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Lasoo Launches Social Component uLasoo and Give Away 100% of Google Ads to Users


uLasoo has just launched and they are letting users run their own Google ads on the items they submit :)

you can post straight out of Lasoo too with one button.

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  • Gee. They must have just been launched — DNS at home is not resolving u.lasoo.com.au yet!

    I actually have a mixed feeling about Lasoo launching its own community sharing site, competing in the same space as OzBargain and a few other independent sites. Well, all the best! At the same time I can imagine how Lasoo/Salmat with all their advertising budget can oppress many less-funded sites in the same space.

    Oh well.

    • LOL! Although I think he prefer duck tape than paper clip…

  • Voted down - hope not many people know about it (and let OzBargain rule!!) lol :)

    • LOL! When Lasoo first launched, their ads were on every second bus. They certainly has the budget to do the same again with this one…

    • I love oz bargain - it the best!!!

  • Interesting, most of the new bargains posted are copies of what is here, while we know bargains are shared from many sources, the way they have set up encourages others to take postings from here and post in lasoo.

    My concern with that is as they offer adsense reward if I post here then some person takes this and gets rewarded if they post on lasoo.

    While its a free market it sorta sucks and encourages greed rather than sharing for the sake of sharing, sorta like some used to do here just to win prizes

  • I think the ad-sense thing is going to work negative. It will bring down even genuine deals as it becomes personal promotion then a deal.

  • Yeah, there are schools of thought that make this go both ways - I mean, I'm sure content would be worse on Wikipedia if the let people run ads. This talk on TED covers how collaborative mechnisms work

    http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/howard_rheingold_on_colla..., the economics of it and how "the man" can poison social networks, and hence they don't work.

    However, in this case they are actually being anti-greed aren't they - rewarding people commesurate with their efforts?

    • I blogged about it yesterday. It has already been trialed by RetailMeNot.com, but if you look at RMN's AdSense thread you'll find that it is actually not that easy to get an AdSense account these days, if you don't already own a website. Yes, setting up a blog on Blogger.com, and write a few entries each week for a month — it will probably get you one. But it is far from "rewarding everyone who contributed".

      As of greed might taint the content — I think it is possible but I don't think it is a big issue if controlled properly. Our weekly competition over here at OzBargain also had bad experience in the past, where someone would vote down other people's deals and promote theirs so they can win the contest. But then again every community has trolls…

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