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Jabra Elite 65t Titanium Black $79 + $9.90 Delivery ($0 Sydney C&C) @ PC Byte


Looks like the cheapest ever. Should be able to price beat at Officeworks if you can find stock. I'd assume the $75.05 price beat price would only be applicable if you're in Sydney, considering you can only pick up at PC Byte's Auburn store. Should be ~$85 otherwise factoring in the $9.90 delivery.

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  • +7

    Crikey. If I didn't already have 3 sets of these I'd probably buy these

    • Why stop at 3?

      • +49

        Because he only has 6 ears.

        • lmao

        • Buy them and they will grow!

  • Gosh how tempting…

  • Sick price

    • Yeah just bought another pair

  • +3

    What about the call quality of this and comfortability can anyone give feedback on their experience please

    • +1

      Pretty good call quality and sound quality for the price
      Pretty reliable as well
      Obviously not as good as the new stuff but can't really fault it compared to other buds at $80

    • +1

      Had em for years, now that I got a 5.0 Bluetooth phone they have been great

    • +2

      Had this since it was newly released.

      Call quality - very good. Comparable to Sennheiser TW2.

      Music quality - ok in today’s standard. A bit closed and not very good at separation. But not bad.

      Comfort - I can’t wear it for over 45 mins without pain in the ear. The body is a bit big and that’s why 75t was out with smaller body and 85t also smaller than 65t.

      I still use this for conference call as I use a Windows PC. But other times I prefer AirPod Pro or TW2

      • +8

        Second this, please don't buy this even for $79. I got these originally at full price. The sound and call quality is good but there are 2 major problems.

        1. It causes intense discomfort in the ear after 30 minutes. The Power beats Pro which I got recently are super comfortable compared to these.

        2. One earbud is the main one while the other acts as a slave. The connection between the 2 isn't high quality so if you increase your mobile volume louder than 60% you will get a loud hissing noise in the earbuds. Its so loud, its like an air purifier running in the background. There is no fix for this issue and that's why the price is so low. These used to cost almost $300 at launch. ( The forums of Jabra and Reddit are full of this issue)

        If you are planning to get something for music and listening, get the Shure SE215 wireless or wired. The earbuds are the same, they come with removable wires so you can make it wired/wireless on the fly. They are one of the best earphones you can get. Mic wont be good as they are made for audiophiles.

        • +4

          I completely disagree with your comment. You don't like them, fine, but 65t are objectively top quality buds, one of the best, even compared to two generations of newer Jabras.

        • +2

          Im not sure why you guys have issues I have half a dozen pairs of earphones and these are the best I have (I bought some others for waterproof and backup for when I dont charge et).

          For $79 these are a bargain

        • +2

          I have the "Sport" version of these, so not sure if there is much difference.
          But I don't have any of these issues. I think they are great for the price.
          My only issue is the size, but given that they are old now, can't complain.
          I'll upgrade to something eventually.

    • Better than Samsung Buds Plus and Soundpeats True engine 3. Bought those and compared and people said I still sounded better and clearer with 65t. Also music sounded better than the Samsung. Perhaps True Engine just a tad better. Soundpeats Sonic and Jabee Vintage were absolute crap compared to these. So I've still ended up using the 65t. I did change to foam tips though which are much better. Hanging for the next gen Samsung's or Soundpeats H1

    • I bought these when they were 200+ and was disappointed in terms of it's sound quality when listening to music. @ $79 these are perfect for work, calls or even listening to telly

  • +1

    $100 on Amazon

  • +1

    Great set of wireless buds, downside is micro USB charging only and the case is only flat on its sides.

    • +1

      And no magnet so need to be careful when opening the case.

      • That's a big problem too, you have to make sure it sits perfectly else they don't charge. Sorry I stopped using these after a few months. They just sit in the drawer

        • No light to indicate charging (like my jabra elite sports) ?

          • @SaberX: Both earbuds have light, you just have to adjust them when putting them in the case. If you just put them in the case and close it without making sure they are charging, sometimes they dont

            • @HumbleCat: Not the earbuds. I mean when you shut the case does the outter case indicate lights for it charging so you know the buds are seated ok inside?

        • I'll buy yours for 40. Heh.

  • +1

    Cant believe how cheap. Years ago bought second hand for $120 i thought already super cheap

  • This or the Sennheiser Momentum V1? (Knowing well about battery issue but subjectively just on sound quality)

    • Sound quality is always sennheiser.

    • I have the jabra's and the momentum v2s… I really like the jabra's but for musicality it's the senheisser's all day.

  • +2

    Fantastic sounding earbuds. Have owned two pairs (damage due to own stupidity). Only downsides micro usb/ right side single bud operation (you cant use the left bud by itself). Would definitely recommend!

    • does the newer 75t and 85ts fix this that allow left bud only? or is it an inherent jabra thing?

      • I can only comment for the newer 65t (approx 2 months) and not other models. Not sure.

        • there's another (newer?) version of 65t?

          • @SaberX: I meant a more recent batch - not a new model persay

      • I have the 75t and it's still right side only…

        • Never owned any other wireless buds except my jabra elite sports so don't know if this is just a jabra thing or most wireless earbuds require one side to operate. I presume it's becuase the right side /one side transmits to the other side…. so slightly different setup.

  • +1

    I have sony xm3 and after an hour or so, this is more comfortable to wear than sony.

    • Don't have these but, agree the xm3 can be a bit hard to wear for long periods, also, the fit on them isn't easy to get right. Have to say I'm not a fan.

    • +2

      Are you taking about the Sony earbuds? I'm wearing them right now and regularly use them for hours, they feel fine.

      • +1

        I use them for 3-4 hours of zoom multiple times a week. Only problem I have is in the gym they can sometimes fall out and need reseating (Sonys)

        • You can improve the fit in your ears with different tips, like Comply foam tips.

      • +1

        I used xm3 for a trip between Sydney and Singapore prior to the pandemic. I managed to wear it on and off for 6 hours with a Bluetooth transmitter to watch movies. (Need charging a couple of times in between)

        They are comfortable with stock tips. But now I got comply tips and they are even better in comfort and noise cancellation because of better seal.

        • +1

          I might check them out, didn't realise they provide improved NC.

          • @Techie4066: They would help with the noise isolation if they make a better seal in in the ear. The cancellation is still dependent on the ANC capability

    • +2

      I had xm3 and 65t too but xm3 is better for comfort than 65t. I guess it’s really depending on the shape of the ears.

  • +2

    Anyone tried these on Windows computers for conference calls?

    • +1

      I do, everyday!
      Works great..

    • Mic quality is not great (a little muffled) but audio quality is top notch

  • As others have said, fantastic, I had these, bought airpod pros, and could hardly hear any difference in sound quality (if there even was any).

    • There is quite a bit difference in quality between airpod pro and 65t. 65t definitely warmer and less define in treble. But music is subjective.

      • +1

        Yeah i'm sure others may say they can hear the difference, but I could not. And I guess I mean, I couldn't hear a difference that could justify such a jump in price.

    • Do you agree with the size being large and uncomfortable for longer durations of wear/use?

      Charging case also looks quite large compared to the jabra elite sports one i have, or is it much smaller in person?

      • The case is overall slightly bigger than the airpods pro case.

        Comfort wise they've been fine, and actually fit in my ears better than the airpod pros did, but the airpod pros did have a some sort of air flow through so like they never blocked the ears. Whereas sometimes the jabras would block unless I twisted them corectly into my ear if that makes sense.

  • Damn, was going to get the 75s

  • Just checking that these don't have Bluetooth multipoint (connect to a phone and PC simultaneously), right?

    I know the 75t does.

    • +1

      I use it at work everyday, connects to pc and phone well..

    • +1

      It has. Connects to 2 devices simultaneously.

  • +1

    Paid $200 back to 2 years ago. Great earbuds, you can't go wrong with this price.

    • I paid something like $265. No regrets.

      • -1

        Well that’s a lie!

  • Are the Actives mandatory if doing exercise?

    I’d get these for mostly jogging outside.

    Could sweat over prolonged periods damage them?

    • It’s IP55 certified, I think it should be fine with sweat.

  • Could not select Click and Collect not sure why.
    Under delivery options it only offers Online Standard Delivery.
    Guess ill wait for the 75t to be $150 again

    • I tried it as well. Currently out of stock at Auburn and Hornsby so it's only delivery.

      • There were lots of people buying. Like 1 ever min. Wonder how many they had in stock at the stores

  • Can anyone who has the elite 65t comment also on the size /discomfort in ear issue brought up by a few others above?

    I have the jabra elite sport and while this is a cheapo replacement, i am very tempted, i do listen to podcasts all day and if it can't sit comfortably snug in the ear without feeling uncomfortable then I may need to reconsider.

    Also - can anyone comment if the backing surface of the 65t is solid? The elite sport the backings (i.e. where controls are/buttons) is technically glued on. I only know as mine came off and you can't "put it back on" like a normal piece of silicone as it is properly wrapped and glued/sealed onto the earbud - hence why its so flat and some don't even realise it is removable until it comes loose.

    Supergluing turned out terrible as the buttons dont align with the chip/press part of the buttons electronics… so trying to avoid anything that isn't "solid" backing per se.

    I do note the elite sport has a small, easy to fit square box into your pocket. 65t looks quite large the box? is it smaller in person?

    Does the 75t etc. come with smaller charging boxes or is the size of the 75t far more comfortable?

    Call quality: find the elite sports bad for those on the other end - if your out in public any background noise is super amplified and is hard to endure. I always have to talk with wired earbuds with the little square mic. My bose qc 35's overhead headphones don't suffer from this background noise so i presume its just the Jabras quality/issue.

    • I seems to have every ear buds people mentioned here… :O LOL

      you will find 65t more comfortable than Elite. However, the overall comfort still not as good as newer ones. unless you have a rather large ear cavity. I have colleagues with pretty big ear cavity still find it uncomfortable. so you will have to guess whether it fits you or not BUT if you already find elite comfy, I reckon you will be right with 65t because I found elite very uncomfortable.

      can't answer backing surface as my Elite still works and 65t still like new condition. but pressing those buttons hurts my outer ears.

      Call quality: 65t is miles better than Elite, elite is horrible actually. so you will be happy with 65t, I use it for conference calls.

  • Orders cancelled, Missed out and now Out of stock……. OP please change to Sold out.

    • That's in store? Have you bought online?

    • I just got a shipping email today so I presume your cancelled order is in store so not necessarily sold out at time as online was being stocked and honoured.

  • Use them almost every day for vidcons etc…have been excellent.

  • Excellent pair of buds, i've got 2 of them

  • +2

    Its back online for pick up at Auburn, get in quick

  • -1

    They have a known issue with both earbuds going out of sync and with distortion over time. Google for more

  • how are they for gym/workout use?

    • +1

      I normally don't use it in the gym but tried it this morning for the entire session. I was mainly doing weight machines and also 5 mins of jump roping. No issues of it falling out or being loose. YMMV in terms of how snug of a fit it is on your ears. You can rotate it around once in your ears to find the best fit

    • +1

      They are ok if you don't sweat much, they are not waterproof.

  • Got a pair but love it so much that I bought again. No issues with sync/distortion mentioned above.

  • I have these and imo they are excellent for everything but listening to music, which is just ok.

    My other set are senheisser momentum 2s which cost more than 3x as much. The noise cancelling isn't as good and the charging case sucks as it takes a lot of space in the pocket. But the musicality is a dream.

    I don't use the 65T since getting the momentums but they are solid buds.

  • These work great for Teams/Webex, just ordered a pair that will be my work pair. Its a pity that I can only connect two devices at a time.

  • Is 75t supposed to be better than 65t? Saw 75t on ebay for around $30-$40.

    • Yeah I saw them to. The person has sold 25 of them apparently but only has 1 feedback. If I had to take a guess I would assume there fake lol.

    • They also have apple air pods 2 which are $40 but it shows as pre owned. Maybe the jabra ones elites are preowned aswell and they forgot to mention this.

    Do you use with a Garmin watch? On your left wrist?
    Reason I ask is most wireless buds seem to have their Bluetooth receiver in the right earpiece, and if your watch (music source) is on your left wrist you get lots of cut out.

  • Have anyone used these and the Creative OUTLIER Air?
    I have mostly used Sony XM4 which are over ears. Using Creative buds was not that great experience. Buds were not comfortable to wear and I could hear myself during a phonecall.

  • Got these early on after release. Can agree with the other comments that these can be uncomfortable after wearing a while due to the earplug feeling. I have since upgraded to Huawei Freebuds Pro and they are superior in every way if you are looking for similar features. i.e Comfort, ANC, L&R single bud use, multi device connection, usb c/wireless case charging, call quality.

    • How much are Huawei freeebuds pro?, Think I saw an article endorsing these as top notch.

      • I got mine for $220. Well worth it if you can afford it as they are on par with Airpods pro if you are not in the apple ecosystem

  • This is an amazing price, I paid almost $300 for my 65Ts, I'm assuming these are as good if not better.

    I have the Airpods as well. These are VASTLY better for listening to music, nowhere near as good for taking voice calls. They aren't as comfortable as the Airpods but they'll stay in a lot more securely if you're running.

    I mostly use the Airpods for conference calls but if I'm going for a run or going out in the city I'll take these for the proper bass.

  • I have the Active version of these and they are great for doing chores around the yard. Their passive noise reduction is better than my Galaxy Buds Pro active noise cancellation when it comes to things like using a lawn mower or whipper snipper.

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