Looking For Printer to Print T-shirts

I am looking for a printer suitable for printing T-shirts. Must be good quality.



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    what kind of paper will the shirts be made out of?

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    Have you checked under the stairs?

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    PC Load Letter…

  • What printer you buy depends on the shirt material. Polyester? Cotton?

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    DTG printers are very expensive.

    Is this to establish a new business?

    If not, just outsource it.

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    There's a Brisbane company called The Print Bar which does a good job, they even have a print on demand setup so you can white label, depending on what you're trying to do.

  • check out Tshirtmall.com.au .
    i have used them a few times since they were first posted in here.
    they still do a $20 delivered, design your own shirt(black or white only)
    good tshirts..Gildan brand from states

    • I have some band t shirts that are Gildan brand. They are thick and good quality but scratchy like a Hessian sack despite like 20 washes by now

    • I like Gildan shirts (and they will never have the soft spun feel of some stretchy shirts, but they are not scratchy).
      Vistaprint black shirts are Gildan and often discounted to $15 or $16 delivered (i usually buy via the UK site for better pricing).

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    This is Ozbargain
    Transfer paper and Electric Iron

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      Pfft. White t-shirt and permanent marker.

    • Is the quality as good as DTG?

  • Cricut? Seems to be the rage atm.

  • This guy is selling 4 Brother GTX for $4000 each. If you can get him to sell you one its a decent deal as they are 25k RRP.

    • Sure it's not a scam?

      • No looks like a print shop is closing, this is not the current model and hes trying to get rid of all 4. Might be hard to get him to part out.

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