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[RAC, Pre Order, WA] Apple TV 4K - 32GB (2nd Gen) $235.60 + Shipping (Free Click and Collect) @ Retravision


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    Inb4 “what can this do that my TV/Chromecast/Potato can’t do?” comments get posted for the millionth time.

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      -Auto calibration
      -Switching display of your Macs , iMacs & iPads wirelessly and single click to the TV
      -Apple Music Lossless when using an external DAC
      -Apple TV - Dolby Atmos support etc
      -Ability to watch the video / movie whatever, using wireless headphone x 2 (apple headphones or not doesn't matter)
      -Spatial audio for Apple products
      -Ability to pair with Playstation remote like BT remotes for arcade gaming
      -Run Apple Fitness+ on your TV while you follow exercises and instructions and connect directly to your Apple Watch
      if most of the above don't matter to you, then yes "this can do nothing extra that your TV/Chromecast/Potato can’t do" (especially potato, coz at least you can eat it, dont try to eat this device, won't end up well)

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        You get that my post was sarcastic right and I wasn't actually asking? But kudos for the good explanation.


      Can confirm, Apple TV is not delicious when deep fried.

      Also very expensive when you factor in the trip to the hospital.

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    I bought one of these yesterday. I already had a previous 4k one and i have to say the new one has way better colour. I bought one because i needed a second for a different tv and thought it would be interesting to compare. Colour had better saturation, video quality was a bit better and right to left transitions were much better.

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      How would it have better colour? Same video decoder and filters used. Both have HDR support. Digital stream through HDMI.


        New one has a supposed better calibrator for colour using the sensors in your iphone. So I imagine it is making things like calibrating the TV better for people that don't find that easy to do?


        at the very least it has a faster processor so can do better hdr decoding.

        apart from that out of the box the image was better. clearly better.


      Also, try using the colour balance feature, if you have an iPhone. Worked really well for me.


      Your TV must have been incorrectly calibrated? The TV should be the point of calibration, not the external devices right?


        probably should be but my comparison was before any calibration so that is a moot point.

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    i'm just amazed Retrovision still exists


    What's the clever way of watching things I've downloaded on this whilst keeping HDR/Atmos/Whatever intact?

    TV is a B7.


    If you have HomePods, they can be used as a sound bar with this new Apple TV. so you can use the HomePods for regular tv or PS5/Xbox

    you do need eARC on your tv HDMI