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Finish 0% Dishwasher Tablets 132 Tablets $40 ($36 Sub & Save) Delivered @ Amazon AU


132 Tablets (6x22) for $40 (0.30 each) or $36 (0.27 each) with subscribe and save.

Slightly better than this deal last year, when it was $46 for the same amount.

It's just over the $39 limit so those without Prime won't have to pay shipping.

The 0% formulation has no added phosphonate, and less dyes and allergens, so may suit those more environmentally conscious and shouldn't be compared to others that are less environmental friendly.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • What does finish 0% mean?

    • 0% phosphate, perfume, and unnecessary additives - according to the label.

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        Because all those dolphins aren't gonna kill themselves…

      • The label also says "all Finish tablets are phosphate free". So does that mean that the difference is pretty much just how they smell?

    • I'm guessing 0% phosphonate?

      I think is slightly different to phosphate, though I remember reading that global phosphate production is expected to peak at 2030 so I'm trying to cut down on my use.

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    I use these for washing my baseball caps in the dishwasher as they don’t have lemon in them which can bleach or fade the caps. Comes up great. They also seem fine for washing dishes too, which is helpful.

  • These are great!

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    aldi logix/logic platinum are 14c/19c ea for anyone wondering

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      I wasn't but thanks.

      • you're welcome

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      These are suited to more environmentally conscious consumers

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    are they as good as phosphate based tablets? my drain just goes into the septic system so the phospahates just get eaten up by the garden bed i figure anyway so dont want to save here but have to go buy fertiliser later.

    • apparently they still have 5-15% phosphate but naturally occuring?

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    We get these almost exclusively now, I just find the entire kitchen stinks of fake lemon smell when using quantums or others. Work well too

  • Looks like out of stock already…

  • +2

    I gave them a go because they were about the same cost as Finish powerball pro ultimate good luck double mega golden dragon jade emperor's palace, but they just didn't wash the dishes very well so I took them back. I'm all for choosing greener products, but if they don't work they're worthless.

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      Remember you're voting on the deal not whether you like the product or not.

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        Might wanna read the voting guidelines

        Negative Vote


        To let others know about issues with the deal, merchant or product.

        • Too right. My bad!

      • The deal and the product are intimately linked. A discount on a crap product that doesn't work can still be a bad deal regardless of discount.

    • +2

      You took back partially used dishwashing tablets?

      I'm not sure whether to slap you or invent a new OzBargain badge and name it in your honour.

      For the record, Choice rated them at 75%, behind the top-scoring tablets which received 78%…

    • +1

      I also tried these after I ran out of the super whizbang ones. They're not quite as powerful, but they do the job in my Bosch machine. It's good not being knocked out by the overpowering chemical smell from the other tablets - these don't really have much of an odour at all. I think it's an ok trade off.

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    Back in stock.

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