This was posted 5 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[PS4] Cyberpunk 2077 $34 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Cheapest version of the game for PS4. Description states it's also the Day 1 edition.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Insert standard "still not cheap enough for this steaming pile of garbage" comment here plz.

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      "ThIs ShOuLd Be $3.40!!"

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      Let me put it in different way then. Even Witcher 3 with all DLCs at this price is much better buy than this "steaming pile of garbage".

      • Even Witcher 3, probably the most awarded game ever along with it's well regarded expansions, is better than another game? No doubt, seems silly to point out.

  • Is this still playable?

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      Eh…. IMHO it's playable on PS5 with 1.22 update.

      I'm averaging 1 application crash every 2 hours (about 12 hours in now).
      Had to reload an old save file when a mission got stuck on me (save often).

      Had some load issues (e.g. character spawning missing limbs or spawning in wrong locations).

      Heard it's worse on last gen consoles though.

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        That still sounds pretty awful..

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          Yeah, I'm being fairly critical, but yes, it's not in a great state, but still playable.
          Feels like I'm playing a beta … That I paid for lol.

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        It's a sad reality that the benchmark for game quality is so low that a game crashing every 2 hours and game breaking glitches is classified as playable

        • I would definitely not call anything Cyberpunk 2077 has done as a benchmark for game quality!

          • @jk82: Graphics on PC with Ray Tracing? It looks very good at least. I don't have Ray Tracing and on PC it looks fantastic.

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    Waiting on the next gen update.

    • Think you’ll be waiting awhile

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      Do you mean PS6?

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        Whichever comes first.

      • For consoles it is a PS4 / XBox One game, so the next generation after those is PS5 and Xbox Series S/X.

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    It's pretty much unplayable on PS4

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    For those looking for PC version, it’s now under $30.

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    Waiting for PS6 to release to play PS5 version

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    waiting for a train

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    Just waiting for a mate….

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    Description states it's also the Day 1 edition.

    This is simply a marketing gimmick to get people to buy it on day 1. There is literally no such edition. Look it up.

    There are 3 editions: Standard, Collector's, GOG.

    The 'Day 1' edition is just the Standard edition.

    • Not really. Day 1 edition means the game doesn’t have any patches, so glitches are still can be used if you play offline. Digital versions don’t have this privilege. Like you still can use paint glitch for unlimited money. Same thing for bloodborne, day one edition you can glitch out from the area to skip a lot of bosses. It’s fun to do in that way, if you have completed the game. It gives a different flavour to the game play.

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        All disc versions would come with unpatched version. The difference is the other goodies.
        Some day 1 edition of games come with additional digital goodies (voucher codes).

        However, with people on next gen consoles, would the very first version install on them? For example, RDR2 disc version without patch won't work on Series X (so the unlimited gold bar glitch for example can only be achieved on XB1,XB1S or XB1X).

        This game is still not available on PSN / digital store. Getting physical disc version is currently a must if you want to play this on PS4 and PS5.

    • Guess they never sold out of the Day 1 Edition so the game never got a second printing that wouldn't have the postcards or whatever else comes with Day 1 LOL.

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    Pretty expensive coaster

  • Haven't even opened my pre order edition yet. Figured if it gets fixed by the time the ps5 update comes through the price will jump back up so decided to hang onto it. Not looking promising but…

    • I returned my preordered copy straight back to Amazon after I received it. Shame, I was hoping they'd fix it enough to make it playable by now.

  • Oh no I just bought from games men

  • Has it become playable on PS5…or it’s better to wait ?

  • Anyone played this? Is it worth this price or better to wait - Is it a bargain?

  • Oh right - this game exists.

    Or does it?

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    With all the negative vibe for this game, its making me want to try it myself. The glitches sounds fun to experience firsthand

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      Play it unpatched for a 'I can't believe they released this' experience.

  • As if Costco was cheaper than Amazon!