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[eBay Plus] adidas AU Men Running X9000L3 Shoes $29 Delivered @ adidas eBay


1446 total stock.

plenty of sizes.

Can't paste the T&Cs as I've made the purchase and can't find it.

Would be worth paying $4.99 for eBay plus for the month and you might be able to get some other deals too over the weekend/month.

Part of eBay Plus Weekend Promotion

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    • I had the same dilemma…but ordered a pair anyway. Relying on a relatively easy return process if they don't fit…

    • wow, why i am having the opposite issue? hmm… i bought casual sneaker size 8 and perfectly fit but the ultraboost also size 8 but it is way too small.

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    Order got cancelled for me

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      Ordered Size 8.5 and recieved cancellation email

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      Yep, Size 8 just got cancelled and refunded.

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      Mine was cancelled as well. Size 9

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        got cancelled and refunded

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      Cancelled and refunded.

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    Thanks Op. Got them although i am not in real need of new shoes.

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    I am surprised not many people read the contents of the original post
    There were plenty in just about all sizes when I looked at it 3 hours after the deal started, so plenty of opportunities then, they start selling out quick when OP put up separately…
    I'd bet the Air Fryer would be sold out next if someone put it up now ;-)

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      Im with you. I was a bit surprised when I bought mine.
      863 sold in one hour…

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    • Yes

    • Plenty of cancellations, money gone for a few days

      • Funnily enough because I used an ebay gift card, it got refunded immediately.

  • In my world it's UK/AU sizes unless stated otherwide so I will be annoyed if it is US size and going straight back.

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      In all stores in Aus, we normally go by US, so I'd hope it's US sizing for my sake

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        From the Items description it looks like US sizing as its bolded in the chart.

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        Well I don't get out much but I have NEVER seen US sizing unspecified.

        • Adidas uses US sizing in their AU website

          • @cute as ducks: You're right, so I cancelled order. I also had a look at every shoe brand I can think of on eBay and they all specify US when it is US, even the other Adidas shoe sellers.

      • Not true. Historically in Australia, our sizes have always been equivalent to UK sizes. Although US culture has slowly seeped its way into Australia, including some younger people thinking we go by US sizes.

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    Some sizes seems to have come back in stock

  • Thanks OP just bought a pair!

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      deal is expired just now

      • wow i must have just got in!

  • Finally got size 13. Thanks mate cool looking shoe.

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    "unfortunately, this code no longer works. Please continue with your order"

    No. I don't think I will :(

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    Definitely don't need another pair… Thanks OP scored some!

    Edit: gg "We're sorry to let you know that adidasaustralia cancelled your order."

    Edit 2: Should be receiving $90 back… not too bad in the end if true :D

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    Ah yes, code stopped working as soon as I reactivated eBay Plus. You're welcome guys.

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    Wth? Got cancelled. Size 9. Reason : Issue with buyer's delivery address

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      same here

    • Same. WTH

    • Same here as well.

    • Mine got cancelled too with the same message. Ordered size itself is OOS.

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    Unfortunately, this code no longer works. Please continue with your order.

    Me too slow

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    Code stopped working?

    Is there something I'm not doing right?

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    lol looks like the code is now only for 5%. Looks like an error

    Ordered before it changed, will probably get a cancellation soon.

    • It's a good deal if it's gonna get canceled?

  • Though am an eBay plus member and the size available the code does not work. Is there anything else to be done to get the size. Say the code is no longer valid and have not used any.

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    Cancelled order, now code invalid. Ceebs

  • Code has expired.

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    Got a refund. Wtf!

  • Literally just signed up to ebay plus to use this deal and the code doesnt work…

    • …And now my day is RUINED! 😭

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    Placed mine.. Size 9 hopefully they don't cancel.

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    Order canceled. Got a refund. Wait whaaat

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    Order size 8, was cancelled as well

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    too good to be true

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    Damn, just paid for ebay plus and found out it's expired.

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      Get in contact with Ebay and cancel the plus membership

  • Thanks OP. Got a pair. No brainer at $29. Had a budget of $30. Saved myself a buck 👊🏼

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      Hope it doesn’t get cancelled 😬

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    868 sold in one hour OzzzBargained

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    Epic fail from their customer support. Cancelled orders cant reissue codes. Guy refuses to acknowledge this code even exists.

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    dogs cancelled on me

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    Haiyaaaaaa cancelled uncle's shoes

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    OP, can you post us with other shoe deals please cheers!

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    Snuck in just before it expired. And now the cancellation waiting game begins…

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      Yep there it is

  • I dont need another pair of shoes after all the Ultraboosts

  • They just canceled my order 🥲

  • Order cancelled… incorrect delivery address? What kind of rubbish is that.

  • Your order was cancelled
    'Something was wrong with the buyer's delivery address.'


  • Cancelled as well

  • Okay yeah as expected refunded..

  • The ebay seller is going to get a heap of negative feedback if he cancels all of the orders.

    • Doesn't look like you can leave feedback after the order's cancelled.

      • Yep, no fun indeed, that you can't leave feedback on cancelled order.

        • You can reply to the feedback they left on your wall for 'being a good buyer'

  • Received cancellation email 30 mins after confirmation of sale…

  • Subscribed to ebay plus for this shoes, but refunded at the end.

  • cancelled..

  • Order has been canceled and a request for my $4.99 for eBay Plus has been submitted. Useless (profanity) (profanity) eBay!!!

  • cancelled dogs size 9

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    Cancelled by seller also - another FAKE ebayplus sale…… EBAYPLUS SUCKS these days….. Please contact ebay and make a complaint…so many times these sales make me annoyed…

    • Complained and complained to support. Ended up getting compensated with a voucher.

    • It wasn't fake but started at 12 midday. They must have stuffed up the total available or remaining

      • It was likely the case that the available quantities were incorrect BUT ebayplus sales are the same every time….bait advertising to get people to sign up based on unobtainable deals… I've been caught out in the past and been through the whole complaints process before… Ebay know what they are doing when the sales created - these particular shoes were on the main sale banner alongside the dyson hairdryer at the top of the main ebay landing page…. Ebay always claim that they will penalise the sellers but in reality due to sales volume nothing happens and they get away with the same dodgy practices over and over…

        I don't mind if I miss out on a sale, but when I buy something in a sale through clickbait advertisement and they take my payment before cancelling the order an hour later with a fake excuse…. That's very annoying and questionable practice.

  • Size 11 cancelled issue with buyer's delivery address which I use for another shoes last week.

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    Size 10.5 cancelled as well. Same reason as others: Issue with buyer's delivery address nonsense.

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      Because there would ne fewer complaints if deal was expired or out of stock. This time we are told we are getting refunds and need to wait 3 to 5 days .

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      If an item is out of stock, it shows out of stock. The seller is cancelling orders that they've listed as in stock but using a 'buyer address is incorrect' to avoid any penalties by ebays system.

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    Code is working again.. limited sizes available 11.5, 12, 13, 14

    • inb4 order cancelled for incorrect address again.

    • Thanks ordered. Hopefully doesn't get cancelled

    • Got 11.5 because of this comment.. no cancellation yet.Thanks!

  • Isn't this basically a duplicate of the other deal that had the entire week lineup of eBay plus deals?

    • No because it wasn't mentioned in the title.

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    A couple of hours ago the adidas shoe paddock was plentiful, then the Ozbargain cavalry appeared from over the hill and yelled 'charge!'. The paddock has been destroyed and is now empty!

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    If anyone wants to report them they can use this link


    And then say that the seller has violated policy etc.

    The ebay rep suggested I do this, and this same person gave me a voucher for the value of the lost voucher to use anywhere on ebay.

    • you were given $61 voucher?!

      • ;)

        • Tell us what happened: Seller doesn't want to complete the sale

          How did you receive the $60 voucher? And after how much time from reporting?

          • +1

            @kasakaybarahayna: The reporting is separate to the voucher. I got the voucher before reporting.

            The voucher came from the rep because I was being pushy about how slow their response was and then the sizes sold out as I was waiting for them to assist.

            • @ATangk: how u push them ?

              • @samelight: eh.. by being a bit of a dick to eBay and to adidas australia. Remember that your target is not the representative but the two companies I mentioned.