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Free HPE Veeam T-Shirt Delivered (Company Email & Private Browser Mode Required) @ Veeam


Clicking on the OP link will just redirect you back to Ozbargain. To access this deal, right click on the OP link and select "Open link in incognito window". Alternatively, copy the following URL into the address bar of a Private Browser Mode Tab -


Edit - here is the shirt that will be sent out.
Full credit to Wakrak.

Why spend money purchasing something from Adidas when you can wear a free Veeam tshirt and be the cool cat on the block!

Mine has already arrived from the last deal so it looks like delivery is much faster than the first time.

How to claim (credit Wab)

Go to Deal
Enter your detail
Check e-mail and follow the link to create a Veeam account
You should receive a Veeam confirmation e-mail
After a little while, you should receive a third e-mail with a personalised T-shirt redemption link

When will I get my free T-shirt?

  • The shirts will be shipped within three to six weeks. We are constantly working to ship the T-shirt as fast as possible.
  • Recipients should receive order updates with tracking information once it ships.
  • Any shipping delays due to COVID-19, inventory back-orders or unforeseen border restrictions are still possible.

What if my size is not available anymore?

  • We only offer sizes S – 2XL. New sizes won’t be available later.
  • If a size is listed as out-of-stock, we suggest that recipients select another size.
  • Due to the high level of demand, we cannot guarantee that a certain size will be available at the time of ordering.
  • We are constantly monitoring our inventory, but supplies are limited.

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  • +14

    I haven't received any of the previous ones yet

    • MIne just arrived last week in NZ.

    • +4

      I haven't received mine yet and I wasn't sent a tracking link either.

      • +1

        Same on this. I recieved a "swag bag" from them by signing up to a different offer but not the t-shirt yet

        • Same, but not that fussed

    • I got mine a month or so ago.

    • +1

      I received the grass green shirt a while ago, an aqua green shirt last week, and a swag pack today (pen, stickers, ball, fidget spinner, ruler, neck gaiter, etc)

    • I got mine a few weeks ago

    • I have just received the previous t shirts. They come from the US so be patient mate!

    • I have received mine last week from Colorado US

  • Link not working for me

    • Read instructions. Firefox worked for me as browser…

      • +1

        Worked for me later … instructions came in after I added comments :)

  • +2

    Link bounces back to OzBargain when I use chrome filled with adblockers. Works for me on Edge though.

    • Yea same. I think they are onto us!
      copy the link manually so its not redirected from OZB:

      • +3

        What the? It still redirects me.
        Had to go into Guest Mode on Chrome.

        • +1

          once you click the link on the deal its too late, have to clear cookies!

        • +1

          You can type "ctrl+shift+N" when in chrome browsser and then copy paste the link bongo shared above to that. Easy

    • +2

      Yep, same here. Edge did the trick, though, so I guess it's useful for something.

  • Mine was received last week, VIC AU.

    *COVID paranoid - wash before wearing

  • It redirects back to OZB

    • see above post

    • You can type "ctrl+shift+N" when in chrome browsser and then copy paste the link bongo shared above to that. Easy

  • +2

    Searched for "Free HPE Veeam T-Shirt" in incognito mode and it worked.

    • This
      I tried with regular browser and it redirects to OzBargain for some reason

    • It didn't ask me for address just name state and email

      Nevermind got the email

  • the catch: got signed up to a mailing list with no unsubscribe button, didn't even think that was legal

    • +3
      • thanks, I made a rule to junk the messages but might pursue this

    • mark email as SPAM & block sender via email client?

      • Unsubscribing is easier

    • +2

      That's because you ticked the box that said

      Yes, I want to receive information about Veeam products and events. I can unsubscribe at any time.

  • +2

    T-shirts are not good shrink in the wash . If you are L buy XL. Don't pollute the environment

    • exactly, mine shrink as well. I ordered S, I should have ordered L

  • Was able to register in incognito mode. Thanks OP

  • Got three out of four (four employees, one missed out)

  • +2

    Got email 15 minutes later.

    Here's the front of the shirt.
    Here's the back

    • +2

      I might even wear this one out side of the house.

      • mate we all wear ONLY outside (At least8 me)

    • +1

      Awesomeness, this time looks gorgeous

  • Worked for me and I received the previous deal last week
    The IBM one is good quality as well

  • Thanks OP, even though I'm already registered for this event I don't recall seeing anything about a free T-Shirt.

  • I got my tees last week too; its nice, as OP mentioned, this time it was a very quick delivery within 2-3 weeks I got (Believe within 2 weeks)

  • Got the previous one. Was v bright but a fun tshirt! Keep these coming, love some merch shipped to my house

    • Yes last one was great, nice green unlike the previous one which was vauge. This time it looks good with full sleeves, someone posted image above

  • Link isn't working : (

    • don't know why but it just redirects back to ozbargain.

      • +1

        Checked above comments. Works using Chrome Incognito mode.

        • It doesn't work in incognito, hwoever, pasting the bongo's link in incognito only works

    • Try in incognito with adblock disabled: https://www.veeam.com/hpe-discover-2021.html

    • +11

      I'm wearing a Veeam shirt right now so if it's a scam it's not a very good one

      • +1

        Can confirm, wearing the slick green variant they most recently sent. Get them every time,

        • +1

          Maybe I didn't sell out my business hard enough. I provided a self hosted personal email domain
          [email protected]

          • @Levity: I'm [email protected]***.co, it still worked for me. Unsure why you are missing out - do you have any hard core spam filters set on your hosting for your email?

            Mine is hosted through google accounts; so uses standard gmail filtering and i get the click this link to order your shirt.

        • +3

          wore mine yesterday.
          wife - "whats veeam?"
          me - "cloud something something technology something no idea"

          • @WillisAU: I'm sadly always wearing free shirts. I don't care too much about my appearance of course :D.

            It's embarrassing when you get pulled up on your shirt though in public. Was wearing a freebie destiny 2 shirt from eb games in coles the other day and young girl stopped me asking was the shirt a destiny 2 shirt, wanted to know where i got it from; wanted to buy her partner one. So embarassing explaining its freebie clothing :D

            • +1

              @MorriJ: Could've made money by selling her the shirt off your back!

  • Got mine from the last deal too. It's a bit bright but good enough for the price.

  • says business email, sure I use gmail for business but will that be accepted?

    answer "Email is invalid. Please enter your business email using the following format: "[email protected]"

    • Won't allow gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc Needs to be a business domain.

      • +1

        It accepted my self hosted personal email but I didn't get a shirt
        Maybe I didn't sell out my business hard enough. I provided a self hosted personal email domain
        [email protected]

  • I dont see xtra small. but happy with small

  • Received mine last week in Perth

  • +7

    Found a way to redeem this shirt if you don't have a company email address. I've tested this method and it works. Full credit to Cheapies.

    1) Register an account with Bulc.club
    2) Set up a forwarding email address. I used my gmail account.
    3) Use the bulc.club email address to sign up for the t-shirt.


    • Makes you register for a Veaam account with no mention of a free shirt

  • I got the previous one but this one with dragon looks much better. Is it possible to get another one?

  • +3

    I have ordered this in previous promotion and have never received it :(

  • would this be the same green tee shirt i got from the last Veeam/IBM promo?

    • black with green dragon writing

    • Nah, this one is long sleeved and black.

  • Got one, thanks OP :)

  • thanks op. good shirts :P

  • +1

    Definitely better looking shirt compared to the previous green one 😚 thanks!

  • I received my shirt. It's the thinnest material ever. Don't expect much.

    • this one looks betters

  • Nice shirt with a dragon on it! Thanks for this great deal!

  • +1

    Got a green one from a previous deal, surprisingly decent tshirt. Might start a veeam wardrobe

  • Thanks - got one

  • Received the teal shirt, swag box has been shipped and is due in the next week. Ordered this one.

  • How long does it take to get the 3rd email with the tshirt link? I got the 1st 2 really quickly but not the 3rd one

    • Actually nevermind just got it lol

  • Thanks OP, hope it actually arrives this time though. I ordered one a few months ago and never got a shirt back.

  • i never got the free shirt from February. will try again with this one.

  • In the order confirmation email, the top right box says shipping method: No shipping method

    Is this the same for everyone?
    I still included my shipping address which showed under the shipped to part.

    Curious if this will cause any issues?

    • I have the same thing and curious too

  • Hi there, I keeping getting this message, Everytime I. Put my email. Email is invalid. Please enter your business email using the following format: "[email protected]"

  • Email addy farming at its best.

  • Worse t shirt and worse colour, but it is free