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Extra 30% off Outlet Items (Stacks with Existing up to 50% off Offer) @ adidas (Ultraboost from $100.80)


Edit - 25% cashback via Cashrewards

Basically an extension of the existing Clickfrenzy deal.

Free delivery with no minimum spend for adidas members - membership is free.

Expect an upsized cashback offer to stack with this deal on the 25/5.

Ultraboost shoes from $100.80 delivered.

Full T&Cs

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  • Edit: misread that as stacking on top of click frenzy deal

  • Looks like it'll work in NZ as well.

    Hopefully they fix the Creators Club issue by then. Can't get free shipping @ Adidas NZ.

  • The shoe I wanted does not have my size. Does buying 0.5 size smaller than usual make a big difference?

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      Unless you know for certain the shoe runs large, I wouldn't.

    • Ultraboost pretty stretchy upper material so probably not

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      I wouldn't. I bought my normal 8 for Ultra and it was too tight. I needed to go up .5

      Unless you can try the shoe elsewhere before buying I don't think I'd take that gamble especially not on Ultras.

    • Better buy half a size larger, and wear thicker socks off you find them too roomy.

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    'Cashreward30' did not work for me but 'CLICKFRENZY' was applied by Honey to give 30% off at checkout.

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      Starts tomorrow bud.

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        Whoops I read it as the code would work today but the cash back offer would not start until tomorrow!

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      Just a note re Honey. Your transaction will always be attributed to them if you have the plug-in active, and cashback will not track to any cashback partner. If you donโ€™t use any cashback service, then fine. If you do however, this is now the number one reason for non tracking, and unfortunately claims will be declined by our merchant partners. Honey is an affiliate that earns commission through sales, just like CR & SB. Thanks.

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        I have the Honey extension tucked away in my extensions bar and it hasn't yet gotten in the way of cashback tracking, knock on wood. Do you mean to say that any interaction with the extension in any way (applying coupons, earning Honey Gold) will definitely attribute cashback to them, because I don't believe that simply having an extension active (i.e. not disabled or greyed out) will mess things up. If that were the case, my Cashrewards and ShopBack extensions would fight to the death every time I made a purchase.

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        Thanks for the tip about honey, I will use two different computers and compare which offers the best deal - one with honey and one with Shopback and Cashrewards.

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    Soooo it's either use the CLICKFRENZY code which expires at midnight tonight, or tomorrow use this cashback for the same amount?

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      "Expect an upsized cashback offer to stack with this deal on the 25/5."

  • What's the cashback going to be?

  • My order from the 18th still has not been packed let alone been shipped yet. So don't expect fast delivery.

    Also too bad that the ultraboost 21 is a minger with no good colour ways. Triple black just hides the ugliness and not on sale
    UB20 is better looking and had the cool NASA colour ways etc

    • Chat them and ask where it is. I did it last week cos I need my delivery for birthday presents. And straight after I chatted (even though they said still getting packed), I got the email from Aus Post and itโ€™s express delivery coming today.

  • I got an email from Adidas

    Spend $150, get a $40 voucher for June.

    Edit: my bad: adidas US

    Anyone else?

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    Seriously, can you even call yourself an Ozbargainer if you dont have a couple of pairs of past season Ultraboosts in the wardrobe!

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    Stupid code doesn't work! Oh, I see, it's active tomorrow.

  • Thanks OP. I got a pair of Ultraboost 5 for $100 after using the clickfrenzy coupon too

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    Can't buy any more Adidas, my home is acting like an Adidas warehouse now.

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    ๐Ÿ‘Ÿ๐Ÿ‘Ÿ๐Ÿ‘Ÿ Ozbargain and adidas should collaborate and make an Ultraboost shoe. I'll buy! ๐Ÿ‘Ÿ๐Ÿ‘Ÿ๐Ÿ‘Ÿ

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      In OzBargain Orange Colourway?

      • Orange ozb stripes

  • Just had the Ultraboost 21's from my order last week cancelled, the rest has just shipped.
    Hopefully I'll be able to get a pair of them this time!

  • Code is working now .. thanks OP just used clickfrenzy

  • Thanks OP, just ordered a pair of ultraboost with code CASHREWARDS30 and 15% cashback :)

  • $900 down to $378, Total Saving $ 522. Thanks OP

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      Ummm… your sums donโ€™t add up

      • 378+522=900, no?
        I just copied them from the tax invoice, lol

  • Thanks bought a pair of UB 4s

  • Sorry but how do I add the Cashrewards discount? I am a member but yet to use them. Thanks.

  • OP, is the upsized cashback 15%?

  • Whatโ€™s the best way of getting it tracked? Desktop or mobile app?

  • Silly question, Iโ€™m already using the app, have an account and creator pass but still showing shipping as $8.50. How do I get the free shipping? Cheers

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    Thanks OP
    finally bought UB 21

    $117.60 - $26.73 = $90.87 shipped

  • cashrewards says 25%? whats the deal?

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    Woah, I think Adidas really want to clear up their stock. It just keeps getting cheaper, maybe if we wait a week more it'll be free.

    • Let me know when that day happens.

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    I'm guessing the 25% cashback is on the final price after 30% off?

  • Not many color options left. Any other recommendation if not Ultraboost? Also, does cashback work with the first purchase discount promo of Adidas?

  • Thanks OP, I saved heaps!

  • How do we get free shipping?

  • I'm just gonna say it…ultraboost = fugly

  • if part of your order is cancelled by Adidas does that void the whole transaction for cashback ?

  • Received my shoes today, they are beautiful!