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ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO T8 Robotic Vacuum for $569.05 (Was $999) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Came across this deal while browsing for Robotic Vacuum Cleaners. It's the cheapest I have seen so far for this model

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    Think I'll wait for the 'Artificial Intelligence and Visual Interpretation' (AIVI) version to come on sale.
    It's $999 currently, but it's been that price before.

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      That AI camera is just a gimmick. T8 is good enough.

      • Thanks for the advice. Any idea how the AI camera on the N8 pro compares?

  • This or S5 max

    • Can't speak for this model, but the S5 max has been life changing for my family. Wife and I have 2 small kids and we get them to pick up everything from the floor then we just run the vacuum. Run it at least every second day, our floors have never been so clean!

  • Still a great deal but for people wanting the best from Ecovacs, wait for N8 Pro, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xO6NL8PDl3Y

  • S5 Max was sub $500 from Kogan about a month back. Can confirm it works well. No issues on carpet except very long pile and pretty good at long hair (have an inside Border Collie). Have tried the T8 AIVI as well. Also does a good job but the things you pay extra for (object detection etc) don't work as well as you would hope, still sucks up USB cords. No go zones work ok, some times passes into it which isn't ideal.

    Edit. The S7 has been rating well also.

    • That deals was horrible for many buyers as sold by 3rd party and a bunch of issues with the purchase.

  • Thanks OP, grabbed one.

  • Does anyone have more info about that "
    [eBay Plus] ECOVACS OZMO 920 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Smart Navi 3.0 with Mopping & Mapping $180" deal from yesterday? It has since been removed as it is deemed a 'Negotiated deal', but I can't remember what the code was to get the price down to $180! (My offer was accepted, but I wont purchase unless I can find that code again…)

    • Code no more working now bro too late now

      • lolol ok guess ill just ignore the accepted offer…!

        • Lol badluck now looks lot of peeps got approved and they redeemed quicker than you

    • What time they accept your offer and how much was for?

      • Just now (1pm ish?), and I just followed the instructions on the original post, $490

      • So yea, nothing much I can do if the coupon expired and they only reply now.
        Dont know what to do with the vacuum in my cart though, I can't remove it so have moved it to 'Save for later' for now

        • Let me know if you get the code.

          • @mattelinc: The code was on the original post, but i didnt take note of it. If we can find someone who successfully purchased…?

  • Did anyone buy this? Is it any good in comparison to say the Roborock S5 Max ? Does this unit include the Mop Pro attachment ?