Anyone with Access to Samsung Education Portal Willing to Look up Some Pricing?

Hey all,

I'm in the market for a new phone. I don't currently have access to the Samsung education portal so I'm not sure just how good their pricing is. I was wondering if someone with access was able to look up a couple prices for me before I see what I can do to get access. Thanks! I was hoping to know the price for:

S21+ 256GB
S21 Ultra 256GB

Thanks all.

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    From the government store (ed prices should be the same or slightly lower):

    S21+ 256GB


    S21 Ultra 256GB


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    From actual edu store:
    S21+ 256GB (5G) $1219.20
    S21 Ultra 256GB (5G) $1459.20

    Doesn't look like there are 4G versions of S21. Happy to help w/ no fee if you're looking to buy.

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      It looks like they are throwing in a wireless charger with the purchase of those models for the next few days on education portal. According to the T&C offer seems to end on 11:59pm (AEST) 26 May 2021.
      UV Steriliser with wireless charging - White - GP-TOU020SABWW


      Ah awesome. That's not insignificant. Tells me it's at least worth trying to get one at those prices.

      Thanks so much.


        Maybe look into buying an el cheapo samsung phone and immediately trading it in to get the cashback when it next comes up.


          Thanks guess I'll need to see if I can find a good condition, cheapy on gumtree that Samsung accept for trade. And I've only got 2 days to do it :'D