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[VIC] 6.6kW Jinko n-type 370W Solar Panels + 5kW Fronius Inverter Fully Installed from $3,430* ($1,580 Upfront) @ Pristine Solar


We have a special promotion with the Premium NTYPE JINKO 370W TIGER PANELS for the first 50 OzB community members who go Solar with Pristine! These panels are a part of Jinko's Premium range and come with a 30 Year performance and 20 Year Product Warranty!

Get a 6.6kW Solar PV System fully installed from $1,580 * upfront (incl. GST) after STC Rebate, Solar Victoria Rebate ($1,850), and Solar Victoria Interest-Free Loan ($1,850)!
Please Note: total cost for Solar PV System without Solar Vic Rebate & Loan is: $5,280 (incl. GST, incl. STC Rebate).

Get a detailed proposal with a suggested roof layout and savings report by emailing us ([email protected]) a copy of your electricity bill and a photo of your switchboard (with all the switches). If we are running behind on sending out the quote, please feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call on 1300 516 250. Often, delays are caused due to verifying complicated roof layouts with our in-house engineer. Please email us at [email protected] incase we miss PMs on OzBargain

What does this promotion include?

  • 18 x 370W Mono-PERC Jinko N-TYPE Tiger Ultra High-Efficiency, Half-Cut Panels (30 Year Performance Warranty and 20 Year Product Warranty)
  • 1 x 5kW Fronius Primo 5kW Inverter (10 year warranty and built in WiFi monitoring)
  • Top Quality, CEC accredited install (10 year Workmanship Warranty)
  • Customer-focused, after-sales support

Why Pristine Solar? Our Reviews on SolarQuotes

• CEC Accredited Solar Retailer Operating in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales
• All installations are completed by CEC Accredited Installers
• Business that operates with Honesty and Integrity
• After sales support
• Enticing referral program (explained below)

We are on the SolarQuotes Review page - Track our journey :)
Solar Quotes

If you have any specific Inverters or Panels, please let us know, and we are happy to work out a deal. Our range of panels include LG, Longi, REC, QCell, Seraphim. We also provide inverters which include SMA, SolarEdge, SunGrow, Growatt, Huawei and Fimer (ABB).

For more information, please contact us on 1300 516 250 or at [email protected]

Note: Deal is quoted for single-story, single-phase properties (Metro Only). Variations apply for splits, tilts, optimisers, double story, terracotta tile roof, and 3-phase properties.

Jinko Panel Datasheet
Fronius Inverter Datasheet
Our T&C's

Offer ends May 31st, until stocks last or withdrawn prior.

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  • any promotions to upgrade existing solar systems?

    • Definitely can! Shoot through an email and we'll do our best :)

  • Any NSW deals coming up?

    • One coming up shortly! Feel free to contact us to find out In advance ;)

  • 20 Year Product Warranty <— please explain more about this. thanks.

    • Manufacturing related defects

      • Afaik most of them only cover for 5 years (and +5 year from the manufaturer at most). This is definitely misleading!

        • +1

          Refers only to panels not inverter

    • Just to clarify guys, the panels have a 20 year product warranty. The inverter has a 5+5 year warranty. First 5 years covers parts and labour, second 5 years covers only parts.

  • Why do I keep seeing $0 for a 6.6kw system installed which includes government and state rebates plus state loan.
    Is there a gocernment promotion or something.

    • VIC state government giving you an interest free loan of 1850

    • Hi lerkyp,

      there are options for $0 systems upfront, for lower end panels and inverter models. Even with those deals, you still have to pay back $1,850 which is an interest free loan amount.

      Hope that helps.

      • These loans are also income tested, correct?

        • I applied for this and can confirm that as long as you have a tax return for the last financial year, you could qualify.

          From solar.Vic.gov.au

          Am I eligible for this loan?
          After the customer is approved for the solar rebate, the eligibility of loan will be contingent on the system positive cash flow i.e. the solar system is saving the customer more AUD than the loan repayment amount.

          I am a pensioner with a limited income. Am I eligible for the loan?
          Yes – there is a no limited income threshold on the applicant eligibility.

          —-hopefully this helps! Check out further FAQs in the website:

          • @JayGill: No, I mean upper limit? I believe the Vic incentives have a household income limit of $180k, I assume the loans are the same?

            • @DisabledUser100949: Haha I misunderstood. Please see below:

              Am I eligible?

              Victorian households are eligible to receive a rebate for installing a solar PV system if they meet the following criteria:

              they are the owner-occupier of the property 
              the owners have a combined household taxable income of less than $180,000 per year (based on last year’s Australian Tax Office Notice of Assessment)
              they have not already received a rebate as an owner-occupier under the Solar Homes Program
              it is an existing property, valued at under $3 million
              that the property address has not previously taken part in the Solar Homes Program
              they do not have an existing solar PV system*.

              Link: https://www.solar.vic.gov.au/solar-panel-rebate#am-i-eligibl...

              Good luck

              • @JayGill: Yes, I know the rebate is, but is the loan means tested?

                • +1

                  @DisabledUser100949: In the Am I eligible FAQ in the Loan section (my first comment), it does say - “ After the customer is approved for the solar rebate, the eligibility of loan” - if you don’t get the rebate, you don’t qualify for the loan. Call solar Vic- they will be able to answer your questions if still in doubt.

                • @DisabledUser100949: If you are eligible for the VIC solar Rebate, you will be automatically eligible for the VIC Solar Loan.

    • -2

      Trash equipment.

  • Got a promo on a 10kw system?

  • Email sent!

  • how much extra for a 2 storey townhouse?

    • $350 for double storey :)

  • +16

    Guys I would think twice about going with this mob. I’ve had a system installed by them and the number of issues I’ve had and the support I’ve received has made me sorta regret it. There is an ongoing issue with the install and the whole operation is handled by just one guy. Calls usually go to voicemail and email responses are after days.

    Their quote is cheap but if things go sideways you’re SOL, as I’ve found out.

    I’ve met stiff resistance in getting them to even discuss sorting the issue out. I wouldn’t wish this experience on anyone.

    • +6

      OP addressing all sorts of sales questions but not this one.

      • -2

        Fair point mate, however, online accusations are sometimes hard to verify, and aren't as easy to reply to. Not trying to dodge any question, but making sure we answer correctly!

    • +2

      I would like to clarify that any issue we have had with any customer, I can openly and confidently say that we do our best to sort it out immediately.

      In this customers case, the installer had pointed out a problem with the switchboard prior to the installation, and was urged by the customer to move ahead with the installation. Post install, there were issues with the inverter tripping. OPs comments say that we 'things go sideways' is an unfair accusation. We have sent 3 different electricians who have checked gone back to site to check the installation and have all confirmed that there was no installation error and that the switchboard needs to be upgraded. 1 installer who thought he identified the problem, later confirmed there was no installation error. I can confidently claim that in no other instance would a company send 3 different electricians (without a call out fee charged to the customer) after identifying no issue from the installation end. Even after this, email communication was sent to the customer to ask what he proposed to do to sort out the situation. Further to this, I would like to add that I have not even received payment or a deposit from this customer for the completed installation. Payment comes after the issue is sorted, and we are doing our best to reach a conclusion.

      We have done 100s of installations for the OZB community, and have organic reviews on both Google and Solarquotes who can vouch for us.

      I do apologise in advance if I have assumed you to be someone different, but this is the only issue on file that we are dealing with. If this is genuinely another customer, please feel free to reach out, and we have always done our best to sort out the problem asap.

      • Hi OP,

        Thank you for opening this in public so I'll not have to hold back on the details now.

        I can confidently say that there is no problem with the switchboard. The issue has started since the install. Legally you and your crew were supposed to inspect the switchboard well before the installation to advise if it is not suitable. You failed to do that and are now blaming me for your mistakes. The switchboard issue you talk about was first mention on the day on installation, by the electrician and not you - AFTER the solar panels were installed on the roof.

        'things go sideways' refers to not just the power tripping issue - let me explain:
        1. everything for the months of delay (for which you always had creative excuses),
        2. the horribly inept panel delivery (the delivery guy wouldn't off load the panels, I had to go with my house guest and load 18 huge panels off the pallet - something I didn't sign up for),
        3. the electrician who broke roof tiles despite repeated pleas to be careful and then not offering to replace it, but only offered to silicone the crack he'd created on my roof,
        4. The same electrician who low key intimidated me not to go to the ombudsman or solar victoria, claiming they'd come and just turn off the power so I'll be left in the dark,
        5. the weeks of following up I had to do behind you just so you could appropriately file the paperwork to the regulators and the energy company. Need I mention after all this, the first time you filed the papers, it was rejected by origin as it was incorrect?
        6. Literally begging for action from your side to fix the issue - you sent 3 electricians over 3 months and then claim there is no problem

        Of the 3 electricians you sent, 2 claimed there was no issue - when clearly there is (obviously biased in their opinion). The 3rd electrician found the issue (even said his inspector wouldn't pass the install) and promised me he'd advise you on how to fix the issue, but you claim he now agrees there is no fault with the install. How convenient - all the while this system trips my main on a weekly basis.

        Even Sungrow have agreed that there is an issue with the wiring if the mains are tripping. Since I have only received push back from you, I had to go do a private investigation - and I've been advised by Finn Peacock (creator of solar quotes) that this install is not up to code.

        After all this, I keep getting push back from you saying it is not your problem instead of a solution.

        we have always done our best to sort out the problem asap
        ^^ categorically incorrect

        edit: I can now confirm that the 3rd electrician reckons the install shouldn't have happened this way - he's had no change of mind and still says the install isn't kosher.

        • +2

          We have no issues highlighting any situation, as we do not believe we have anything to hide. I would like to reiterate once again that I am only responding to the points which you have highlighted and not throwing blame on any individual.

          1. Months of delays is quite an exaggeration. The solarvic application was approved as of the 23rd of Jan and we arranged for an installation on the 5th of Feb even though December to February were the most busy months for installers in the industry. Many on OZB can vouch whether they installed with us, or an other installer, there are much larger delays during this period. Secondly, the inspector who comes in for an audit is independent to Pristine Solar, and any delays in getting a certificate has nothing to do with a Solar retailer.

          2. Most of our jobs, our installer brings the panels to site, however, in your case, as you were in an urgency to get your installation done asap, and hence, we had to ship the stock prior to the installation. Once again, panel delivery is unrelated to our company. We paid the delivery company to get the panels to site prior to the installer arriving (a cost to us due to your urgency). In certain situations, customers may help out the delivery guy if he working a lone shift etc, but it is not mandatory. If you decided to help the delivery driver unload the panels into the garage, please do not turn that as a way to attack our 'service'.

          3. I would like to reiterate (as mentioned in phone conversations prior to signing - and covered in the CEC guidelines), even the best of installers break tiles on the roof. Especially in the case of an older property and tiles that could be dated 20/30 years old at-least. Please do not twist the words of our installer who only offered to silicone the 2 tiles as a temporary measure so that fresh tiles could be sourced. It is not the responsibility of the installer (when all care was taken) to find and buy new tiles. Our installer knocked through your neighbourhood to find tiles which replicated yours and sourced them for you. I can assure you once again, no other installer would do that. You are blantalty misrepresenting the situation.

          4. Once again a misrepresented statement. Nobody has threatened you in this scenario. We have not had a single dollar paid to us, whether deposit or the final invoice. Further to this, any electricians that have been sent there were out of my own pocket. The installer simply stated that the Solar PV System may be turned off until a switchboard upgrade is conducted.

          5. A mistake was made on the paperwork (notification sent by Origin on the 25th of Feb, which was rectified within a week and sent by the 2nd of March). Once again, you are misrepresenting a simple mistake into a malicious attack.

          6.) Me sending 3 electricians out of whom, 1 even spent up to an hour speaking with Sungrow on the phone, who have told me it is not an inverter fault. sungrow have not come out to site so your statements claiming that Sungrow have agreed its a wiring issue is questionable. Sungrow can only comment on whether the inverter is faulty.

          7.) Finally I would like to reiterate again, at all points I have tried to find a solution, even at this point in time. I have sent the last email asking for your thoughts on how we can fix this situation. I have not taken a single dollar from you. AND I have even asked you to forward me this 'independent report' so that I can action any findings from that report, to which you have told me that it is none of my business and that I should conduct my own investigation. I have tried to help in this situation, but rather than responding to my request of sending the independent inspection, you have posted on OZB with our 'faults'. Even now, I want to solve the situation, and I am awaiting an email reply so that we can get to a final solution.

          • @Pristine Solar:

            Our installer knocked through your neighborhood to find tiles which replicated yours and sourced them for you.

            That's laughable that you think this given you werent on site (youve never even seen this site). My wife and I ran up and down to my neighbors to source a tile before he siliconed my roof. Your installer is speaking out his rear if he said that.

            Nobody has threatened you in this scenario

            I'm the guy who was getting told this, so you cannot deny that it happened.

            single dollar paid to us, whether deposit or the final invoice

            I have been the one chasing you for an invoice so I can finalise the account!

            Sungrow can only comment on whether the inverter is faulty.

            They can also see the fault code - which says that the main has tripped hence their judgement.

            I have even asked you to forward me this 'independent report' so that I can action any findings from that report, to which you have told me that it is none of my business and that I should conduct my own investigation

            You expressed utmost confidence in your installers, and wanted to listen to them. When the 3rd electrician found issues with the install, you chose to disregard it.

            Mate the only reason we still have an issue is your lack of motivation to fix the install. You keep sending electricians to justify your claim that there is no problems with the install. This is despite your own electrician (Steve) advising otherwise.

            You keep claiming that "you respond at the earliest". I've written to you every Monday for the last 3 weeks, but you never responded until day before yesterday! Even then, your only stand is that the install is fine when it clearly is not! There is no way to get through to you mate.

            In the end, all I want is for a normal problem free system. However, due to the way the wiring has been done, my main keeps tripping. As a responsible solar installer, I need you to make sure my mains does not trip when solar is on. I'm not asking for anything special or extra. I never asked you to send 3 electricians, that was your call. From the beginning, my aim has been to have a problem free system but you seem keen on washing your hands clean of the issue and cya. There is literally no one else in your company that this issue can be escalated to.

            Just to sum up and help you understand - all I want is for a normal problem free system, which you have not given.

        • -4

          Wait you didn't have spare tiles on hand when on solar or basically any trade ever going on a roof will have in their contract that YOU have to have spare tiles? Tiles break you clown. What a giant sook.

          • @deelaroo: Not faulting that tiles broke, just stating that his solution was siliconing it in before we could source a replacement.

            • +1

              @hashtagbargain: Really scratching my head here. Did you have spare tiles on hand? No? If was me as the tradies I'd of told you too bad clear as day in contract you needed to have them. You're very lucky he even siliconed it let alone from the comments went door knocking to find spare tiles from your neighbours. And you are genuinely complaining about that? What dream world are you living in?

          • @deelaroo: Damn. Just can't believe what I saw.

  • Linked panel datasheet states

    15 Year Product Warranty
    30 Year Linear Power Warranty
    0.4% Annual Degradation Over 30 years

    Is there an updated warranty document?

    • I've updated the datasheet! Thanks for the pickup :)

  • Got email from sun current with same tiger panels and 6.6kw system with 2449* after rebate price. What’s the difference here ? Sorry new to solar thing so just wanted to know if I should go with this or sun current from OzBargain community experience. Thanks

    • Great question. Please check 2 things. Firstly, whether the panels are a P type cells or an N type cells. Secondly, check whether the inverter is Fronius.

      Happy to help further :)

      • Thanks for the quick reply so which one are the best ? I have emailed them but curious to know about it.cheers

  • Price is cheap! Do your research on post install!!!

  • We had a good experience with the install and post install support. Our little systems going great a year or so on.

    • Glad to hear your thoughts! :)

  • OP, are you still running a referral program as offered in your previous posts? If so, please update this post.

    • We aren't advertising it as we had many people trying to misuse the referral program to drive down the price repeatedly.

      However, happy to apply it case by case when you reach out to us :)

  • Mine were installed last week, all the process and getting approval was smooth, installation was nice and smooth. Delivery guy which I think are third party, put all the panels in the garage. The guys coming for install were good, as there is a lot of dew in the morning, they had to spend a couple of hours to dry the tiles, but completed the install nicely. Nothing I can complain about. Hope it helps someone to decide.

    I cancelled my quote for solar rebate from another provider when I saw their previous offer on Ozbargain…..

    • Thank you for your kind words :)

  • Email sent.

    • Please feel free to give us a call to hurry up the process as we have quite a few email to get through!

      Thank you for your patience :)

  • Have sent you an email!

    • +1

      Please feel free to give us a call to hurry up the process as we have quite a few email to get through!

      Thank you for your patience :)

  • Hi Pristine Solar, interested in purchasing. I just wanted to ask, my daily usage is 20kWh, with 50% being used at night. Is this system enough to cover that? Do I need a battery too?

    • Unless you have a battery, you won't be using the power generated from the panels at night… also, the credits you receive won't cover the cost of grid power

  • Just sent you the email. Cheers

  • Any ozbargainers had theirs installed from this mob? The only negative review (from above) is making me hesitate but obviously, you'll only hear from the ones that had bad experiences.

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