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[eBay Plus] Free - 4x Nuglas Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for iPhones $0 Delivered @ Best for Apple eBay


Greetings everyone, round #2 on this popular deal. I reached out to Gearbite and managed to negotiate this popular deal again, the code can be used 3 times per user.

Note, this is effectively a pre-order which has been setup specifically for this deal. These will be in stock after next Thursday and will ship after that, hope everyone is alright with that :)

Select the item you’d like from the dropdown and use the coupon at checkout, it’ll be free.

Also Available:

As Always, enjoy!

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    Not sure how a profit is made from deals like this but I'll take it!

    • +8

      Sellers don't know if you use a coupon or not - I believe eBay covers the coupon value. E.g you buy a $10 item and with a code it's $8. eBay covers the $2

    • +2

      think its a loss leader just to get people to buy stuff and/or to increase stats

  • +1

    Code not working for me

  • Thanks for the freebie!

  • +3

    Anyone else getting "Looks like that's the wrong code. Please double-check and try again."?

    • +6

      Code has 3 uses limit per plus account or you are not a plus member.

      Buy something of no use to you may be a wasteful use.

      • +2

        Don't buy it because it's free.
        Buy it because you will use it…

      • +2

        I'm a plus member and haven't bought it before.

        Looks like I'm not the only one it's not working for.

  • +3

    Code didn't work for me

    Oh can't read don't have ebay plus membership…

    • +5

      Didn’t work for me either but I’ve been drinking yet again and didn’t read anything

      • +3

        Sounds like a good idea. The drinking

        • +2

          Always is

  • Got one, thanks!

  • +3

    great a way to spend the lockdown, just hanging around ozbargin, watchin for freebies lol

  • Thanks got one for my wife's iPhone plus 👍

  • +1

    Grabbed one, thanks for organising this one doweyy

  • Thanks! Picked one up…

  • +21

    Same seller has USB-C charging cable for free if anyone wants it 😊

    • +1

      Thank you ordered cable

    • +1

      Thanks. Signed up for eBay plus for 1 month to get this free.

  • +1

    If you’re using an iPhone 11 or similar with a slightly curved screen, I’d recommend the ‘full screen’ protectors from Zuslab instead: they go edge to edge and provide much better protection on the edges (which tend to crack easily). I’m glad Apple went back to flat screens with the iPhone 12.

    • Explain that one, how does that work with a case on? I use the tech armour one at the moment off Amazon and I thought that was pretty good?

      • +1

        I had no trouble with cases. Perhaps the exception would be the real thick ones that wrap around the phone? It’s just a normal screen protector with a small black trim, to match (and protect) the existing bezel.

  • +2

    I could only use code twice.

  • Thanks, Grabbed one!

  • The code does not work for me!
    Does it need ebay plus membership?

  • Code worked! Thanks for organising! I was able to use this 3 times!

  • Got the cable, thanks

  • Hahahaha

  • This cable selling for $2 at Xiaomi China

    • Dont you know many other things like milk, chocolate, coffee are far more expensive there?

      • Talking tech bruv

  • Is the cable USB-C to USB-A? the description doesn't say, just the image appears to be.

    • +1

      It's USB-A to USB-C

    • I thought it was USB-C to USB-A because of the picture too, but the description says 'Connect USB Type-C enabled devices with standard USB Type-C 2.0 enabled devices and accessories'

      I only realised this after I bought it (for free mind you). Very misleading though!

  • +2

    Problem with description - It states USB-B to USB-C but it's actually USB-A to USB-C

  • Thanks, ordered for my upcoming iPhone 13 mini (if it gets released at all)!

  • +1

    Anything for Samsung S20 FE? It has a flat screen so glass screen protector should be easy to find but there's ONE seller selling Nuglas screen protectors lol

  • Legend.

  • Is eBay plus worth it? I find that I buy stuff off Amazon Prime much more frequently because of the better tracking and delivery system…

    • +1

      For the free trial, or if you pay $49, get a $50 voucher, and then get a random $5-1,000 prize, sure.

    • Much prefer Amazon prime due to 2 day/next day delivery… life changer lol, but variety much less and price abit dearer

  • +5
  • I have ebay plus membership, its showing $0 for me, but it didnt work as it says "Check your payment details or use a different payment method". What should I do?

    • Did you add the code?

      • Yes I added the code Usb cable in the cart it was showing $0 but when I press confirm and pay it gives this error.
        Wait, I was trying in app.
        Now i tried from deaktop it worked… thanks..

        • even on desktop on multiple browsers, it wont work for me.. keeps saying check payment error.

  • Lockdown not so bad after all

  • THANKS!!!

    Got a few packs of iPhone 12 protectors getting ready to buy one when iPhone 13 is released later this year, 🤣

  • +1

    No love for Android users? 😂

  • Is this USB cable any different to android phone charger cords? (I've got them everywhere)

  • Is there anything else we can purchase using the same approach?

  • This is perfect!
    Grabbed all three freebies! You just made my day

  • 3 times was the max I could use the code on the screen protectors.

  • Plus only….

  • +1

    Should I use the code here 3 times or wait for similar deals?

    • The original post, linked at the top, shows a few other random free things. Most of it is junk, but some could be useful.

  • Rep, can you make the purchase price $10.01, seems ebay doesn't like a $0 sale, I keep getting invalid payment method, have tried both App and desktop

    • Same here.

      • Don't worry. You're not the only one. Probably glitch in the matrix :)

        • yep i'm on chat with ebay at the moment and they're completely stumped…

          • @itsmehuey: they have no clue and had to escalate to the technical department.

  • -1

    Got all 3 freebies. Anymore? Keep them coming. Post below

    • Do you have ebay plus? It does not work for me.

  • https://imgur.com/wb11cxY whhyyyyyy???? happens on all browsers, even in incognito.. and the mobile app too.

    • Already says $0.00. Ignore the warning, and click confirm and pay.

      • that error comes up when I click confirm and pay…

    • Screenshot tells me you need to pick a payment where they will charge $0

      • if you can see in the screenshot, the payment methods are all greyed out…

        I already had a payment method selected prior to applying the discount code, after the discount code was applied, all of the payment methods were greyed out.

        • Weird, I just got a freebie and mine looked exactly the same as yours except my payment of $0.00 was successful.

          • @CodeXD: yes incredibly weird and frustrating.. seems I'm not the only one facing this issue either.

  • These are getting OzBargained hard.

  • Thank you OP!

  • Thanks op, picked up nuglas for the range of phones at home. Just needed them too!

    • Do you have ebay plus? it does not work for me.

  • -2

    Watch the cancellation orders come in after the weekend

    • Mine just shipped

  • I cant get it to work, must be all out

  • Anyone used Nu Glass ? Hows the oleophobic coating ?

  • Thanks OP, got them
    Edit, don’t have eBay plus

    • Do you mean it works without ebay plus?

      • It doesn't work, I've don't have ebay plus, just tested it, and it gave an error when trying to apply this code.

  • Thanks OP!

  • +1

    I think the usb cable expired?

    I only used the code once so far and not working now (after 12pm).

    • +1

      Same here
      I used the code twice (not on the cable) reckon its expired

  • +1

    says code doesn't work, i think expired?

  • Thank you for the freebie

  • -1

    Awesome hopefully my daughter will thank me as she is the only one in our house with an iphone

    • +1

      Make sure you buy the screen protector for the right phone lol

  • Yay it worked! I hope they are sent! Love a good freebie!

  • damn i just bought some using real money yesterday! oh well i have more now :)

  • yes looks like its expired - no longer working PLUSOFFER

  • -1

    Did anyone else received an empty envelope that is not seal (still have the remove to expose adhesive bit on that is meant to be remove to seal the content of the packaging) but with 3 x $1.10 stamp paid?

    • +2

      Sounds like they were doing so many that they forgot to seal one and yours went awol