Please Help Me Set up My Home Theatre Room (Photos Included)

Hi all,

I have attached photos of the room and the house plan that had come along with it.

The dimensions of the room are 5.1 x 4.1m

As you can see from the photos – the kids bedrooms are unfortunately surrounding the theatre room. The room is carpeted. Sound does go through the single brick wall quite easily as well as underneath/through the double doors.

The light isn't an issue due to us only watching at night.

I am planning to have a 120 inch projector screen with the epson 9400 (happy to take suggestions, budget for projector of ~5-6k). Will have a combination of in-ceiling speakers, 2 towers at the front along with central speaker, and couple of rears.

How do I make this room for theatre and child friendly (in terms of noise) or is it too late or destructive to do so.

Projector screen wall
Solid wall side
Back wall
Side wall with doors
theatre room house plan


  • My kids sleep in the next room to my TV with surround sound, with zero sound insulation… How old are your kids, and how used to noise are they?

    • 2 and 4
      I guess if I can dampen the noise it may be enough?

      • You can stick acoustic panels across all the walls but it's not going to magically mute noise transmission, especially not vibrations from subwoofer too. You would need soundproofing layers added to the walls for that.

        Just do a normal setup and reduce volume when kids asleep? Or do you only watch when kids are sleeping?

        I would be considering an OLED TV with that budget. While smaller, the clarity and colours would blow away any projector for movies.

        • I thought 5-7k for the projector was an ok budget? Then another 5k for the sound aspect. No?

        • Don't put 'acoustic panels' on the walls to stop noise transfer. That is terrible advice that will cost you money and have no effect.

  • Your going to have to knockdown and rebuild. I can reccomend a good builder if your interested.

  • What are the acoustic bricks on the plan? If no sound proofing, perhaps use lower volumes at night or headphones.

    Our last set up here -

  • Your kids are fine, pretty soon your kids will be using the home theatre to watch baby shark.

  • A really good set of headphones will give you 90% of the sound system experience for night time use. Just without the bone rattling sub.

  • Head to
    They're all over Home Entertainment setups.

  • I have an Onkyo Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 speaker setup where there are no speakers in the roof; it shoots the sound up to the ceiling and bounces back, awesome.
    Anyway, the system has a night mode so it lowers the 'boom' you get from the subwoofer and allows you to play high volume and should restrict the noise to the other rooms.