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Mens Black Nike React Vision Size 8-14 - $20 + $6 Shipping at JD Sports Online


Good price for a reasonable looking pair of shoes. I don't need them, but I did buy them.

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    This is why I love OzB. Cheers OP

  • Thanks op

  • Thanks

  • Bought one! Thank you very much.

  • Thanks OP, still plenty of sizes available

  • Thanks op

  • +1

    :( not on my size, thanks anyway!

  • Thanks OP! Got my order in, unsure if it’s a pricing error but will see

  • Looks like a pricing error? But either way, thank you OP!

  • Thanks OP. Don't hold out much hope it will be honoured but worth a shot.

  • Definitely a price error I'd not waste your time.

  • Probably a price error, but now they got my contact details….

  • Wow, 1413 clicks in 24 mins… Ozbargained

  • Hopefully it's honoured, let's find out!

  • Thanks OP, fingers crossed they honour it!

  • Thanks op - seems worth a shot for $26 shoes
    Confirmation email came through but won't hold my breath

  • +1

    Just received my refund.

    • Omg that was fast, I just made a purchase..doh!

      And I was hoping we would get them as my size 14 or 13 ultra wide is hard to find and even harder to find on special

    • Which payment method?
      Will see what happens, worth a go!

  • Nice one OP….same as you. Didn't need, but bought them. Hopefully the comfort factor and lightweight will help during upcoming trip to the red centre.

  • Giving it a go if its price error I just get money back nothing to loose

  • +7

    Why they give refund but not bother to pull down the page or correct the price?

    • Yeah, is there really any point grabbing it at this point?

  • Great price, thank you

  • +10

    It will be an instant ozb recognized if you see them walking down the street with it.

  • Hopefully they'll honour it

  • ordered one, thanks OP

  • +2

    Thanks OP i bought 1 pair.
    Did you hear me u seagulls 1 pair.

    Think of others!!

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    When this marked as sold out, we know someone at jd has wake up

  • Yeah refund already here too

    • What size did you get mate?

  • Thanks OP

  • +1

    Got refund so don't put your hopes up

    • But it says reduced to clear. So it might be a valid deal?

  • -2

    Looks like a pricing error. $220, not $20.

  • +1

    Can't believe size 9 is still available given it has been Ozbargained!

  • Gooone

  • ID collection centre at work early this morning.

  • My size got OzBargained!

  • Size 10-10.5 sold out )=

  • Got myself a US size 9 pair … email confirmation received …

    • Despite getting an email confirmation at the time from JD Sports, I've just now received another email (from paypal) saying my $26 has been refunded … nothing from JD Sports, just paypal saying it was refunded (and it might take another few days to appear back in my account !).

      Nothing from JD Sports about why …

  • Great post.

  • Bought 2 sizes for $46 and got refund of $20… 🤔

    • maybe they refunding certain sizes?

      • +1

        Same thing happened to me, didn't say which size but I ordered a 9 and 11. Refunded $20, checked sizes and 11 is out of stock but 9 isn't.

        • Yeah damn. I ordered a 11 using PayPal, haven't heard anything yet, hoping it goes through lol

  • Invalid Advertiser Id, Publisher Code, Offer, or Publisher - Advertiser Partnership Status

  • Size 9 is OOO too…

    Currently Out of Stock

    Oops, looks like one or more of your items is now out of stock. Please remove and then we are good to go again.

  • The link stopped working but I managed to find them on the site and just ordered, here's hoping I get the shoes and not a refund.

  • +1

    Got an email saying my order has been confirmed. Probably just automated though.

    Oh well, we live in hope.

    • Same here, used paypal. Hopefully harder to refund but probably not.
      If by some miracle these do get delivered I may as well sell some Adidas Duramo 9 Shoes I didn't need either (but got cheap on a deal a while ago)

      • Adidas Duramo 9 Shoes is $49 at Rivers now.
        Normal RRP is $70-$77 depending on colours.
        But this is low-end cheap Adidas shoes.

        • +1

          Yeah mate, I realise they are entry level runners, just don't think I'll end up using them as I got a new UB19 still.
          I noticed they were also at Rebel for $49, aren't always many sizes available (and mine are US 8.5 and in Black). Should be easy enough for sell.

  • +1

    Found the shoes in JD Sports and the message "220 people are looking at this right now" popped up. LOL

  • Oos for the size I want.

  • “Unable to confirm payment” using Apple Pay, then regular checkout said out of stock between adding to cart and checkout. Great deal though.

  • All sizes out of stock now.

  • What a bargain
    Only Size 8 left, wish i had small feet lol

    • Even that's gone lol

      Knew I should've checked Ozbargain as soon as I woke up..

  • Great deal! Looks like all sizes OOS

  • just w awarning JD sports are awful in regards to warranty claims on shoes, my airmax got a fault with them would not accept the return.

    if you buy from nike.com no questions asked retrun anything for 2 years. would never buy shoes from jd sports again

    • +3

      Last time I bought from nike.com it took me 3 months just to change the size because it gets shipped from Netherlands and they wouldn't ship out a new pair until the original one was back. I imagine COVID didn't help but still..

      • when it comes to warranty claims they are amazing i had nearly 2 year old pair of nikes i wore daily, had an issue, refunded 100% the cost

        • +1

          For the price and time difference I think I'll take the risk of having a fault lol

  • Bought one. I reckon these shoes look pretty strange and that this may not be a pricing error.

    • They look alright, especially for $20. A pair of KT26 probably cost more.

      Are these just for comfortable walking, light running, gym perhaps?

      • +2

        I'm not proud. But I've easily spent more on some cheeky KFC after a night out.

        • +1

          Haha take away food not so cheap these days.

          Yeah, KT26 about bouble this price just under $40 last time I saw.

  • Byebyeee

  • +3

    If this was only 50% off retail rather than the ~91% off, OzB would be claiming how ugly this shoe was.

    • Hehe Nikey m8 make a big difference lol .

    • +5

      I've had quite a few JD Sports "price errors"/bargains delivered, the early refunds are because the stock updater is slow and sometimes will sell more inventory than available.

      • +2

        Ok, I just revoked my downvote. Thank you.

    • +2

      My last order 80-90% off was totally fulfilled . Just hard to escape Whingers some time .

      • +1

        I had the idea that all orders would be cancelled and they are just harvesting data. Appears I'm incorrect. Certainly not hurt or salty or anything however.

  • Great deal sadly my size is Sold out

  • +1

    Damn…Just missed it….absolutely not 1 size left…Great pick up though OP

  • +1

    All gone, great bargain OP

  • +2


  • Hope they were purchased by legitimate people to be used themselves and not for resell purposes.

    • Good to have a few spares ready for when my others wear out :)

  • +1

    This is a positive sign as people are still believing in miracle! They should honor the price to keep the spirit going! Come on!!!

    • amen

  • I got in pretty early (6:40am) and no cancellation yet. Maybe the cancellations are just orders that were Out of Stock?

    • +2

      Spun, no matter how you spin it, it is obviously a price error

      • Yeah, no arguments there. $20 wouldn't cover their wholesale cost. But its a bit of fun playing along.

  • I wanted one. I think this for OzB'd

    • Same I think we do

  • I will give you one depends on your size, obviously they need to honor the price too!

  • I don’t really need them. Already have 7 pairs of different sneakers, but still bought it early this morning @ 7:15 am for the cool design and very attractive price. Happy to get my favourite size US9. Thank you OP.

    Received email.
    “Your Order is Confirmed”
    “Your Order Number #332****** “

    • How's the order going? I ordered the same size 15 minutes after you, with confirmation email and order number, but got a refund… Hope you have better luck

      EDIT: I just saw your post you got a refund. Agree about to unsubscribe from their mailing list.

      • They refunded thru AfterPay but no email or sms notification to inform me to apologise for non-fulfilment of the order from the company.
        Very bad service.
        Not reliable.
        Was very angry that I unsubscribed and trying to close the account.
        Never ever willI buy from this rubbish company online.

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