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Waterpik Cordless Express Water Flosser $50 (RRP $129.95) Delivered or C&C @ Shaver Shop


Just got this in the email. Bought one for $40 (after the sign up discount of $10), hopefully is a good product.

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    There's Also the Freedom Pro from Waterpik for $9 more no idea whats the difference but 2 years warranty vs 1.


    • 3 tips vs 2 tips. but prefer the Anjou in Amazon with rechargeable bettery.

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        I bought the Anjou a few months ago, now the battery won't charge anymore!!!!!

        • Amazon will refund. I got mine back, just speak to them via chat. I bought the black one 1st, now I have the white one, seems to be better

        • I lost my proprietary charge cable now useless

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    NIMH/Alkaline batteries though.

    The Hydropik from woolies used lithium batteries (lighter and more powerful)

  • I bought Renpho's version which arrived today, was $40. I hope it works good

  • It doesn't matter how well I brush or regular floss, my water flosser always blasts out a few extra bits from between my teeth. I figure that has to be a good thing.

    • I sometimes wonder if the constant blasting of the gum everyday would do any damage !!!

      • It can't be any worse than savaging your gums with a brush

  • Not a fan on this brand, cheap out on internals.

    On a 3rd replacement of a different product in 14months, it's just a garbage build. The battery on this product suggests a similar cheaping out path.

    That said, their one customer service rep is great (Hi Debbie), so you can cycle replacement units till you're bored of it.

  • I asked my dentist about water-flossing devices, and he said the evidence was bad. They don't work effectively, and you end up with plaque and gum disease if you rely on them, rather than traditional flossing.

  • Have been thinking about getting into one of these. What’s the best one out there for doing the job correctly? Sorry haven’t done much research and would prefer honest opinions rather than google pushed results. Tia.

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      The Hydropik from woolies ($50 on half price.. from 2-3 weeks ago) uses a Lithium internal battery rather than 3 x AA batteries
      Lighter + more powerful
      Only complaint is the water tank is a little small, but just enough for one mouth (or you can just.. refill the water, it's not a dealbreaker for sure)

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