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Two 700ml Bottles of Liverpool Organic Gin $66 + $10 Delivery (Free over $80) + More @ The Drop Store


Edit: the deal is back on the website. Get in quick if you want to grab a bundle.

Excellent deal for a gin I have had in the UK and loved it. BoozeBud is selling it for $69.99 per bottle - so $66 for TWO bottles (plus shipping if you don't spend $80) is a steal. 43% ABV

A number of other great deals too. Highlights for me are (YMMV - so check the deals page):
SOLD OUT Any 3 J.J Whitley 700ml Gins for $99
- Whitley Neill 1 litre gin flavours and receive a bonus Whitley Neill Carafe and a 4pk of Capi Soda or Tonic for $65
- Any 3 Bottles of Ironbark Gin for $120

Got the WN 3 for 99 deal on my Facebook this morning. So did a bit of digging around and The Drop Store is part of the Halewood Group that seem fairly big in the UK. They have recently launched The Drop Store in Australia and also acquired Ironbark Distillery in NSW.

Cheers to gin bargains! (plus whiskey/vodka too)

Browsing the site/adding to cart is slow even before this post - so be patient. Shopify checkout works fine once you get to it

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  • Anti virus Giving warning being fake website. Trend Micro built in Asus modem

  • Almost half price considering normally is mid $60. Not sure if it's any good tho

  • This site legit?

  • The alcohol excise on that would be about $26 a bottle. Factor in GST and shipping, and either they're selling at a loss or it's not legit.

    • It sounds like it's all shipped from within Australia, courier within NSW, Auspost everywhere else pretty much. 3-5 day delivery time. Don't think it would be international with that time frame?
      Also says in the T&C's pricing includes GST.

      Or are you saying by the time they pay that, they're selling at a loss?

      Seems too good to be true?

      • Definitely shipped from within Australia. I think they are trying to establish their presence in Australia and selling their own brands - hence the low prices.

        The website is legit. Just call/email their parent company in UK or email them. I already have verbal+email confirmation that it's the real deal.

        • Thanks.
          Grabbed the 2 X Liverpool's and the carafe for $15. $81 total so free shipping, otherwise it was $10 shipping.

          Took a bit to checkout as it kept saying the bundle was OOS, so may be going going gone soon

  • The 3x Ironbark is $120 not $99

  • dans has vodka for $32 bottle, gin just has the botanicals, so no reason you couldn’t do 2 bottles of gin as an intro for $66 inc gst …..

    • It's not home brew though, competitors are selling it for $65/bottle…they aren't making it, just selling it

      • making gin is an industrial process, and many of the boutique gins you see in shops don’t make their own base spirits but buy them in and add botanicals. botanicals are very cheap e.g the amount of citrus peels thrown away from orange juice production or lemon juice production etc,etc.

        making gin is cheap and quick unlike whisky which also needs to be aged, the price we pay for australian made boutique gin isn’t a reflection of the cost to manufacture or duties, it’s marketing and small batches of a product vs made by a giant company that also makes its own base spirit.

  • Deal must be in honour of Alisson's header

  • Gin deal is OOS

    • I can still add it to cart and get to the checkout page without an issue.

    • It did that to me for a while last night but eventually let me check out.
      If you're paying $10 for postage, consider throwing in the carafe for $15 as per my post above

  • Thanks ordered the following:

    1 dead mans spiced rum with spicy ginger bundle
    carafe, blood orange gin and tonic bundle

    saving around $50 plus also free delivery…

    I've been wanting to try the spiced rum from dead man's finger and can't go past a good gin to try :)

  • Cheers op. Big gin fan. No idea of the Liverpool will be a nice gin or not but definitely a great deal. I added 2 miniature 50ml bottles for $7 each to get me to the free shipping threshold. Otherwise it was $10 for shipping. So may as well spend an extra $4 over that and get a couple of miniatures to try.

  • The 3 J.J Whitley 700ml Gins for $99 deal is not working for me op.

  • The deal is back again.

  • Got my delivery today - very well packaged.

    Not exactly gin weather today here in Melbourne but I'm still going to give it a try this evening :)

  • Mine arrived to Perth today. Not as nice in a G&T as Roku for me but still nice none the less.

    Anyone got any cocktail recommendations for it? I think it would go nicely in a Negroni, might have to give it a try