one but I find 2 people on Amazon claiming 'random clicking noise every hour'.


      I have used a few Belkin surge protectors in the past and never had this issue. It also looks like the Amazon reviews on the clicking issue is on the 6 ports model which is technically different to this 8 ports model, although the 8 ports only had 4 reviews. DJ gives you 60 days return anyway so there's no harm giving it a try.

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      I got the same model, can confirm it does random clicking noise, mostly happen when I turn on the TV or shortly after turn off the TV. And sometimes happen randomly too


        I wonder if anyone has actually contacted Belkin on this issue and see what they have to say on the matter. Perhaps most people would just return it.

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      Does it have connected equipment warranty?


    Anyone know how long the supply cord is?

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      The product title says it's 3M.


    Havent used this particular belkin model but have a look over the connected equipment warranty on what the claim process is

    Ive never went through it myself but be prepared for claims to take 3+ months, have the equipment on hand for inspection, send away your powerboard for inspection of the failure along with your proof of purchase/receipt.

    If your equipment is important enough to need replacing in that time frame its not going to be covered

    Decent for some things but don't depend on it or be prepared for a long slow claim.

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    Bought this one recently and I like it. Not sure if it's got all the features of the belkin one but was good enough for me.
    Surge protection and warranty.
    2m cord


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      clicked on the link and it says "You have purchased more than one of these items." got 3 from a previous deal great bargain hunters purchase alike lol