Powering a Legion, Yoga and T/E Series from a Legion 170W adapter?

Hi All,

After just picking up this legion 5 ( https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/622546 ) it turns out my existing lenovo power adapters that power my T440s, E14, yoga 370 - 45w and 90w don't work! argh! I use laptops from about 5 different locations and have even more power adapters!

There is a DIY mod to change the resistor making the older chargers to work with the legion but, can I just buy more 170w power adapters and power all my machines off them?

I'd rather just have one set of power adapters for the home/office.

thanks in advince for any advice!



    Does it support USB-C charging? Might be an easier solution moving forwards.

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    Are the power adapters all using the same voltage? If so using 170w without any mods will be fine.


      thanks Trex, yes - all adapters are 20V with different amps. Looks like I'm good to go with all 170w's. cheers.

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    Most Lenovo power adapters output at 20V (and I think for most laptop as well) but for 170W it needs to be able to draw 8.5A — it's not something a USB-C PD can provide. The T440s adapter would have the right tip (Lenovo's slim rectangle tip) but would not provide enough current at 20V.

    You'll be looking at some like this, or other generic power adapter rated at at least 170W with the right tip.


      thanks scotty, yes you're right - having a look at all my adapters they all output 20V at different amps.

      the link you gave does answer my question - the adapter is compabile with all slim tipped power plugged devices, which all my other laptops are.

      saved a bit of money on the legion, so will fork out for a couple of these adapters and be done with it!