This was posted 1 year 1 month 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Two Birds Brewing India Pale Ale 24 Pk Carton $50 (Was $90) + Free Shipping @ Two Birds Brewing


24 Pk 330ml Carton of Two Birds IPA $50


Free shipping nationwide over $30

Not sure how long this special is for.

Two Birds Brewing IPA is tasty, fruity, and refreshing. With notes of passionfruit and mango, it has a light malty palate and a hoppy finish powered by Aussie and US hops

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Two Birds Brewing
Two Birds Brewing

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  • +2

    Good price for a good beer. Got one. Thanks OP

    • Yeah, I saw it for $60 on Boozebud and Uncle Dan's. Then found it even cheaper in their store.

  • +2

    if i hadnt bought so much booze from coles deals recently id be all over this…
    also 5.8%!? awesome :D

    • +5

      Yeh definitely on the low side when ur looking at good ipas

  • +1

    Nice one, thanks OP

  • +3

    I'm guessing this expires soon? Well…technically the best before?

    • they don't mention it so I wouldn't assume that…

    • +2

      It's definitely a possibility but it's being sold cheaply on several sites (Catch/Boozebud as well) with no expiry listed. My guess might be its getting discontinued or an updated product might replace it? It's showing out of stock at BWS and Dans too.

      • +2

        We put 9 months on our beers, so the IPA we were selling at $50 (as it's discontinued line and we need to make room) was bottled just under 7 months ago.

  • +1

    Great drop at that price!

  • +1

    ordered one, thanks OP!

  • +1

    thanks mate :)

  • +1

    Legend, grabbed one

  • +4

    Thanks so much. Ordered 1 case. Living really remote in Whoop Whoop so I'm very surprised getting it free delivered to my post code.

    • Good write -up Thanks

  • +7

    Seems risky to buy a beer normally priced at $90 a box - what if I end up liking it!

    • +1

      That will be great. We can have more tax collected for our treasury.

      • +1

        DM priced $63.99 however no stock

  • +1

    Painfully slow to checkout but got there in the end

    • +1

      Same. I got the email before the screen changed.

      Never had this one before, but usually like IPAs.

  • +2

    Anyone tried this beer from them - also on special?

    • No but sounds good.
      I was tempted but went with the 24 pack instead of 16.

    • nope but looks like i'm going to soon

  • +1

    Thanks OP - ordered

  • +1


  • This is fruity, so not a proper west coast IPA…..pass.

    • +1

      Most IPA's aren't brewed as WC styles, but out of curiosity whats your go to WCIPA?

      • Karl Strauss Tower 10 IPA is absolutely fantastic, but impossible to find.

        • I was about to make a joke and ask if they sell it at Dan's, but turns out they did at one point!

          Big west coast fan, but I have been copping a fair few lately that have been more on the malt end rather than just insanely bitter lighter coloured brews.

          • @BowlsA50: Yes Dan's did stock the good stuff before, including dundee, and replaced it with fruity, sour, hazy juice nonsense. The only proper local IPA is Hawkers, and maybe Fixation.

            • +1

              @9hundred: Agreed on Hawkers! Its easily my number 1 for readily available WC that also wont break the bank!

  • +1

    As a self-confessed beer (profanity), Two Birds are consistently average with everything. No idea how they have risen through the ranks, other than the feel-good story of females having a good at what is a male dominated industry.

    • +1

      Their pale ale is nice on tap I reckon.

    • +1

      Agree, their beer is very average. Good luck to them for making a go of it though.

    • -3

      Any "self-confessed beer (profanity)" has zero idea of what is good or popular.

      • Nah really. If you're going to get some cheapish craft beer, there's just about thousand other breweries doing better things than Two Birds. But anyone can have opinions on the internet I guess.

    • Totally agree

  • $60-cashback at boozebud

    • Yeah, that's what initially had me looking at this beer. Inc shipping and cashback, similar price.

  • +1

    Got the XPA thanks OP, was sold out in a 16 carton but managed to get Birds Of Paradise Mixed 4 pack. 4X4 packs for $50 delivered.

  • that went quick! missed it

  • Just got an email saying they have run out of the IPA - will be sent Pale Ale instead

  • Just got a call from the brewery. Sold out but offered for same price their pale ale so I agreed to it.

  • Just got this email:

    This is a note to let you know that we've unfortunately sold out of the discounted IPA you just ordered. We're so sorry for the mistake!

    We still want to get you great beer at a great price, so instead we'll be sending you a carton of our Pale Ale bottles.

    • +2

      Same. Ordered at 11:25 EST. I will keep the pale but not really happy.

  • My order went through but just got an email from them saying they'd sold out and are sending Pale Ale bottles instead. Oh well.

    Edit: obviously I am not the only one.

  • Got an email saying sold out but I called them and they let me pick & mix a few different beers. Super friendly customer service !

    • +1

      That's genuinely nice of them! I got sent an email saying sold out but they're sending me pale ale. Would have preferred the IPA but as long as I can drink my way through this covid shit in Melbourne I won't complain!

  • +1

    Clearing stock so not to complete with Fixation.

    Can't have two brands on the IPAs.

    PS - put Sunset into cans you cowards

  • +2

    I got the email too and called up to switch it to Sunset Ale. They were very good about it & its still a good deal.

    I thought it was kinda weird the email header was "Your OzBargain Order", yes I AM an OzBargainer and i DID find the deal on OzBargain.. but.. nevermind.

    • +1

      Well they can log where you clicked from, i.e. they could know you came from this post.
      I wonder if they cancelled only the ozbargain orders…

      • +1

        Makes sense. Will have to use the OzBargain VPN next time, which I assume involves wrapping my modem in tin foil or something.

    • Saw the flood of orders and check to see where they all were coming from.


    • Yeah, thought that was odd too

  • +1

    They didn’t give me a choice other than pale ale. Not happy but still a good deal. They also said to me there was only about a month on expiry of the IPA.

    • +4

      That's a bit dodgy to not mention the short expiry date in the description on their website.

      They felt it was worthwhile mentioning it to you so that you didn't feel bad about missing out, but they didn't feel it was worthwhile mentioning to prospective buyers..

      • Agree

      • +2

        Worth noting that some places print the expiry date as 12 months from the canned date, but IPA's in general go to total poo and lose their original goodness after 6 months.

    • I sent them an email asking about the BB date. They replied quickly - 25 July 2021.

  • +1

    Sending me pale ale, fine I guess given the price.

    • Yeah that’s what I thought too. Such a shame theirs systems allowed people still to buy the IPA even if stock was gone…

  • Wait, how did they know it was from ozbargain. Also got an aus post notification that it was sent by OZB GROUP

    • Huh, what? 🤣

    • Can be easily tracked from Website owner if you ticked the link in the deal.

  • $60 @ + free shipping + $6% cashback @ cashrewards

    • I wonder if you get a call from them too after ordering that stock is gone. Also not sure about expiry date.

      • +1

        If my order arrives with a short expiry date I will ask for a replacement as it says nothing about it. A recent order I placed on catch for two cartons of beer was eight months past the best before date though lol

  • +1

    Just got the email. Does no one else feel like this is a bait and switch? The IPA is a far better deal than the other beers being offered for %abv alone.

    • +3

      I do, it's textbook bait and switch, but I'm also happy to pay $50 for the Pale, so as much as I'm annoyed, I'm not annoyed enough to waste my time trying to cancel.

      • Agreed, I'd probably have ordered the pale ale for $50, but if I hadn't checked my emails and received it without ordering it, I definitely would not have been happy.

    • +2

      As did I. Def seems like a bait and switch. I've replied and told them I'm not interested and it seems odd that so many orders are being switched. I hit this pretty early on so I told them that it seems sus also.

      • +1

        Nah I reckon their stock management is handled manually. They said they'd had over 400 orders in 20 mins.

        Worked out pretty good for them I think

  • +10

    Hey folks,

    So sorry that many of you missed out on our discounted IPA. We wanted to drop a line here to let you know how this happened in the first place.

    Our discounted IPA stock (with 2 months still remaining on expiry) has been on our website for a few weeks with not much uptake.

    We’ve been monitoring stock levels, however when this deal was found and posted here this morning, it caught us by surprise with orders sneaking through before we could out of stock the beer.

    The Pale Ale replacement is fresher, however the IPA is by no means going out of date next week. We are of course happy to provide refunds, we don’t like letting people down.

    We’re a small team and accidents happen. Sorry all. Two Birds Crew

    • +7

      It is kind of poor form to not label short dated beer as such.

      Can you please commit to including this information in the product description next time you are discounting a product due to short expiry?

      • We put 9 months on our beers, so the IPA we were selling at $50 (as it's discontinued line and we need to make room) was bottled just under 7 months ago. Still tasty!

        • +2

          I appreciate the explanation and am a fan of the beer. But I would have been oblivious to this and a bit annoyed if I had received the original product with a short expiry. So why not flag it in the description, seems a simple way to avoid any misunderstanding.

    • +3

      Welcome to ozbargain.
      If you ever need to clear stock, this is the place to come! 😉

    • +3

      Would also be interested to know the production date. That's more important than best before

      • +2

        We put 9 months on our beers, so the IPA we were selling at $50 (as it's discontinued line and we need to make room) was bottled just under 7 months ago.

        • Ty!

        • -1

          Can you please elaborate on why it is discontinued?

        • +3

          When should we expect these to be shipped? Gonna need them for this lockdown!

          • +1

            @Fitzwah: Same Fitzwah! Had to grab some growler refills yesterday to tide me over until this shipment arrives.

  • +1

    Mine arrived today

    • Ordered 10mins after you, OOS (swapped) and have not received any posted update either.

    • Did you get a notification when it was shipped? Almost forgot about this order when I realized my beer fridge was half empty

      • No notification. Had to ask Two birds for the shipping info.
        Came through Sendle

        • still nothing here, and no response to emails… closed due to lockdown maybe?

        • Cool. I’m patient enough and feel for them. The force of ozbargain on a small business can be savage

  • +1

    Bit annoyed. Been waiting a whole week and they haven't even sent it yet! Gonna probably take a week or more when it's finally on its way.

    • I just got tracking details today.

  • +1

    Received them today

  • Still available on

    Add 2 cartons to your cart and use code '25offnow' total price = $101.89

    Code only valid for new customers.

  • My order arrived last Thursday… I copped 2 slabs of Pale Ale instead of the IPA. :-(

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