Changing Flights with Virgin if One Traveller Is Sick

I've booked a Business Rewards seat to fly domestically with Virgin in the next couple weeks. It'll just be me and my 6 month old baby.

Just worried about my baby getting sick prior to travel. Virgins fare rules state that if a traveller is experiencing any kind of COVID symptom then they 'should not fly'. Does anyone know if this happens, eg if baby has a runny nose, then will Virgin allow me to reschedule the flight free of charge?


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    You're overthinking it, just take the flight

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    Does anyone know if this happens

    Flew them recently and no checks you at all. Virgin isn't even given you the personal safety pack and certainly squashing you in if the flight is full. Middle seat is in full use.


    Thanks guys much appreciated. Wasn't sure how strict they are with these things at this time so your info helps a lot

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    So why did you book the flight in the first place without checking out the conditions of flight??


      I did check the conditions prior to booking, but it's a bit vague when they say "should not fly" rather than "cannot fly".


    If in doubt and your little one has the sniffles give them nurofen before you leave. Works with school and childcare with us for years. Knowing full well we will get covid before our little one. Sometimes people are just taking the pess.


    Anyone with a child will know and understand.


    I'm pretty sure what I wrote is right but there's lots of differing pieces of information on the website. :-(

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      Found it:

      Flight Cancellations
      Cancellation Flexibility

      For Reward Seat bookings

      For travel up to 31 January 2022, we’ll waive cancellation fees for cancellations made by the travel date or 31 January 2022 (whichever is earlier).

      The Points used for your booking will be refunded to your Velocity Frequent Flyer account. If your booking was paid in part by credit card, this portion of your booking will be refunded to original form of payment. Refunds will be processed within 21 business days.

      Refund amounts exclude booking and credit card fees.

      So you can cancel for any reason - possibly even through the website but allow several hours to give the service desk a call if things go wrong.

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        Wow thank you so so much!! This puts my mind at ease.


          Just got a message from them and it sounds like the by the travel date may be significant and they may want cancellations by midnight the day before flight. I'll be holding firm for a little because I want Jetstar (carrier for my other flight that trip) to do a bit better than their default offer.