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Quacks of Quedlinburg Board Game (Schmidt Spiele Version) $54.63 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Great push your luck game and at great price. A fun easy to learn game

There are two releases of this game as they are by different publishers. By all accounts everything is the same other than the company that licensed and produced the games.

This one is the cheaper of the two.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • One of my top 5 games for sure!

  • Great game, expansion is worth getting too!

  • +3

    Hasn't been this price for a while. Recommend picking up 21mm coin capsules to make it that much more satisfying to draw/play (also helps protect it from wear and tear).

    • I am actually looking for a ccheap coin capsules.. any recommendation? Thanks in advance

      • I got mine off Aliexpress. Spent like $15 for 400 shipped.

    • I finally caved and bought it a few days ago for $3 more which was a pretty good price I thought. Need to learn to wait for the ozbargain thread.

  • +2

    wth never heard of this before!

  • +1

    Ranked #6 among family games, and #66 overall on BGG so must be good

  • +1

    Why, looks good. bought it.

    Should be playing more board games with the kids than ipad/console time.

  • Good game for a good price!

  • Is the big box version supposed to come out soon?

  • Awesome game - worth adding to any board game collection.

  • +9

    Got one, to add to the other board games still in their plastic seals due to lack of friends.

    • +3


    • +2

      LOL….was just thinking the same. I got one too… and then remembered the pile of games I have, all still wrapped and unopened, all bargains on this site!!! I seem to have this fantasy of family game nights away from screens…….

      • +1

        I seem to have this fantasy of family game nights away from screens…….

        you can do it mate.

    • +1

      Went on a board game buying frenzy thinking my gf would love to play board games with me… ended up returning 50% of them and the rest of them sitting on the shelf in their shrink wrap lol

      • +4

        I feel the formation of a support group!!!

      • if you have Roborally (original version not the one with the plastic robots) please let me know as I'm trying to get a copy for my sister's birthday.

  • Played well with my 6 and 4 year old. Great game

  • Might sound ridiculous but it's definitely worth getting 21mm coin capsules to cover each of the tokens in this game.

    The pieces sadly don't have much of a life span.

    Such an incredibly fun game though and worth it all the same!

    • Where do we get them from?

      • An easy find by Googling "21mm coin capsules". From the pic it looks like a lot will be needed though …. anyone know exactly how many. Then we need to find somewhere we can buy those capsules in bulk!

        • +1


      • I bought some off eBay for my Arkham Horror chaos tokens. Lighthouse brand iirr, they work great.

        I've always wanted Quacks but add me to the chorus of bargainers that already have a boardgame backlog - not to mention some of my 2020 Kickstarters should be arriving soon and compounding the backlog further.

      • +7

        There's four places. There's the Capsule Hut, that's on Third. There's Capsules-R-Us, that's on Third too. You got Put-Your-Token-There. That's on Third. Clear About Coins…matter of fact, they're all in the same complex; it's the coin capsule complex on Third. You know, the coin capsule district.

        • I heard most of those places were closing down due to the decrease of coinage used during Covid. Apparently some new stores are springing up though - EFTPOS Locker and Plastic Warehouse have recently opened. Visa Galore are interested in taking a spot. Looks like may have to revert to online purchases for coin capsules…….

      • +1

        I bought 400 from Amazon for $22.99. According to a BGG post there are 215 chips in base game and 153 in expansion.


        • This might be a stupid question, but why do the coins need capsules and how does it detract from the game if you don't have them?

          • +1

            @Jackson: They are not a necessity but due to the high amount of handing of the pieces required, the coin cases protect the pieces.


            I've not seen wear on our pieces and haven't got around to putting them in the coin cases I purchased, but as its family favourite that we play with visitors and kids I just want to see the game last much longer.

          • +1

            @Jackson: I don't think the protection factor is that relevant personally, but the cases add a nice heft and clink to the tokens for shaking up your bag and pulling them out.

            similar to how you might upgrade cardboard coins in a game to metal ones, just makes for a nicer tactile experience.

          • +1

            @Jackson: Personally I've found that the white 'cherry bomb' tokens get dirtier/scuffed quicker than the other tokens (being white coloured also doesn't help), so definitely recommend getting the coin capsules for long-term durability.

          • @Jackson: The coin capsules add bling. Shiny, shiny bling.

  • +2

    This is a great price but I personally don't enjoy Quacks, it is heavily luck based and component quality is mediocre.
    Probably would only recommend for playing with kids or people new to board games.

    • We love it, even if we get some games with a runaway winner.

  • Ordered at 9.30am, got shipped 4 hours later. Probably the fastest I have ever had an international Amazon item shipped.

    • Delivered in one week - fastest international shipping from Amazon I've had yet.

  • FWIW there are (or soon will be) 3 English language versions. SchmidtSpiel the original publishers, North Star who officially licensed in English for North America (which is what usually makes it here) but whose license is now expired, and soon to be CMYK the new English language licensors. My understanding is that one factory manufactures all the versions.

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