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Curash Simply Water Baby Wipes 6x 80 $14.50 ($12.33 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime / $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Seems a pretty good deal seeing rrp is normally $24 so almost half price. I also was offered a further subscription discount so came down to $11.60 but I’m not able to see the details of that after I’ve placed my order so might have been targeted for that extra discount on top.
Or even cheaper is the [Curash fragrance free version] (https://www.amazon.com.au/Curash-Water-Baby-Wipes-6X80/dp/B0...)
at $12.50 ($11.25 S&S) - help welcome with formatting 😆

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    $10.87 with extra 10% coupon

    • Seems to be only 1 box at 10.87?

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    $19.99 for me

  • 1 box for 10.87 but 2 is 23.2… seems like the promotion voucher doesn't work with more than 1 box.

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    Have U tried wiping your own ass with this? It actually stings! Waterwipe my ass! Extra additions..phenoxyethanol (And others). although safe on skin, should never be ingested I read a study on it for curiosity's sakes. And weve all been guilty of wiping our baby's face/mouth with it.

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      Nope I haven’t used them on myself but if they were to cause stinging when used on my kids of course I would discontinue use. I’m pretty sure with the low levels of Phenoxyethanol it is very unlikely to have such negative side effects. But it’s a call we make as parents if we are comfortable using them or not

      • Been using them myself after running out of the Waterwipes brand. but I am discontinuing these. Just because it doesn't have adverse effects it doesn't mean I should continue using them. I am discontinuing due to the health effects of Ingesting part of that chemical. It all adds up in the end. Babies and toddlers are at their most vulnerable stage.

        I bet many parents, including me were not cluey that it's not to be used to wipe their mouth… Or even incidentally let them play and leave them to suck on them.

        It's all up to individual person to make an informed decision.

  • Has anyone used this? How does it compare to Water Wipes?

    • These wipes contain Phenoxyethanol. I wouldn’t use them on my baby.

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        Do you avoid dihydrogen monoxide as well?

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        That's okay. You don't have to buy it. But deal is good for those who like it

    • Tried several brands and these are great. Holds a lot of water.

  • I have been using this for couple years now:

    Great price Good quality.

  • Good price but read the interesting review on Amazon and google the story after about a baby getting kidney failure after sucking on a wipe of that product! They contain Phenoxyethanol!

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      Thanks for pointing this out. Don’t think many people expect that to be in there. Starting buying these over water wipes as they’re cheaper. Expected them to also be nothing extra but water !

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      To be honest I’ve not used baby wipes a lot on my
      kids as I normally use cloth wipes with water (along with cloth nappies) but I needed to buy some wipes due to an upcoming planned hospital stay for Mr 8 Weeks. From what I can gather Phenoxyethanol is a common preservative in skin care products including some baby wipes, at which they are contained in very low levels. I’m assuming they wouldn’t be approved for sale in multiple countries if they were dangerous or toxic?
      As parents I guess we make lots of decisions about how we care for our kids - in this case some people would be happy using them, some not. I have friends who use these on their kids with no side effects so I’d feel fine using them with my children.

      • It all adds up in the end. It's more about ingestion. Babies have very tiny organs. What level of side effects are you willing to wait for until you make any changes.

        My point is, now that you know more about phenoxyethanol will you be more careful keeping them away from being ingested?

        • Yes of course - as you said it’s good to be aware of and thanks for mentioning it so others know.
          As I’m only a casual wipe user as such I feel ok to use and will be sure to not allow access for possible ingestion. If I used disposable wipes full time on my kids - perhaps I would reconsider using another brand without this ingredient

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      I am not specifically supporting this product but would like to bring up two general thinking points to consider:
      1) “The dose makes the poison” - anything can be harmful in high enough quantities and at the same time, some potentially harmful things can be harmless if they are sufficiently dilute. I am not sure about this product specifically, but the mere presence of an ingredient doesn’t automatically imply it is harmful (or necessarily cumulative - there are lots of things your body can remove in small quantities)
      2) Correlation does not equal causation. Somebody developing kidney failure after ingesting this product does not mean necessarily that the product was the cause for the kidney failure. This can be difficult to determine with rare events/small case numbers. Obviously more likely if there is a plausible mechanism and high exposure.

      Again I have no specific information about this product and am not saying it is safe, but these are two common thinking traps people readily fall into and are worth knowing about when presented with this sort of information.

      Edit - I am grateful for you pointing out the presence of this compound so I can look it up - thank you

  • Just in time, ran out of wipes thanks OP

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    These wipes are good. Have two kids with multiple severe (anaphylaxis) allergies and eczema since birth and these wipes have not been an issue. Good price point (usually $16-20 at Chemist Warehouse) and this is the cheapest I’ve seen them.

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    Should avoid these like the plague, ESPECIALLY if you are using these on babies, and even more so if they're under 3.

    Wouldn't even wipe my ass with them tbh.

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      Put down your reason and let people decide themselves

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    Thanks for the info regarding harmful ingrediants what other brands do people use instead been using these on newborn and want to switch to safer option.

    • Generally the WaterWipes brand has been deemed the least toxic and easily available however they are expensive and abit rough to wipe with compared with Curash so I just stuck with Curash and get Waterwipes when they go on sale.

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      I use the babylove ones from Unicharm. 9 packets for $32 (27.20 S&S) on Amazon. Sometimes they are on offer. Cheapest I got them was for 20 S&S.

  • Not expired, just got a couple boxes. Thanks OP

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