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[VIC] Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie Scotch Whisky 700mL $65 @ Liquorland (Select Stores)


On sale for $65 at Liquorland. Normally $104.99 at Dan's. Unsure if nation wide.

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  • you need to modify your deal & incorporate a link to the product and liquorland

    • The link is kind of irrelevant because it's not available online.

      • it is available online…its just that its priced at $99
        the deal now links to liquorland under related stores so someone thought it was a good idea to update the deal
        also how else are we supposed to know that the Alcohol Content is 50.0%! ;)

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          I'm talking about the deal here not the product. A link to a website where you cannot purchase the product at the bargain price is not helpful. Linking the deal to other Liquorland deals makes sense though.
          The picture show's the alcohol content ;)

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    What state and suburb was this at?

  • This Bruichladdich was amazing if you haven’t tried - $219 though:


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    This was in Gisborne in Vic. I don't include a link as it's not available online. Looks to be in-store only.

    Dan's still has it up for $104

  • Thanks OP

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    I may have bought 2 bottles :))

  • One of my favourites, happily bought a bottle at $100.
    I did notice these were cheap at some liquorland but they price is entirely store dependent.

  • Just checked at a Liquorland Rowville (3178), $99 on the shelf…

    • Dang..

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    I work at a LL in SEQ, they're going hard with pushing deleted lines out before EOFY. Compared to last year, it's mostly spirits that have gotten aggressive markdowns (so far at least, though there are marked down wines).

    Prices and products will always vary from store to store, but here's a bunch on EOFY sales at mine (Capalaba):

    Wandering Distillery Gin - $45
    Verano Lemon Gin - $25
    Tanqueray Rangpur - $50
    Beefeater Gin - $39
    Mountain Gin - $55
    Vickers Pink Gin - $38
    Pampelle - $20 (this was allocated to us, so I'm assuming a lot of other stores received stock too)
    Giniversity Gin - $50
    Garden Crown Gin - $40
    Smirnoff Infusions - $20
    Ketel One 20% lines - $30
    Chambord - $35
    Conquistador Tequila - $30
    Barbaresso Ouzo - $35
    Aerstone Land Cask - $40
    Bruichladdich Classic - $65
    Limeburners - $70
    Cinzano lines - $14

    Mostly top shelf gins currently, coles liquor was a bit too optimistic with how hard they went in on top shelf gins after they came back in to popularity

    • Last year before EOFY in SEQ I was buying loads of clearance scotch from all of the Coles liquor stores - this year haven't really noticed much.

  • Kenmore Village in Brisbane had 2 left