Looking for Down Lights for My New Home

Dear fellow members

I am looking to change all my downlights to smart Downlights preferably RGB
Any idea where I can find the the best ones :) and offcourse cost effective
I was looking at Kogan not sure about quality and also at aliexpress but they are very cheap as comparable so not sure whether i should go with them

Double storey house .. I believe would be around 50-60 downlights including on eaves


  • Yes get the Kogan smarterhome. It's pretty good and they are all Tuya base. Easy for Google home or alexa integration.

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    We used the Lucci LEDlux from Beacon in our last build.

    EDIT: They weren't smart nor RGB.

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    I'd look at smart switches before lights. Will be a lot cheaper, can link multiple switches for 2 or 3 way switching and you don't need to rely on someone not turning off the wrong switch

    • If you own the property, it is your best option. Although, switches can be expensive. Still could be cheaper to replace 15 switches than 50 downlights.

    • got any good recommendations?

      • Really depends if you want actual switches or touch sensitive panels.
        Few Australian certified options. Deta from bunnings are touch sensitive. Connect from Harvey Norman are actual switches. Shelley's go behind the switch so really would be the best option to keep all switches the same, just get momentary switches at build like clipsal Saturn's. Can put the Shelley's behind the switches you really need automated and leave out the ones you don't.
        All 3 I listed work fine with home assistant

    • Any particular brand switch you would recommend. Would like integration with google thank you

  • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/184250947567

    I've got 9 of these in my house. They are Zigbee, use the Philips Hue system (it knows they're third party but they still work), are RGB and work flawlessly.
    The only thing I am not a huge fan of is that their "1%" brightness is still quite bright unless you also turn the light red or another dim colour.

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    I believe would be around 50-60 downlights including on eaves

    Thats going to be costly regardless of what you get. But make sure you get some 'spares' just in case you have a few failures. 10 or 15 spares should do it. Nothihg worst that going to replace them in 2 years time from a failure only to find out you can't get them anymore!

    Maybe these?


    • If you don't have spares, you could just replace all the downlights in one room. This would give you a bunch of spares of the old ones, and no one would notice the subtle difference between one room and the other.

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        True you could, but a pain to have two different products.

        If buying 60 lights, just buy 70 and have 10 spares for when they stop selling them but each to their own.

  • Be careful you dont overload your wifi network. Using a hub based system will assist with that.. 1 connection, rather than a dozen or more…

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