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T2 Tea Varieties 60-Count Refill Packs or Loose Leaf $19.53 ($17.58 S&S) + Shipping ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Amazon have sicccc 40-50% deal on variety of the T2:
Eg: Tummy, Melbourne breakfast, Matcha, Earl gray, Sleep tight

10% further discount using S&S

don't forget cash back!

Few are back in-stock at the sale price

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    30c per bag …. Less than 10% a cafe coffee… But 10 times supermarket brands ( Dilmah /Lipton on special)… Hope it's worth it.. can experts comment?

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      Their flavoured teas are weird. They overdo it a bit. Their "normal" teas are definitely better than the supermarket stuff, which is mostly tea dust and gives that horrible astringent taste, but you can get just as good or better teas for cheaper than T2. My go-to brand is T Bar from Adelaide

      T2 on sale isn't too bad though. You can also get the 120g loose leaf pack for the same price but you get 30g more (approx 20 brews).

      • True, their "dessert" teas are overpowered with artificial flavouring, it sends cold shiver down my spine when I think about that abomination "almond torte" (thank goodness it's discontinued). The only tea I like is "sunshine", and maybe "formosa oolong", but T2 is so overpriced.

  • Also the Honey Sticky Chai is a great price
    $16.27 or $14.64 on S/S usually $30.00

    • does it taste like Chai latte?

      • Like the cafe style Arkadia brand? No.
        Its more spicy like a traditional one. IMO

        • ooo haven't tried Arkadia … the one I've been drinking quite often is the maccas one which I like(but too sweet)… is this any close?

          • @barozgain: The chai you get from cafés ( powder ones) taste nothing like the chai you get from the loose leaves unfortunately.

            • @ilikeblue: ohh interesting; Are you able to describe the taste difference at all?

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                @barozgain: Chai leaves taste of cinnamon and spice. Not like spicy spicy but something that will perk you up. The chai lattes you get from cafés taste mostly of milky sugar from my experience.

                I would wholeheartedly recommend you trying real chai at least once, and if it's not your cup of tea, at least it wasn't that expensive or an expenditure.

                • @ilikeblue: Making a real sticky chai latte supercedes any powdered latte. I actually bought two of these bags yesterday as my wife absolutely loves sticky chai latte. It also works really well with bonsoy for all the soy lovers

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                @barozgain: Also note that I am mainly speaking of this one and not the honey variant which I've never tried before.


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      looks like Honey Chai is sold out…

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    this is the link to the t2 matcha on sale since it wasnt in the link but mentioned in the post

    • No more 50g left :(

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    Any oolong ?

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    Why is this tea very expensive despite having artificial flavours in it (it says on the package), and while online reviews suggest its quality isn't that good?

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      I like their herbal ones like tummy and sleep tight and I cbf mixing all raw ingredients together so T2 (esp when 50% off like now) is very convenient

  • Not sure there’s any cash back
    I think it’s 0% for food category.

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    my fav flavours are French Early Grey and Gorgeous Geisha.

    No cashback, was 0% tracked (on shopback).

    I bought the sticky chai to test out. any other favorites to recommend?

    My covid thing last year was I went abit mad into teas and I bought one of every well reviewed flavour t2 had on their website. I prefer the non fruits one, and nothing overly complex. I hated the mangos and cream haha.

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    I'm not a fan of T2. I think their teas are very overpriced and not worth it. But I love discount, so ordered!

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      I love discount, so ordered!

      Hey mate, I have a discounted kiwi fruit for $9k instead of $9,001 since you love discounts 🙃

      • Is that in NZ$?

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      Yes, nothing wrong with loving a bargain.

  • If you are looking for the stainsteel bottle u can get this:

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    All showing around $40 for me now …expired ?

  • The 25 pack (peppermint) is discounted.

    I’ve just paid the same $19.53 for 75 tea bags (3 packs of 25), rather than 60.


    • You have a link please?

      • Let me search it on Amazon for you, and copy the link and paste it here,

        Limited-time deal: T2 Tea Just Peppermint Herbal Tea Bags in Box, 25-Count

        • Ta mate. There are too many options, I always fear I'll get the wrong one. I"m not a tea drinker, so get these as gifts. So thanks to you, now I know exactly what to get to maximise the discount; you beauty!

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  • Is it expired now?