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[eBook] Free - Cradle Series Books 1-9 by Will Wight @ Amazon AU/US


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    Great post! Just want to say that I enjoyed books 1-7 so much that I paid full price for 8 and 9. Highly recommended!

    • Just want to say that I enjoyed books 1-7 so much

      Wow, how the heck did you manage that? These are still on my backlog along with hundreds (thousands? I haven't counted…) of other free books and games that I got from Ozbargain…

      • +7

        Yeah, not gonna lie, I also have a huge backlog. I got a Kindle last year which spurred me to pick up reading again after reading exactly zero books in 10 years. I decided to read Cradle because it had such rave reviews on OzB, and it really helped me to pick up the readig habit.

        That said, I've actually recently started deleting a number of "lower quality" free ebooks that I have on my Kindle to focus on the quality content I do own. It makes it less stressful for me to sort through my books when it comes to selecting the next one.

    • Same here! Kinda sucks paying full price but, in this instance, I'm not too bummed.
      Hope this doesn't mean that I have to hand in my card 🤣

      • +2

        Honestly, I did consider waiting until they became free, but I think it's good to support the author since they were nice enough to make their books free in the first place.

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    Missing 8 and 9. Cheers dealbot! 1-7 were free 5 Oct 2020

  • Great post!

  • +3

    Thanks, got 8 & 9 to complete the series.

    PS. Your link to book 5 goes to book 4.

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    Ghost water does not link to correct book! Any ideas how to located it

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  • Can add audible narration for about $4 for each book too. Nice.

    • +1

      Is audible narration the same audio as the audiobook version? Or is like a budget price version where some bored amazon employee reads it out to you in a droning monotone voice?

      • +6

        Travis Baldree is a brilliant narrator. He brings the Cradle world to life so SO well. The audiobook versions are beyond worth the few dollars per book (I’d bought 1-8 using credits prior and don’t regret it in the slightest). Just picked up the 9th for $2.19.

        • +1

          Wow sound good, now i might have to actually spend so money on these freebies :P

      • +1

        It's the full audiobook version. No different to buying the audiobook through Audible.

    • +1

      Thanks, I normally claim all these freebies and never do anything with them. I bought the audiobook of book 1 when I saw your comment and have been listening to it over the past few days, enjoying it so I bought audiobook of books 2 & 3 also. Great narration.

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    Good series

  • +6

    Thanks good on him for writing some books after creating Simcity & The Sims

    • +6

      Ha! For anyone who actually does think this, the books are by Will Wight, not Will Wright. The Wight version is a self-published fantasy author who, unlike the Wright version, doesn't even have a Wikipedia entry. Good luck to them both.

    • +1

      I came here to make the same joke. For a moment before I noticed the spelling I was genuinely wondering if he had written some books.

  • +2

    Absolutely amazing series and cannot recommend the audiobook versions highly enough, if listening to books is also your thing. Very well narrated and engaging. Hello $2.19 whispersync add on! <3

  • +1

    Terrific series, I thoroughly enjoyed the first 7 (or 8?) last time these were free and I've since bought the rest.

  • Is there any way around having your kindle account setup on the au version of the site? Won't let me buy them.

    • +1

      It looks like they are free in just about every country's amazon site. If your Kindle account is US just search for them on amazon.com

      • I've never actually understood why the difference between stores? I've kept the US one outta fear of being jipped once moving to aus.

        Is there any reason one should stay on the us kindle library than transfer to aus?

        • Is there any reason one should stay on the us kindle library than transfer to aus?

          Sometimes the US store has giveaways/discounts the AUS one doesn't have. Most freebies are worldwide though so it just depends on the sale prices. I use a US address in Delaware with my 28degrees card on the US site so I don't pay any GST on my digital purchases.

  • +2

    Does it shoot up significantly in quality after book 1? Cos book 1 felt way too like other novels in its genre, which I really don't like. Too much arrogance and power ups via items and such. Guess that's why I loved "beware of chicken"..
    I'm interested in his other series, though, but doesn't seem to get promotions like this one.

    • +3

      Not much. But I kept at it and it does slowly improve a bit as the series goes on.

      It is a bit videogame/anime, for both better and worse. (Coming from someone who likes both of those).

      With all the glowing reviews here, I feel like I should point out it's amazing for a free book series, not up there with the greatest fantasy series' of all time.

      The magic system and world are fun and full of variety, it's a refreshing change to have a fantasy series steeped in asian traditions and mythologies.

      But it does have a few minor quality issues (my favourite was "hatchbacks" instead of "switchbacks" in a mountain trail, LOL) and doesn't quite have the strength of characterisation, carefully constructed plot, or thought-provoking themes of some of the more famous and popular fantasy series.

      Still I'm enjoying it, at least up to book 5 so far.

      • +2

        I think this is a pretty good summary. I think I enjoyed most of the books after the first one more. For the price, this is a great read. I was excited when the 8th and 9th books came out after struggling with some much more quality challenged freebies from Amazon.
        I remember the hatchbacks. It stands out though because those kind of issues are uncommon. The editing is almost up to dead-tree quality which is refreshing. I'd take these over Terry Goodkind's published books any day.

      • Can you recommend a few titles?

        • +2

          What genre?
          If you're talking free fantasy series then I guess the practical guide to evil. The first book has weaker writing but from book 2 onwards it grows into some of the best. The last book should be finished within a year.
          Going further in free webnovels:
          Worm is a huge work that's pretty great though I didn't like a couple of the twists.
          Super powereds was good when I read it. Again the first book is weak as he was an amateur then, you see his skill grow through the series (even so book 2 is probably my favourite)

          If you mean xianxia then Beware of Chicken is the only one I've really liked.
          If you mean cultivation focused then idk if there's any I'd enthusiastically recommend. "Path of ascension" it's too early to tell. "Unbound" has good action scenes. Eight held my interest for a while.

          If you're looking for other genres entirely I could recommend some of those instead.

      • +2

        I would say the first 1-4 are the weakest of the series, past there the author and the series starts to hit his pace.

        Ghost water is my favourite in the series.

    • +2

      I would say book 1-4 are the weakest of the series and gets better later.

      I still enjoy 1-4 its just no 5+

  • +2

    :D Added to the pile of shame, thanks

  • Fabulous - thanks

  • thanks for that! Just added. Will read as soon as I finish the set I am reading now. I read the first 6 books of Elder Empire when they were free as well. Hopefully more of that series will be free at some stage.

    • Elder empire is complete Just an FYI, no more books will be released at this point (Will has said so).

      • hhhmmm, seemed a bit left up in the air from what I can remember. ( read it months ago) Oh well

        • From my memory of last time he answer questions is that he liked the world and is proud of it but writing the two books was terrible for him.


          I think he has said that he might come back to that world (and there is a character you will recognise in cradle from that series) but I dont think it will be the same as the style it was before.

  • no longer free. except with kindle unlimited

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