General service for gas hot water heater - who to call?

I've got a Rheem outdoor hot water gas storage heater and I don't think the previous owner has ever serviced it. Since I'm a new owner and new to servicing gas heaters, who would be the best company to call to come and have a look? Would it be to call Rheem itself, or something like a Jim's Plumbing, or something else? This is in Melbourne.


  • who to call?

    Not ghostbusters.

    Hot water service people, not necessary plumbers.

    You can google “Hot Water System Repairs and Installations”

  • Why?

    Is something wrong with the unit?

    • For one, anode needs to be replaced every 5 years or so.

      • Pfffft

        • Yup, I've read about the sacrificing anode needing to be replaced, which is one reason I want a technician to come out to check. Also to ensure that the pressure release valve is working properly and that there is no leaks.

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            @clubhonda: If you are handy with DIY, you can replace the anode on your own. Care should be taken if your hot water system has a flue damper.

            As for the pressure release valve, just pull it once every few months or so. It should stop dripping after a few seconds. If not, then it needs to be replaced.

            • @trex: And replacing the relief valve is very easy, even Bunnings sell them. All you need is a spanner.

              But of course I'm not saying you should. You should get a licensed plumber.

              • @Presence: I just replaced my pressure release valve a few weeks ago, it was about 5 years old. Up until then I didn't know you are supposed to release the pressure once every 6 months. Now I know. It was easy to replace and cost about $85 from Bunnings, probably saved myself a couple of hundred doing it myself vs getting a plumber in.

        • @MS Paint: Yeah, I know. Electrolysis is all a hoax!

        • Anode needs a 27mm socket iirc, did it about 10 years ago.

      • If you're on good water (ie. Melbourne) then replacing the anode is not all that necessary, especially if you are paying someone to do it. By the time you've payed to have it replaced a few times the cost would almost equal a new unit.

  • Prepare to get rheem’d with a large invoice for a quick look

    • Prepare to get rheem’d

      ^^ This!

      If you use their plumbing service, they will ask for your CC details and lock out (preauth) $200 if you wish to proceed.
      I hung up the phone after that.

  • Why you need service? Still running good … leave it.
    My more than 8years never need service. Don't burn your money.

    • Mine's an outdoor unit so the sacrificing anode probably needs replacing.

      • Instant gas or stored?

        Instant gas does not have the anode. Being indoors or outdoors won't make any difference. The anode is in the water storage tank (for non instant units).

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    Check if upgrading to more energy efficient solution is cheaper. See:

  • Would it be to call Rheem

    Rheem is the biggest scumbag company around. Just look at the reviews.

    Do yourself a favour and never buy another Rheem product again!

  • Other than a few checks all they are really going to do for a service is operate the relief valve and vacuum out the cobwebs.