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Python Hands-On 46 Hours, 210 Exercises, 5 Projects, 2 Exams $10.99 @ Udemy


Good reviews. Enjoy :)

What you'll learn

  • Learn & Master Programming Fundamentals, Coding Algorithms and Computer Science Concepts.
  • Go from Beginner to Expert in Python with hands-on approach.
  • Do exercises on all fundamental topics of Python with 17 Quizzes and 170 Coding Exercises.
  • Build 5 Real-World Project with Python and do 5 Assignments related to these projects.
  • Take 2 Exams on Python; Midterm and Final Exam with 20 questions each.
  • Learn Python Modules and Packages and how to use them.
  • Build Python applications with Anaconda and PyCharm and master them.
  • Build a GUI application with tkinter.
  • Learn all Python you need for Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science and Application Development.
  • Gain solid and profound Python Programming skills needed for a Python career.


  • Python Hands-On Course, will cover Python from Beginner to Expert level.
  • We will start from absolute zero, ‘Hello World!’, and end up with OOP (Object Oriented Programming).
  • This course is an in-depth Python introduction with 46 hours duration, including both the theory and practice.


  • In each topic, we will cover all the Theoretical Details with example coding.

Tests (42 Questions):

  • We will have Test Questions at the end of sub-topics.

Coding Exercises (170 Questions):

  • We will have Coding Exercise (Quiz) with 10 Questions.
  • You will try to solve these questions by your own, then we will solve them together.

Projects (5):

  • We will have 5 Projects during the course.
  • These are Real-World Projects and you will see how Python concepts are being applied on real world problems.

Assignments (5):

  • After each project, you will have an Assignment.
  • These assignments will let you build the project from scratch by your own.

Exams (2):

  • During the course, we will have 2 Assignments: Midterm and Final Exam.
    These are multiple choice exams with 20 Questions each and a limited duration.
    You will be able to test your Python level via these pleasant exams.

All the Documents and Coding:

  • You will get all the documents and coding files we cover during our course.
  • These files will give you an in-depth resource for future use.
  • Please feel free to ask me any question during the course or after the course.
  • As you may see, this course was prepared with serious and meticulous effort.
  • Join us, if you want to learn & master Python by doing and real coding.

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  • Thanks! Do you know of any other similarly priced courses for other languages that are this comprehensive? Java etc

  • +4

    Just purchased this course. The instructor is rather slow so normal pace/speed would be 1.5x meaning you can finish the course in roughly 31 hours.

  • Actually thinking about learning Python as career development, this is a low cost, structured intro so good timing!

  • +3

    I'm only part way through. There are many errors, the instructor is slow as a wet week and his quiz questions are often unclear. Not to mention including quiz questions on methods not covered yet.

    e.g. https://i.imgur.com/zewpTu5.png

    There are many stupid mistakes like this that should have been fixed.

    I don't recommend it.

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