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Free IT and Cybersecurity Related Graduate Certificates and Undergraduate Certificates @ MIT


Hi folks,

You may remember last year there were a few great deals on discounted higher education courses (commonly referred to as covid short courses). Whilst the deals have continued this year, they are nowhere near as good as the prices were last year (seems to be only about 50% off now, rather than the solid 80% or so off), anecdotally speaking.

One institution is offering graduate certificates, so post-graduate level qualifications, for free, first in first served! There is a July intake for the half-year course. Undergrad certs as well. Chance to broaden your career prospects in IT and cybersecurity. Online study for domestic students.

I am in no way affiliated, I've just been stalking the covid short courses for a while. This is a great chance for self-taught people to get some paper qualifications. It is TEQSA regulated. Some people may prefer quals from institutions with higher rankings or greater public profiles. And some people simply cannot afford the thousands of dollars to do this. So if this benefits some people who would otherwise not have been able to engage in study, that's good news.

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    • Thanks for the advice, looking at doing the same.

      What's the work load like with you prior experience?
      Are you attending the lectures, lab and tutorials in your own time (e.g. night time, weekends?)
      Do you need to logon to the 'Lab' during those times (3pm-5pm) or all they all bundled into one / pre-recorded (flexible)?

      (I work full time and considering - In the industry so should be able to tackle it fairly easily - looking to do it in a 'part-time' style, potentially could get one day a week from work to do study / attend classes, hoping it's achievable.).

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        I also work full time and have been trying to do this in a part-time style, along with others completing these courses. Attendance is recorded for lectures, labs/tutorials however I simply can't attend. I do these in my own time and submit them online when I can. Only those that attend during the prescribed time will receive marks for the lab work. I also missed out on marks in some sections in assignments that required work to be demonstrated during the lab times.

        I've been listening to lecture recordings on my way to/from the office, or when I'm waiting for my son to finish footy training. Then lab work one night a week. Assignments only take a couple of hours each. This seems more than sufficient, it hasn't been too difficult. It would be nice to be able to devote more attention to it but work/family take priority.

        • Awesome, thanks for the input, sounds doable for me too then.

          Know your situation, very similar to myself.

          • @MToTheFrame: for lab works, what's the overall percentage?
            worse case, could always take a 2hr sick leave.

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    How much does this cost? is it really free?

    UNSW want like 20k for same course

  • Can anyone comment on what these courses would be like vs. the Cert IV in Cyber Security offered by TAFE which is also free if you qualify for Job Trainer?



    • The Melbourne information tech university does seem tempting, but given I'd be interested in the programming however I'd get terrified knowing there's a fee at the end.

      While tafes 90% of courses are subsidised under the government (give or take, but the question at hand is what's better quality and what does the industry insiders/people perceived as being better, because I could say go learn white hat concepts from YouTube, or do some udmy courses but it's all subjective from one opinion to the next, given there is no right answer)

      Also there is no fee for punishment just a watermark usi stating where you screwed up (bases on the module) but tafe do hire ex university students or those in similar ties, I recall a guy once working as the head information technology headmaster of TAFE campuses west wing(with a little understanding of fontan, and was a supervisor for a warehouse)

      To be honest having MIT on your resume will create giggles in any industry.

      • Have you got an undergrad qualification i.e. bachelors?

        • +1

          Yes, I have a bachelors degree

  • Hi All. I have overseas Bachelors in Arts but Diploma in IT Networking from NSW TAFE followed by 4 years of IT experience in major Tech & Banking sector. May i know what would be better to pursue: Graduate Certificate in Information Technology (AIM100 - Academic Integrity Module MN501 Network Management in Organisations MN506 System Management MN601 Network Project Management)
    or Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security and Networking (AIM100 Academic Integrity Module MN501 Network Management in Organisations MN502 Overview of Network Security MN503 Overview of Internetworking) ? Regards.

    • +1


      There is replication for 2 of those subjects:

      AIM100 - Academic Integrity Module, MN501 Network Management in Organisations

      One is a generalist Cert in IT with a hint of sys. admin and or project mang. as potential roles. This a very much a generalist Cert and not specific.

      The other (Cyber Security and Networking) tends towards network admin and IT security roles.

      What are the sort of roles you would like to tend towards?

      IMHO there is going to be greater need in Cyber Security and network management now and into the future as many foreign actors are actively probing any and all Australian IT services, networks and infrastructure across public and private sectors for a multitude of reasons.

      • Thanks Bold Eagle.

  • Thanks OP, I applied and was presented with an 'Offer Letter' and just completed the acceptance process.

    • Hi, just wondering, for the CSP place (free), for the payment option, did you choose:
      1) FEE-HELP
      or 2) Up front payment


      • +1

        I choose FEE-HELP.

        In the email sent out by MIT it states:

        1. Which forms do I complete?
          The CSPs and HECS-HELP Form. Although you will not have any amount allocated to HECS-HELP (because the course is free), you are still required to complete the HECS-HELP section of the form.

        Your not going to make any payment for a free course (unless your very silly).

        1. Is there any Student Amenities Fee?
          No, MIT does not charge Student Amenities Fee so you do not have to apply for the SA-HELP Form.

        2. Why do I have to complete the HECS-HELP section if this is a free course?
          The CSP and HECS-HELP form is compulsory for students offered a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP). You must complete this form to enable you to enrol in the course.You must complete this form even if you are not eligible for a HECS-HELP loan, you want to pay your fees up front, your course fees are covered by a sponsorship / HECS waiver, or you are enrolled in a Foundation or Special Programs unit.

        • +1

          Hey Bold Eagle, thanks for your response.
          I ended up downloading their Student Agreement form (instead of doing the digital signature online), and on there they had 3 options:
          1) Fee-Help
          2) HECS-Help "(for Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP)) – only available for students enrolling in Online Certificate courses"
          3) Upfront payment

          I chose option 2: HECS Help

          Thanks again!

          • +1

            @q888: That is a lot clearer and No.2 is the obvious choice. Hopefully I do not have some charges and or mindless bureaucracy I have to try and deal with at a later point.

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    Can you enrol into the grad certificate for free if you're currently enrolled at another university?
    Are there any consequences of doing so towards my current uni or HECS?

    • as long as u have completed a bachelor, u can enroll. They just want your ID, transcript and degree certificate to offer you a place. There should be no charge to ur hecs, as with ur current uni, they probably won't care so it will be up to u to make it work.

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    i got offered a non cognate stream for graduate cert in cyber security and networking. I am working full time currently and in doubt i will be able to complete the course successfully within the time frame. Will there be any fees to be paid in future if i wish not to go ahead and finish it (if i fail any unit). And also if I do not wish to pursue the master of networking will this course or cert be any helpful for my career in Cyber security? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks all.

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      I think I saw a comment saying that they only charge you money IF you fail ANF IF you decide to rekate those units next semester. Double check though by contacting MIT.

      • Thanks. I have emailed them yet to hear back.

        • @Rock32 Did you get a response from MIT?

          • @melblr: No. I sent an email to their general enquiries and admission too.

  • I am looking for some courses relevant to web development, do you guys have any suggestions?

  • Hi, for those of you that signed up for the CSP place (free), for the payment option, did you choose:
    1) FEE-HELP
    or 2) Up front payment


  • any who enrolled her having hard time login into their AMS?

  • thanks op . looking forward to starting it. i keep on getting error when setting up email "" Something went wrong
    Sorry, something went wrong there. Please try again."" in chrome. but can log in via IE. i got offered non-Cognate too but hold a 2003 IT diploma with a programming unit which i managed to pass but it was difficult. what's the difference between Cognate and non-Cognate? which is better to get a job? should i contact them change to Cognate?

  • +3

    So what do people think of the course in week 1?
    I am doing the course MN501 for the first subject of the Cognate stream and so far I think it's pretty shit.

    The tutorial and lab activities are a joke, set up a google calendar and write minutes for a meeting…

    Seems like they changed the course structure into 3 x 5 weeks blocks, with each subject only lasting 5 weeks.

    Anyone else care to share their experience?

    • Yeah was kinda surprised to see it was only 5 weeks per unit and its only one unit at a time. Guessing the first week workshop was crap because the lecture hasn't happened yet.

      • +1

        @Jenny Death
        Actually the lectures are pre-recorded and already posted on the Moodle under "Pre-lecture/ Workshop Videos", have you watched them yet?
        I found them to be pretty ordinary. What do you think?

        • I watched them too and did the lecture online. (honestly not worth watching the vids on the first one. all the lecturer did was just read the slides anyway)
          We went into breakout rooms and did a bit of group work.

          I am doing cognate also and a bit ambivalent about having to do this first subject as well.

          Hopefully the cyber related subjects are decent..

    • yeah, end up cancelling this course

      • i am definitely cancelling, how do you cancel? AMS and withdraw?

    • im in one right now and im having "the WTF am i doing here moment"

      • Which stream are you in? Cognate or Non-Cognate? Care to share what has turned you off the course?

        • cognate.
          one of the exercise is how to use google calendar to set meeting invite.

    • +2

      It is a joke. Someone questioned the content of MN501 and this is from the course coordinator:

      Name of the unit is "Network Management in Organisations". It is about Organisational structure and ICT Professional Practices.

      I am going to withdraw from the course, not going to let them scam the government.

      • +1

        I agree there appears to be an element of MIT taking advantage of the government's funding here with a shitty course filled with a large proportion of teachers and students from a non-English speaking background.

        However, I was also thinking if their goal is just to enroll as many students as possible, could they also be aiming to pass as many of us as possible and therefore if we just do what is required to pass, we could graduate with an in demand qualification, for free.

        From what I understand and I spoke to someone from DESE (Department of Education, Skills and Employment) to check, even if you fail any subjects, there is no financial or academic penalty as it is a Commonwealth Supported Place.

        Happy to hear what others think.

        • +1

          yep i have a feeling they are taking the piss out of it.
          You are correct too, seems that most of them are coming from non-english speaking.

          i understand that it maybe good to have university level certification, but it may come as a shock to the new graduate later this year that they found out that none of what they learnt isnt applicable in the real world situation.

      • +1

        i thought it's an actual network management (wan, sdwan, firewall,etc)

        instead, its what is a profession, what is a professional? wtf!

        • lecture slides title - https://i.imgur.com/WSbPzQ0.png

          what is profession - https://i.imgur.com/6JdsHOR.png

          what is a professional - https://i.imgur.com/Y5xqWuh.png

          i mean, really?

          • @ulun-lpg: Yeah, kinda useless at a graduate level. Seems like most people will already have this experience. I would have thought if it was actually a management unit that they would have taught you how to implement agile.

            • +2

              @Jenny Death: I had to do a similar unit to this in my degree course (undergrad). It was called Professional Issues in IT.

              Such a waste of a subject when you're only getting 3 .

              I wish we where able to chose the subjects we do.

      • haha. scamming the gov is what uni's do best

  • +1

    Hey this deal is live again FYI.

    • Looks like theyve added a 3rd option too. Hopefully ita still live next year, all up doing all three would only be a few units short of a masters.

      • @Jenny Death
        Sounds like you are going to finish this degree?

        Does anyone know if you got accepted on a Commonwealth Supported Place, and if you dropped out after census date, or failed any units at the end, are there any penalties or future restrictions? Apart from having to pay if you wish to re-attempt the exact same unit, I cannot find any information on that.

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