Is MyDNA Testing Worthwhile?

Looking at buying a MyDNA testing kit

Has anyone used this product or similar?
Were the results useful to you - or generic mumbo jumbo?
Thank You

Motivation for use:

  • I just turned 50 and hitting that middle age wall of less energy, lower testosterone(?) etc
  • Itchy skin at times which may be food related (?)
  • Used to have IBS years ago but less now I have much reduced wheat in my diet - Wondering if other diet changes may assist generally
  • I have a couple of prescription medications
  • General curiosity and geek factor

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    Do you want to investigate for health reasons or for family history/research reasons?


      Good question - I will add detail above

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          Or maybe a qualified doctor?

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    I haven't done this but know of others who have DNA testing. In all the cases of people I spoke to they were happy to have had it done. But I think it depends on your reasons for wanting to do a DNA test as barbarella says.

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    I thought we can't get health related info from DNA testing in Australia due to regulation, at least with 23andme.


      Yeah that's what I came across when I wanted to buy a kit during black friday sales last year.

      There might be a way around it by waiting till next in USA or something and do it then and post it in country.

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      Yeah, the TGA is overzealous.

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    It looks like they will refer you to their additional cost bits. They do not have much technical info on exactly what they give you back. The cost is very cheap and as such I would be hesitant to do it. As a reference the DNA ancestry price is $129…

    I would go to your doctor and ask if there is a proper medical test or DNA test that will give you what you want.


    If doing it for family research be prepared for the skeletons that will come out of the closets :/

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    Did you consult a GP about your health concerns? Did you have a full blood check up?


      Yes - every 3 months - nothing significant yet
      GPs don't consult much on dietary, minor skin irritations etc. though

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    You can get certain genetic tests done via your GP which relate specifically to medical conditions, assuming you have some symptoms or family history.

    The 'ancestry' ones are junk. There's news stories where they had identical twins do the same test and even with the same provider they got wildly different results.

    Keep in mind that genetic testing without symptoms can be a bit misleading, eg, there are some conditions where 95% of people that have the condition have a certain gene, but that gene might be in 10% of the population and only .001% of people have the condition. So the error rate on the genetic test alone is almost 100% false positives. Basically for most things we are at the point where genetic testing helps confirm diagnosis rather than being able to make them.

    These things are really good at solving historical crimes though. You never know which relative actually did something dodgy 20 years ago!


    If you can afford it and it makes you feel good go for it.

    However as others have said a visit to your GP for a good check over including blood tests will be of more value than what could be nothing more than mumbo jumbo and widely inaccurate in your case.


    The kit from the pharmacy costs $90
    Not expensive
    Yes it may have limited value but if I take the advice with a grain of salt it is probably worthwhile
    Going to proceed and report back
    See you on the other side!

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      Looking forward to your update.