Help Me Choose a Road Bike - Zwift

Been into MTB for a year and just picked up the Kickr Core so looking to get a Shimano 105 bike for Zwift but will also ride it on the weekends.

I’m looking to spend around $1-2k as I still need to budget for other accessories.

some options

Merida scultura 400 disc -
Polygon strattos S5 -

I’m 167cm tall so sometimes the size guide puts me right in the middle of S & M

any other suggestions around this budget that I should look at?




    Trek Domane AL 2 Disc


    If you're 167cm tall you're most likely to be a size small, not S/M. Possibly even XS depending on arm length and inseam. Best to test out a few sizes at the shop though.
    $2,160 for an aluminium frame 105 bike is a fairly average deal. Bike prices have increased noticeably over the past year but you could still get last year's models for less if you do some legwork. BikeExchange is a good place to look; I can't see too many options for a size small 105 disc bike but you could probably ring around and ask for a better deal on a Giant or Merida.
    Also suggest you consider some Zwift alternatives such as Sufferfest ;)



      the size guide didn’t have xs/s/m, just SM/ML/.. but I know each bike brand has their own sizing.
      will check out sufferfest as well


    Don't forget to order pedals


      and that'll mean shoes too.
      this list is growing quite fast

      I might have to rethink this investment…


        You can get flat pedals and use sneakers. Not ideal but not terrible either. Or take your mtb pedals off your bike and put them on as a stop gap?

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    I suggest marketplace/gumtree and pick up a carbon roadie for ~1500.
    Alloy road bikes have had their day unfortunately and only exist to keep carbon bikes priced high.

    Unless you really expect to smash the bike around/scratch it or are really big/weigh a bit alloy isn't really that useful.


    I use an old Reid Falco Elite that I picked up second hand for $400 on my Kickr and have a Madone for my outdoor bike. Has 5800 gruppo on it.

    Saves constant swapping over and shares the wear and tear.

    But that's only if you can afford/have space for 2x bikes. If you only want to get the one bike, I'd look at getting a Merida Scultura 4000 as entry level.

    Regarding pedals, just get another set of MTB SPD clip less so you can wear your existing shoes.


    Fit is the most important. If you are between sizes you really need to test ride, although I’ve found that road bikes are usually OK in the larger size if you are between. It depends a bit on your body proportions though. Ie if you have short legs long torso go larger. If you have longer legs shorter torso te smaller frame would be better. It’s about the reach more than height.


    I would say the geometry is just as important as size. Road bikes broadly come in a 'race' or 'relaxed' geometry (and everything in between). The sizes (sm/med/large) are pretty arbitrary and can not be compared between brands. Good brands will also have specific geometry setup for each size rather than just scale up every dimension. There is also a period of adjustment in getting used to a road bike after coming from a mountain bike geometry which makes it difficult to determine if it's the wrong size bike or if you just need more time to adjust. It is quite a personal thing, even if you go in to get a professional fitting they will be asking how it feels to you throughout on the whole process.

    If you are between sizes you'll probably feel like the smaller size is more nimble to handle underneath you while the larger size you feel like you are sitting 'on top' of the bike and more cruisy. In this case it could come down to personal preference.