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[NSW, VIC] Jetstar Flight Voucher $50-$500 Lucky Dip @ Central and Flinders St Railway Stations


For 24 hours from 6am, commuters will have the opportunity to snap and scan QR codes on certain screens throughout both railway stations, with some codes redeemable for Jetstar flight vouchers. Commuters can ‘catch the JQ17’ plane as it flies across the ‘big screen’ at each station – redeeming flights that span $50-$500.

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  • Did the QR code work for you?

  • Is anyone able to take a photo of the QR code and put it in here?

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      Try this if you want. Didn't seem to be working for anyone while I was there

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        QR worked, but already says "You missed the flight!".

        • Good to know. I was there for about 10 minutes and it played at least two different codes, judging from the photos I got

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        Thank you so much! Mine said I won a $500 gift card, so it doesn't seem to have 'expired', just by chance. Thank you again!

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          Wow that's cool if true. Enjoy

        • if you share your URL then we all get the $500

          • @eckers19: I assume the URL is all the same, the website likely assigns 1-10 random winners every hour or so.

        • Did you go in station? I tried all the QR codes and it says I missed that flight..

      • thank you . yesterday i won $100 Flight Voucher using your code ..

  • Only 70 commuters across both cities will win the price pool of up to $10k.

    Have to be quite lucky to get this it seems, need to be in the right place at right time.

    • Do you reckon that means it's just for the first person to see each advert? Pretty scabby amount from a big company. Especially when it's $10,000 credit, probably only costing them $5,000

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        Nah it costs them $10k. 1k operational costs, 9k CEO bonus.

      • Tax write off.

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    This seems more a competition than a deal

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    Making people rush and crowd around the CBD, whilst we now have 4 active

    Slow Clap Jetstar, Slow Clap

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      Dumb Ways to Fly

  • Anyone willing to share a screenshot of the QR Code?

    • Tried that, got a message "You missed the flight"

    • Try these if you like. Someone apparently had success earlier

      QR code 1
      QR code 2

      • Any tips on reading these? Tried QR reading apps and no luck :(

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          My phone couldn't but apparently others have better software

  • Damn missed that flight :(

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    How's the situation at the stations? Are there hoards of people trying to take the code?

    • Yep. There have been at least 20 around the Chalmers St billboard at Sydney Central Station all three times I've been past

      • Do you know how often the QR comes up?

        • Every 30 seconds

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  • if a person wins, i assume if they share there URL we all win

    • I think they're unique.

      • worth a shot

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    Go to https://www.jetstar17.com/design-file/ . It will give you a form to enter your contact details. Next page says "Thank you for flying with Jetstar! You’ll receive your voucher in the next 48 hours Enjoy your flight!".

    I've received an email saying "Congratulations! You caught the flight. In the next 48 hours we will send a follow up email with a Jetstar voucher to access your flight. Enjoy your flight!!"

    Doubt they will end up sending me anything, but worth a try.

    • Bugger. Tried it but link not opening for me

    • the link doesnt work! tried several browsers :-(

  • How do i post the video of the QR code

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    thank you . i won a $100 Flight Voucher ..