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Four Weeks Free and 2 & 6 Month Waiting Periods Waived on Eligible Combined Hospital & Extras Cover @ Medibank Online


Update: 6 weeks free offer extended to 30 June 2021.

Thanks to you, they’ll get four weeks free and 2 & 6 month waiting periods waived.~

Start with your unique code:
— get it from referral link

When your friend or family member joins an eligible Medibank hospital and extras cover online, enters the promo code ‘REFER’ and then uses your unique code, they could get 4 weeks free.

For new members on new memberships who join eligible Medibank hospital + extras cover. Must provide member referral code, quote REFER and set up direct debit or payroll deduction when joining. Only available for online joins. Not available on Corporate covers, Accident Cover, Ambulance Cover, all overseas covers, ahm covers, and other selected covers. This offer can be changed or withdrawn by Medibank at any time, and the offer will not apply to any joins after the withdrawal date. Not available with any other offer. 4 weeks free: Must maintain direct debit or payroll and hold same eligible cover for 28 continuous days from cover start date before receiving the next 4 weeks free. 2&6 month waiver on extras: 2&6 month waiting periods on extras waived. Other waiting periods apply (including 12 months on some dental services). If you’ve reached your limits from a previous fund you may not be able to claim straight away.

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  • And what do we get as referral

    • +1

      100$ is that OP mentioned if you read properly above under referral link

  • it says 6 weeks free? @ OP

    • lol. i just realized that.

      so this deal is worse off haha.

      how do i delete it.

      • can't find delete button so i just report it :D

      • No, in fact thought provoking, coz I don't have a cover myself and have heaps of loadings lol so this one looks good, maybe I give a thought and I dont know any gives such free, but it looks good….thank you, I was in fact read more in their website… great to know

  • Medibank only really has the Medibank Live app going for it which you can score some "freebies"

    a bit tedious to keep track of all the tasks.

    Churned from Medibank to Bupa on 6week free deal recently.

    Funnily enough Bupa was the most expensive when I was with them 5 years ago now they offer me the best bang for buck for what I require.

    Good to shop around and get deals for PHI.

    • Bupa is bad lol very expensive

  • +1

    Beare I did this deal over the phone and they didn’t apply the waived waiting periods so hen I went to get my glasses I was hit at full price.
    So then I called up and they said sorry we have fixed it now.
    But then when I checked on the app the next week it hadn’t been fixed at all.
    So eventually I went into a store ( this is during all the COVID nonsense)
    And the lady eventually got the waiting periods fixed.
    But by then my 6 weeks free and 6 weeks paid had run out and they started hitting me up for future months and I replied I’m not paying a cent more till I get what I have already paid for.

    So then the torturous process of lodging a complaint which they warn they won’t deal with for 2 weeks
    Then eventually a call and they guy didn’t even apologise for their negligence and says they ill only offer 2 weeks credit.
    I refused and aid I want to speak to the manager.
    No can do he said.
    I will have to love cc chargeback and go to the ombudsman.
    Ok he says I I’ll get our ombudsman team to contact you but it will take 2 weeks.
    Many hours wasted on this useless company

    In summary Medibank are a bureaucratic nightmare when something goes wrong and treat customers like shit.
    So doublecheck at signup that they have actually given u what they agreed and if they don’t get onto it ASAP but be prepared to waste a lot of your time.

  • how do i find my referral code?

    • +1

      Asking for the same lol, couldn't find it on the website/app

      • wasted 20 mins looking for it.
        check website and app both. gave up.
        thought i was the blind one.

      • called medibank got the code.

    • i got it from email that they send me

  • Seems like a pretty good deal.

  • just signed up thanks

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