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Elgato Stream Deck XL $364.65 Delivered @ digiDIRECT


First post, so please forgive any mistakes! I've been hunting around for one of these for a while and stumbled across this very good price. RRP seems to be around $429 from most online retailers.

I snapped one up earlier this morning, free shipping, or $14.90 for express.

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    I can't wait to purchase this to handle my 2-4 people viewership.

    • Too real.

      • in the feels

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      Everyone and their pet wants to be a streamer nowadays. Why? Are we that attention starved?

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        Easy money possibly….

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          Hot tub streaming?

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            @Fluffyduck77: ….is now banned from ad revenue. Amouranth is in damage control!

      • Personally, yes. Desperately. Please like and subscribe.

    • Drop a plug I'll have a look matey

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    As someone who doesn't stream, this looks fascinating to me haha.

    • Yeah I'm sure you could use it for editing shortcuts or simulator games as well, neat device.

      • is there like a "dial" that's great for video scrubbing or making fine tune adjustments to lightrooms?

        I think microsoft had a dial thing that worked with surface?

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          yeh the "loupedeck live" might be for you. same price if you can get it on sale.

          • @robo11: fancy, thanks. will keep in mind.

            i dont suppose there's any way to turn logitech volume wheel (on keyboard such as g615) to become video scrubbers..

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    I'm not a streamer, and I LOVE my Stream Deck. It is the best and most useful hardware tool I have purchased in years!

    Having the physical buttons change their display to represent what I want them to do, and the absolute ease in programming each button's function (or a macro) is brilliant!

    I have a single bitton programmed that will open up all the programs I want opened at the beginning of a work day, and it will also position and size of each program across my multiple screens. I start my computer and then when ready I press that one button… and it's done! Another button sets me up with everything I need for a Zoom conference call - ie moves email to the side, opens PowerPoint and positions everything nicely around my screen,… all with the press of one button. The programming is super easy, all drag and drop etc.

    I have other buttons for important programs or documents etc. Although this could have been put on the desktop as shortcuts, I find this much better.

    Also, the Stream Deck can recognised which program is highlighted and show a corresponding set of buttons if you desire, eg if I open up my video editing program and the buttons on the Stream Deck automatically change to functions I need for the editing program. This could be short cuts for editing, or other things like buttons to change the colour of items in the timeline with a single press.

    The Stream Deck is not for everyone, and it is not cheap, but it is brilliant for me and I love it!

    Do a search for yourself on YouTube videos to learn more. I hope this helps anyone considering buying one.

    • this guy has taken it a step further by putting all that automation onto an NFC chip which he procs with the tap of his phone…

    • Is there no app for an ipad or tablet that already does it?

      Just curious. I like hardware too; but these seem expensive, compared to the alternative.

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    Not bad, but still $100 over the all time best prices. Historical prices here.

  • Wish there were cheaper. I'd love something like a six button one for teams call functions.

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