This was posted 11 months 30 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Optus Huawei E3372 USB 4G Modem $19.50 (Was $39) @ Big W


Bought one from Officeworks recently and can confirm they are unlocked. Not sure of the stock in Big W.

May work with Officeworks price beat.

The modem comes with 4 GB of start-up data so you can start using your device straight away.

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  • I bought 2 last year and both were unlocked as well. They didn't even have any Optus branding on them.

  • Can these have devices connect over wifi if connected to a USB power bank or only a USB device directly?

    • It mentioned on the link, that it's for one device. So I assume it is to be connected to the UDB port of the device

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      Nope, but works great in conjunction with these:

    • No, it's a modem, not a router with WiFi.

      You can stick it into a router with WiFi. You can also get wifi routers are small and battery powered.

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          This version (E3372) does not have wifi.

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            @0jay: Thanks for confirming. Thank goodness I didn’t buy one. I feel like @RedHab is either trolling or has a completely different model

            • @jayboi: It looks like an E8372 which is a wingle

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          I was wrong, sorry. I confused the E3372 with the E8372

          • @RedHab: Confirming this applies to both the 607 and 608 variants.

            Like I said, it's just a 4G modem, but you are able to plug it into a portable WiFi router.

  • Does anyone know if this will work to be used as Wifi hotspot if I connect it to the USB port of the Netcomm NF19ACV router?
    As I have this router as a spare, I want to use this 4g USB modem so that I can use it to use the internet over wifi on multiple devices.

    Basically, I'd like to know if this dongle can be connected to any wireless router which has a USB port for internet sharing?

    • It should work.
      My E3372 is plugged in a USB port of Asus AC86 router, plus Felix Sim card. You got a replacement for NBN.

      • Did you just plug and play? Or are there setting changes to fiddle with?
        I’m thinking of ditching nbn and using felix too

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          Plug and play straight away. No frills.
          I've been using E3372+AC86*2(wired backhaul)+Felix combination for two months now as NBN replacement. I must say it turns out better than I expected.

    • It can be connected to any USB WiFi routers with compatible firmware.

  • It was on sale at Coles for $15, I bought 2 weeks ago, not sure still has for the same price. It is unlocked and I tried with AC68 and works.

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    It's $19.5 at Officeworks too so no price beat.

    BTW the spec at says this modem does not have 700(B28)-4G or 850-3G so may not work well with Telstra? Even Optus uses B28 for 4G as well I thought…

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      The Optus version has 4G 700MHz. So it works with Optus 700MHz network.
      But Telstra's 700MHz is shaped to work with Telstra modem only. SO for most Non Telstra modems, even they are 700MHz compatible, they will still not work with Telstra's 700MHz network.

      • Just curious how does Telstra shape their network differently?

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    Currently the Optus E3372 modem on sale are all white box in Optus sleeve. This is Huawei E3372-608.
    Although this modem has no network lock, but the Optus firmware on it block Telstra sim.
    So you can NOT use Telstra sim in this modem.
    It works with all other sims including Telstra's resellers such as Aldi, woolworths etc. But not Telstra itself.

    Otherwise if you can find version E3372-607, that's a red box inside Optus sleeve. This version works with all sims including Telstra

    • Thank you for this information. I've been trying for quite a while to use my telstra sim in this, most people seemed to suggest just changing the APN but wouldn't work. Confused as to why it would work with MVNO's and not telstra?

      • I used a Telstra data sim in mine both of mine for almost a year with no issues.

        • The 308 model?

          • @corky: Just had a look and it's the 607 model.

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              @WatchNerd: Ok thanks, that seems to be the issue

    • Got one from Officeworks E3372h-608 model(white). I am trying to get it working with a Boost sim by changing the APN. No luck, Any pointers? Is anyone able to use it with a Boost sim?

  • Do you add a new sim in to top it up? Can it be done without giving personal details?

    I have a router that can accept it.

    • What kind of personal details are you worried about? Pretty well any provider requires ID and payment details/CC to register a SIM

      • was just thinking it could be pre-paid and not tied to me

        • Even prepaid SIM activation requires ID confirmation by law.

  • Hi I tried using the telstra sim without any luck. Optus gave me an imei unlock code but I am not sure where to enter it. I feel ozbargain would have a better idea then the help desk. I tried with a vodafone sim and it works. Does anyone know if the telstra 4g modems are unlocked?

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