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[Back Order] Hive Pocket Board Game $21 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Have been waiting for a good deal on this for a while (HN has for similar price however $12 shipping with no click & collect)

The pocket version has both the Ladybug & Mosquito expansions included.

Hive Pocket is an abstract strategy game for 2 players. Hive Pocket is designed by John Yianni.

Board game mechanics:
Grid Movement
Hexagon Grid
Pieces as Map
Tile Placement

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Whats the difference to the full version available for $27?


    Edit: should have googled first. Version differences: https://www.reddit.com/r/boardgames/comments/3tkkmg/wsig_hiv...

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      Both versions are good, I like the full version more but the Pocket version is great for travel and quite literally fits in a pocket.

      • Thanks. I ended up buying the pocket version to add to our 2 player library and to take travelling.

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          FYI the Pillbug expansion tiles aren't worth buying; they somewhat break the game. It can change what's otherwise a pretty fast and fun game into a slog of repeating moves as the pillbugs shuffle tiles around the hive.

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    Great game, easy to pick up for all.
    SUSD have a good review of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szmcsO9ZCpo

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  • ordered, thanks

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    Great game for sure, and for only a couple more bucks you can pick up from most board game shops - this way you can get it in your hands right away and support your FLGS.

    If in Brisbane, Vault has it for $28 and you can then sit down at one of their tables and play it, or anything from their extensive library.

    Does anyone have other great gaming shops they'd like to mention which are worth supporting?

    • +1

      Wish I had a decent local FLGS like Vault or 2D6 on the Gold Coast. Sadly the local options are quite expensive so I usually order from Amazon due to their free shipping.

    • Board Game Master in SA are great to deal with.

      no brick and mortar store, but free pickup in Adelaide CBD.

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    "The pocket version has both the Ladybug & Mosquito expansions included."
    this is a big plus, add extra gameplay value.

    great game, fun to play and easy to understand.
    great thing of this game is that can be played reducing the amount of different bugs (each type as different characteristics )

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    Thanks, another game to add to my collection of 2-player games :)

    • What other 2-player games would you recommend? I have been trying to look for two player board games but I find it to be a bit limited.

      • +1

        Patchwork is my personal favourite. Each player has their own 9x9 square and are competing to fill it with tetris-esque shapes. There is an interesting engine builder function to generate "buttons" to purchase better shapes but my favourite aspect is the use of time as its own currency which becomes infinitely more interesting than just taking it in turns.

        7 Wonders Duel is also apparently one of the best. I bought it the other day but have not had a chance to play it yet.

        • +3

          7 wonders Duel is excellent - the Pantheon expansion also worth grabbing once you've played the base game a bit.

          Other 2 player ones I love:
          * Wingspan - up to 4 players, but works well with 2
          * Imhotep Duel
          * Azul
          * Carcassonne - never-ending expansions, but great to play around with different combinations and base game is great too.

          There are heaps of others, but I keep going back to the above

          • +1

            @goldie123: Haven't tried Wingspan with less than four but terrific game.

            Solid recommendations. I like Azul and Carcassonne with two players but prefer them with four which is why I didn't include them. Similar feeling to Ticket to Ride which is still great but a slightly lesser product with only two people.

            Pandemic is another that I will throw out there as good with two people. I find it is actually easier because it is simpler to get two people on the same page than four.

            Will have to check out Imhotep Duel, haven't seen it before. Thanks for that and for the tip on the Pantheon expansion for 7 Wonders Duel.

          • @goldie123: How does Imhotep compare to Imhotep duel

            love wingspan, azul and carcassonne

            • @docians: I haven't actually played Imhotep - only the duel version.

        • was actually disappointed with patchwork, although it is quite highly rated
          Are Isle of Cats and Barenpark very similar?

          also never really enjoyed 7 wonders/ duel though they are highly rated as well

          I play board games with my children, perhaps I should be playing these board games with adults?

      • +2

        7 wonders Duel, Carcassonne, Azul, Jaipur and Fog of Love. King and Queen domino are also great but I find those a bit too easy. Some games scales nicely for 2 players, like Agricola, Citadel and Obscurio (most people will disagree because 2-player Obscurio takes an important mechanism away but I mostly play with my partner and enjoy learning how well we understand each other).

        • oh yes - Jaipur & King domino also great!

      • There is also Targi, Lost Cities, Ship Shaped (good with young kids), Ticket to Ride Europe or Ticket to Ride London for a shorter game, Quirkle.

        Games we tend to choose more often are Lords of waterdeep with Skull Port Expansion, Targi and 7 Wonder Duel

  • back in stock!

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