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Eufy Cam Wire Free HD Security Add-on Camera (T81111D2) for $215.10 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Eufy full HD add on camera on mid-year sale in Amazon AU.

Pretty good price compared to others in market currently.

As always, use cashrewards to stack up 4-7% cashback.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +4 votes

    Had a recent security issue, users could see other user's cameras.


    • -1 vote

      And its resolved

      • +6 votes

        Yes, but a security company with this sort of breach doesn't fill me with confidence.


          and you wonder how many other oversights are there? although at least they admitted fault and fixed it.

        • +2 votes

          I bet you use Shopback and they had everyone's personal details and passwords stolen.


            @Clear: Yeah, but SB gave everyone a $3 voucher and then opened a lottery and gave away a random $5 gift card that were sold out 8 seconds after being available. So, now we forget about SB’s little data hack…

    • +5 votes

      Yes it has been in news and later they fixed the issue.

      Having said that, “Known is a drop, unknown is an ocean”. Just because this made it to news, we are aware of it. But in this growing tech world, these issue would occur every now and then. Some we get to know, some gets unnoticed.

      All we need to see is how good the company is responding, acknowledging and fixing things up.

      • +2 votes

        This wouldn’t have happened if they used end to end encryption on their video feeds. Encryption is such a basic part of data security, any company who doesn’t encrypt sensitive data in 2021 either don’t understand data security or simply don’t care. There is no way to downplay this blunder. This breach is as bad as it can get and exposes a critical flaw in Eufy’s software, and the company’s take on Security.

        There could be other companies out there who are just as bad that we don’t know of, but that’s no excuse, and there is nothing to praise about how quickly they responded, if they didn’t fix it, they would have gone under in no time, They were simply trying to protect their business doing the bare minimum.

        But having said that, apart from data security rest of the features of Eufy cameras are better than their competition. They are by far the fastest to respond (i.e: open up a live feed), but then again that could be because they don’t encrypt their feeds :) and they support local storage, anyhow, these are still good cameras for outdoor monitoring especially if you need to set up wireless cameras. And a far better buy (even in terms of security) over some no-name cheap Wireless cameras off eBay.


    Can anyone recommend some decent wireless cameras that aren't manufactured in PRC?


      When it comes to device security, country of manufacture hardly matters, what matter more is where the parent company is based and what laws govern them. In that respect Netgear Arlo wireless cameras are a good alternative.


        reolink is better alternative if you want good video quality argus 3 pro.


          Just F.Y.I Reolink is owned by Chinese based Shenzhen Baichuan Security Co., Ltd.

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    FYI anyone who has purchased this system previously and no longer want it due to the breach. I quoted the consumer laws to the retailer i made the purchase from and they initiated a refund.

    I basically quote that the product no longer met "are of acceptable quality – the goods must be safe, lasting, have no faults, look acceptable and do all the things someone would normally expect them to do"


      Thanks. That’s great.

      Where was the product sent back? To the retailer?


        Yeah JB was where i got my set from and I went in asking the store manager directly. They sorted it all and refunded me in 2 days.

        I think after the 9news piece, should make it alot easier too.


      Thank you. I've had these for over a year from supercheap auto, and after this I'll be taking them back. They can get a refund from Eufy for them. Now what to replace them with? Reolink?


      Is there a company on earth that hasn't been hacked before?


    Do these cams work with homebase 2?


      Yes I believe.

      Having said that, Homebase 2 doesn't have Face Detection, Storage Expansion and Backup Battery.


    Does this camera has a zoom feature?


      at this price.. u would expect it to have optical zoom.. but no..

      Field of View: 140 Degrees
      Digital Zoom: 8 x

      likely to be wide angle 2.8mm lens