New IKEA Ladda Batteries Are in Stock at Springvale

As some of you are aware the white Ikea Ladda made in Japan batteries have been discontinued, which is why they are on clearance at some stores.
A lot of people were speculating that the new ones would be inferior non-Japanese cells, however the new ones arrived at Springvale today and are Japanese made.
I’m not sure if these are introductory prices or regular price.

The ones I saw were not white and are -
700mAh AAA $6
1900mAh AA $6.50
2450mAh AA $10

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    The packaging on the 750mAh AAA and 1900mAh AA batteries note they can be recharged up to 1000 times. The new 2450mAH AA can be recharged 500 times.

    Would be interesting to see what’s actually under the IKEA label.

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      Since they’re made in Japan they will be out of the same factory as eneloops and the old made in Japan Laddas as there is only one nimh factory there, unless something changed recently.

      I’d be surprised if there was much difference between the old and new 2450mAh.

  • what colour are the new batteries?

    • I’m not really sure, I think the 2450mAh are a greenish-grey colour.

  • How much difference does 550mAh make?

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    Here are some pictures of the packaging for the new batteries. They don’t seem to be up on IKEA’s site yet.

    2450 mAh AA
    - Front
    - Back

    1900 mAh AA
    - Front
    - Back

    750 mAh AAA
    - Front
    - Back

    • Nice work, I didn’t get a chance to get any pics.
      Yeah, the guy said they only just went on the shelf this morning and they weren’t on the website yet, he was taking photos of them for some reason but it didn’t look like anything that would be suitable for the website.

    • Thank you!

  • So the AAA are decreasing by 200mAh, from 900 —> 700.

    • Yeah it’s a loss of about 17% capacity but at least IKEA compensates that with a 53% price drop ($12.99 vs. $6).

      Just the hassle of changing batteries a bit more often but you can buy two packs now for about the same price? They must’ve thought it’s a reasonable trade off for most people.

      The relatively low sticker price really does make it appealing for the mainstream who might not otherwise consider rechargeable batteries. Hopefully not just an introductory price.

      I’m just glad the new ones are still made in Japan.

  • how much is the charger?

    • There are a few charges. I bought the 8x charger for $25 a few days ago and I'm happy with it. It will charge any amount up to eight, no need to charge in pairs. It is slow, but that can be a good thing for charging batteries.

  • I picked up two AA packs today and there are plenty left! 2450 and Japanese made, still $8.99. Logan, Slacks Creek.

  • So unles you really need high drain cell, the new AA 1900mAh pack is actually cheapest, per mAh the 1900mAh is actually 22.5% cheaper and last twice as long.

  • FYI Richmond VIC have the old AAs on sale at $10.49. The new ones aren't on the shelf yet.

  • Can we use the IKEA charger to charge Eneloop AA or AAA?

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      Yes, they’re the same chemistry. In fact the Japanese Ladda more than likely come from the same factory as Eneloops since there is supposedly only one NiMh factory in Japan.

    • Looks like the colouring of the 2450 has changed.