Light Weight Gaming Laptop Recommendations under $2000

Hi, i'm looking to replace my ultrabook for uni with a lightweight gaming laptop.

Looking for suggestions for a laptop with good graphics, but under 2KG weight, with a budget ~$2000.

A couple options I've considered (and gripes):

MSI GF65, $1,899 (i7-10750H, RTX3060 6GB) - looked online and heard bad things about build quality?

MSI Stealth 15M, $1,899 (i7-1185G, RTX2060 MaxQ 6GB) - CPU is only 4 cores

ROG Zephyrus M15, $1,935 (i7-10750H, GTX1660Ti 6GB) - none of the zephyrus come with webcams, not a deal breaker but nice to have

ROG Zephyrus G15, $2,463 (Ryzen 9 5900HS, RTX3060 6GB) - not sure whether the RTX3060 is worth an extra $500?

Are these options alright/good value? Would it be better to wait a couple weeks for more EOFY sales?

Appreciate any tips/pointers. Thanks for your help.


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    What about a Metabox Prime-S? They have a 3060 model for $1999 or some cheaper models with a 3050 or 1650.

    • Are these any good? Never heard of them before.

      • +1 never heard of them. how are they in terms of quality??

        • Metabox import and rebrand Clevo laptops, so often your best bet to find a review for a specific model is to Google the model number, e.g. for the i7/3050 Alpha-S you'd want: NP50HJ. Unfortunately there aren't many reviews for the newer 3000 series models yet. Jarrod has reviewed a fair few Metabox models over the years, though, so you can probably get a fairly good idea from his reviews.

  • MSI GF65 looks like the best bang for the buck. Ryzen is probably gonna give you the same performance and use way less power, but there's just not as many cheap options out as there is with Intel.

    You just missed out on deal on the Asus G14 3060 for $2429, if you wanted to go lighter than the G15.

    The Acer Swift X looks pretty good, if its coming to Australia. Its Ryzen + 3050 + 1.4kg

    • I hope the swift x does come to australia and under $1000

      It has 3050ti which is close to 1660ti in terms of performance

      it's pretty much a cheaper version of Asus G14

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